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The Best Residential Architects and Designers in Detroit, Michigan

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Walking along Detroit’s streets, one can’t escape noticing skyscrapers enveloping the city. When discussing America’s best architecture, historic Detroit skyscrapers are crucial to understanding America’s impressive contribution to urban living. What you might be less aware of: hiding among those steel and glass giants are intricately designed residential spaces.

Detroit is home to some of the midwest’s most creative architects. These architects provide everything from simple home designs to complex home restorations and renovations. If you’re looking to build a new home or restore an already beloved space, choosing the right architect is important. To help you, we’ve curated a list of the best architectural firms in Detroit and its surrounding cities.

We’ve weighed the accreditation, professional affiliations, and awards of a number of Detroit firms. We took into account these architects’ years in the industry, their client reviews, and the range of services they offer. For a home that is designed with the utmost care for client visions and in keeping with impeccable industry standards, get in touch with the best residential architects in Detroit.

This list includes both licensed architects and residential designers who can both design stunning homes but differ in other services offered. Architects are trained in design, engineering, and project management and have passed a licensing exam. Residential designers typically don’t manage projects and plans will need to be approved by a structural engineer. Whether you choose to hire an architect or a residential designer will depend on your project needs and complexity.

If you are thinking about building a custom home, we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work. On the other hand, if you want to learn more about the cost of building a custom home in Detroit, check out our cost guide article.

This list includes both licensed architects and residential designers who can both design stunning homes but differ in other services offered. Architects are trained in design, engineering, and project management and have passed a licensing exam. Residential designers typically don’t manage projects and plans will need to be approved by a structural engineer. Whether you choose to hire an architect or a residential designer will depend on your project needs and complexity.

“The” Residential Design Group

6001 N Adams Rd., Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

Jeff Ziegelbaur, J.R. Ruthig, and Randy Hatchard are seasoned architects and building designers who share a passion for distinct, functional designs. The three spent decades honing their skills by working in a nationally-recognized firm. In 2012, they decided that it was time to embark on their own enterprise:  The Residential Design Group or TR Design Group. Each principal brings his unique expertise and commitment to quality service.

Clients are welcomed by a team of highly-experienced architects and craftspeople. And the firm has won notable awards in the last few years with this distinct approach. These accolades include the American Institute of Building Design Awards, the Detroit Homes Design Awards, and NAHB Best in American Living Awards. TR Design’s portfolio is home to many beautifully designed homes. This Birmingham home radiates elegance through its classy design.

Angelini & Associates Architects

113 E Ann St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Brad and Theresa Angelini founded Angelini & Associates Architects in 1989. The firm brought together a group of visionary individuals to create deliberate, thoughtful designs. Both architects have taught at the University of Michigan, and share that expertise with their team on a regular basis.

Because of the firm’s excellent designs, many publications have featured its work. These include the Signature Homes Magazine, Dream Homes Michigan, Detroit Home, and Michigan Home & Lifestyle Magazine.

One of the notable projects in its portfolio is the Huron Hills Overlook residence. The impressive renovation design earned the firm the 2017 Detroit Home Award Design. The home was originally built in 1962 with a mid-century modern style. After nearly 50 years, it was time to adapt to a contemporary design. The kitchen is the hearth where all parts of the home meet, and this focal point was the focus of the renovation. The additional design includes a new gallery space connecting the garage to the stair entry at the midpoint of the home.

CBI Design Professionals

838 W Long Lake, Suite #110, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302

CBI Design Professionals is one of the leading architectural firms in Michigan. It has prospered under the leadership of Robert Clarke. His expertise in design is a result of countless luxury homes, commercial structures, and renovations throughout Michigan. In addition to its reliable service, the firm has a National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) certification. The firm’s excellent work has graced the pages of Professional Remodeler and Detroit Home Magazine.

CBI Design Professionals is known for delivering great design solutions to its clients. Recently, the firm won the 2019 Detroit Home 2nd place Award for a Traditional Architecture private residence and the 2018 Detroit Home 1st place Award for the Woodpointe Drive residence.

In 2016, CBI completed the custom home renovation of this elegant Bloomfield Hills home. Working with an existing structure can be a little tricky; the firm rose to the challenge. With a lot of additions, CBI carefully designed and united these changes into the colonial home. The renovation remained faithful to the original’s unique character.

Christian Hurttienne Architects

2111 Woodward Ave. Suite #201, Detroit, MI 48201

Christian Hurttienne Architects is a boutique architectural firm based in Detroit. The firm focuses on residential and commercial design, energy efficiency implementations, renovations, and interiors. Christian Hurttienne Architects is the legacy of  Christopher Christian and Brian Hurttienne. Both licensed architects have practiced their craft for more than 20 years.

