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Known for its vibrant cultural scene, Fort Worth exudes uniqueness through its diverse architectural styles, which can be found in the city’s residential neighborhoods. South Fort Worth has some of the most charming grand mansions and modern interpretations of ranch-style homes. In 2018, a survey by real estate website Trulia found that Fort Worth has the most ranch-style homes in Texas. Perhaps the rustic look of Fort Worth’s ranch-style homes complements the Southern charm of “the city of Cowboys and Culture.” 

Although ranch-style homes are popular throughout Fort Worth, the city’s neighborhoods feature a unique collection of several different architectural styles. For instance, the city’s sunny terrain has inspired the building of sustainable, contemporary-style homes.

Building homes that mix Fort Worth’s eclectic home styles with homeowners’ personal tastes are the city’s residential architects, of which the top 15 are listed here. These architects were selected and ranked based on their achievements, distinctions, and portfolios. Most of these architects are affiliated with and have received distinctions from the prestigious American Institute of Architects (AIA).

This list includes both licensed architects and residential designers who can both design stunning homes but differ in other services offered. Architects are trained in design, engineering, and project management and have passed a licensing exam. Residential designers typically don’t manage projects and plans will need to be approved by a structural engineer. Whether you choose to hire an architect or a residential designer will depend on your project needs and complexity.

If you are thinking about building a custom home, we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.

Allen Architecture

Fort Worth, TX 

After spending eight years working as a project manager for a multidisciplinary firm, Brandon Allen decided to establish a customer-centered architectural firm. Allen Architecture creates homes that are molded by their surroundings and inspired by their homeowners. This personal approach to architecture has been showcased in the AIA Fort Worth Homes Tour, and Allen has served as an executive board member for the organization.

Allen Architecture created this Arlington Home for a growing young family. The exterior was kept simple with a fresh coat of white paint and vernacular architecture. The home’s interior also has a white base, but there is a pop of color in every room. For instance, the bright orange door is a fun focal point that makes the home more modern and hip. The house also has a slightly rotated orientation, so the home is aligned with the sunlight and cool breeze.

Archie Crow Architect

3116 W. 5th St., Fort Worth, TX 76107

Seasoned architect Archie Crow has been designing homes for the past 30 years for the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. His studies in classical architecture brought him to Europe, and his travels are reflected in his own firm, Archie Crow Architect. The firm’s portfolio boasts elegant homes with classic European influences. These stunning creations have graced the pages of 360 West Magazine and appeared in the 2014 Kaleidoscope of Homes. 

Archie Crow Architect’s specialty is designing classical architecture, but the firm’s services range from custom home design to simple remodels. The firm is also not limited to traditional designs because its portfolio features a diverse range of Tudor, contemporary, Mediterranean, and transitional home styles. 

But the firm’s expertise truly shines through Archie Crow’s classic European designs. This eye-catching Neoclassical home features an elegant European facade. The white and gold color palette gives a regal touch to the grand home.

Bob Anderson Architect

Dallas, Texas 75039

Bob Anderson has 30 years of experience designing various projects in the residential and commercial sectors. His firm, Bob Anderson Architect, specializes in designing residential homes for Dallas/Fort Worth residents. Anderson is often hired by his collaborators to create homes for them. In fact, one of the homes Bob Anderson designed for a frequent collaborator, Joe Jackson of the Newport Group, was featured in Dallas Morning News magazine. Online retailer BuildDirect also hailed Bob Anderson as one of the top 15 architects in Dallas. 

One of the firm’s most notable projects is this Forest Hills home hailed by D Home Magazine as one of the ten most beautiful homes in Dallas. The 6,054-square-foot home has a very Spanish vibe, inspired by the Four Seasons Resort. The eclectic Spanish home looks like a California vacation home because of its signature red tile roof and white stucco exterior. The picturesque landscape was also created in partnership with Bluebonnet Landscape Creations. 


2945 Lubbock Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76109 

Architect Joe Self and Interior Designer Tracy Self established FIRM817 to combine both of their specialties. The firm designs residential and commercial projects but extends its services to furniture design. FIRM817 believes that every project’s beauty is subject to its function and the client’s budget. The firm’s goal for every project is to create a design that is true to the homeowner’s taste. 

FIRM 817 is a unique architecture firm because it also designs furniture and art spaces. Joe Self showcases his artwork on the firm’s website, and his colorful, abstract works range from traditional oil on canvas to contemporary mixed media. FIRM817 also designs custom furniture for many of its clients. 

Although the firm is skilled in many creative services, FIRM817’s best works are in its residential portfolio. The Westworth House is a modern home with an open floor plan. High windows are used to let in natural light and accentuate the home’s open layout. 

Firmitas Design

2735 Villa Creek Dr. Ste. 275, Dallas, TX 75234

Full-service architectural firm Firmitas Design was founded by Mike Adams. The firm’s dedication to clients has earned it stellar reviews that praise Firmitas for its creativity and flexibility. A lot of families opt for Firmitas because of its very affordable services. The firm can design an entire home for under