CHA was founded with the purpose of answering the dynamic demands and changes occurring in architectural designs for sustainability. One of its recent accomplishments includes the 2017 American Institute of Architects (AIA) Michigan Building Award.

Christian Hurttienne Architects restored and renovated the previously disfigured Ransom Gillis home in Detroit. The home is located in Detroit’s historic Brush Park neighborhood. Since 1876, this home had never seen any update until the firm took on the challenge in 2016. The gorgeous home features a decadent Victorian architectural style. The finished renovation found its way into publications like The Detroit News and the Curbed Detroit.

D Met Studio

15 E Kirby, Suite #103, Midtown Detroit, MI 48202

D Met Studio is the result of Joel Schmidt and Elizabeth Skrisson’s shared interest in architecture. They have a combined experience of over 30 years. Schmidt, a registered architect, harbors a rich background when it comes to architecture. He worked with recognized names in the industry before starting D Met Studio. Skrisson, a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professional, honed her architecture skills when she studied in Italy. Later on, she worked on award-winning designs. Together, they lead a group of innovative architects and designers.

The award-winning firm has transformed and designed countless residential and commercial builds. In 2015, D Met Studio was awarded a Detroit Home Award for Best Home Remodel. D Met Studio provided architectural and interior design for the renovation of the Lake Angelus house. The mid-century ranch home needed the expertise of the firm, as its owners wanted to turn it into a multi-generational family getaway. The new-look blends traditional seaside architecture with a contemporary loft-like aesthetic.

DesRosiers Architects

36330 Woodward Ave. Suite #100, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

A leading architecture firm in Michigan, that has completed projects throughout California, Florida, Utah and Colorado, DesRosiers Architects have won over 170 local and national awards. The firm’s work has landed in publications like Architect Magazine, Detroit Home Magazine, Custom Builder Magazine, and Hour Detroit Magazine. In addition, this firm has been spotlighted on HGTV twice, once on the Pool in My House show and once on the Top Garages in the USA show.

DesRosiers Architects is under the guidance of third-generation architect, Louis DesRosiers. He founded the firm in 1974 to provide custom residential and commercial designs. Its team of registered and licensed architects specializes in developing comprehensive architectural designs. Its portfolio highlights DesRosiers Architects’ prowess in traditional and contemporary design. You can find one of its beautiful contemporary homes in Bloomfield Hills, as pictured below. For more information on the firm, you can visit their website here.

Fieldstone Architecture & Engineering

3400 Auburn Rd. Suite #200, Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Behind the success of Fieldstone Architecture & Engineering is the leadership of its Founder and CEO, Ryan Rasmussen. Prior to founding Fieldstone, Ryan held the position of National Engineering Manager at Pulte Homes, one of America’s largest production home builders. This experience gave him a keen eye for building innovation that other industry firms lack. Today, Fieldstone’s team provide services to commercial developers, residential builders and individual homeowners who value the expertise and service built upon the rock-solid foundation Ryan Rasmussen has created.

Fieldstone offers a spectrum of practices including architecture, engineering, interior design and marketing. Their expertise in the field can clearly be seen in this country-style home in Rochester, Michigan. As you can see, Fieldstone provided the homeowner with a custom design that is both elaborate and classic.

In 2015, Fieldstone was listed as one of the fastest growing private companies in America by INC.5000. More recently they were listed on Crain’s 2019 Top 100 Cool Places to Work and Detroit’s 2019 Best & Brightest Places to Work.  This is undoubtedly a result of company-wide collaboration and cultural influence through Ryan Rasmussen’s leadership.


HF: Architecture

512 N Main St. Suite #100, Royal Oak, MI 48067

Under Brian Howard’s management, HF: Architecture has completed many projects in Detroit. Brian’s 20 years of experience allows him to create award-winning designs. HF: Architecture’s expertise includes historic restorations, custom homes, and designs for commercial spaces. The firm’s designs have not only graced Michigan, but have also reached Virginia, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Arizona, and the New Jersey shore.

HF: ARchitecture presents clients with a clear, linear process for each project. The process starts with a consultation. This is where the architect defines the scope and needs of clients before creating a design. After the design is completed and approved, it is time to turn these designs into actual homes.

HF: Architecture produces award-winning home designs. It has been recognized with Detroit Home Design Awards a number of times in the last 10 years. Among its projects is the Landry house. The charming three-story home fits in perfectly with its environment. 

Krieger Klatt Architects

2120 E Eleven Mile Rd., Royal Oak, MI 48067

Krieger Klatt Architects is one of the leading design firms in Michigan. It specializes in residential, commercial, and industrial designs. Its team of goal-oriented professionals is led by Jeff Klatt and Jasin Krieger. Both professionals encourage their architects to design spaces that are beautiful, yet functional.

Klatt’s 12 years of experience working as a project architect honed his skills designing custom homes and industrial projects. Meanwhile, Krieger integrates interior design with architecture. He has mastered the art of designing for the hospitality industry, the corporate sector, as well as residential custom homes.

The Larchlea house is among Krieger Klatt Architect’s best projects in Michigan. Behind the simple façade hides a luxurious home with meticulous attention to details. The neutral palette provides tone play with the house’s interior and exterior, and its interior design and furniture are picked to achieve an elegant and sleek vibe.

McIntosh Poris Associates

155 W Congress St., Detroit, MI 48226

Since 1994, McIntosh Poris Associates has been delivering revolutionary designs to Michigan residents. Michael Poris and John Skok lead a team of goal-driven architects and designers. McIntosh Poris Associates was founded to create designs that will transform communities. Poris and Skok’s leadership gave MPA the ability to offer a full-service practice in architecture, interior design, and urban design.

MPA’s numerous projects have adorned Michigan and New York’s neighborhoods. As a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), AIA, and Southern California Institute of Architecture, the firm upholds work quality and safety. Publications like the Architectural Record, Detroit Homes, The Architectural Review, and Dwell Magazine, among others, have praised the firm’s creative team and astonishing designs.  The firm has won over a hundred awards for its residential and commercial designs alike. These are just some of the many reasons why McIntosh Poris is the leading architectural firm in Detroit. 

One of its striking project designs is the Gatzaros Residence. Although the project was completed in 2001, its elegant style is ageless. The 10,000-square-foot mansion boasts a French Eclectic design popular in the 1930s. The owners sought the expertise of McIntosh Poris Associates to perform an extensive renovation. Part of the renovation included adding space and providing the home an accessible view of Lake St. Clair.

Patrick Thompson Design

2111 Woodward Ave. Suite #1002, Detroit, MI 48201

Patrick Thompson Design (PTD) is a Detroit-based architecture and design firm. PTD has been expertly designing residential and commercial spaces for ten years.  Its in-house architects, designers, and craftspeople are some of the best in Michigan. 

Art is something that can’t be taken away from Patrick Thompson. Growing up to an artist father and an art historian mother, his exposure to this field started early. Thompson wants to create beauty, and he believes that to create something beautiful in a home, architects should listen to the unique demands of each client.

Dwell Magazine, Metropolis, and Hour Detroit have all featured PTD’s team and work in its articles. Behind this home’s simple, sleek façade is an airy dream home. Contrary to its sleek dark exterior tone, the interior bursts in light color tones like white, blue, red, and brown.

Studio Detroit

2111 Woodward Ave. Suite #1001, Detroit, MI 48201

Shane Burley and Kevin Crosby share a passion for architecture. This interest led them to start Studio Detroit in 2014. Burley is committed to providing Studio Detroit with innovative designs through critical thinking. Crosby, on the other hand, is a visionary architect. He believes beautiful, functional architecture can uplift and produce positive energy. Both leaders guide a group of NCARB certified professionals and AIA members.

Although it is a new firm in the industry, its experience in completing a variety of projects is incomparable.  The firm believes that service should not be confined to a cookie-cutter approach. The firm aims to provide a personal approach to come up with innovative design solutions.

Studio Detroit has completed over a dozen projects for different markets. The Bloomfield Hills house, pictured below, is one of its most notable.

Young & Young Architects

1133 W Long Lake Rd., Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302

Young & Young Architects has been gracing Michigan, Colorado, and North Carolina with timeless design since 1957. Its long history in Michigan’s neighborhood gave the firm an impeccable reputation. Young & Young Architects produces home designs that are ecological and beautiful. The firm specializes in residential architecture, green design, and architectural interiors and renovations.

Looking through its portfolio of work, this Birmingham home is a true eye candy. Young & Young created a contemporary design that suits Birmingham’s fresh and classic architecture. The urban neighborhood is a perfect place to nestle this home.

It was recently named as Detroit Home Magazine‘s 2019 Best Contemporary Architect. The firm’s work has been mentioned in the Detroit Home Magazine and CAM Magazine. The U.S. Green Building Council has also granted its designs with Platinum LEED Certifications.

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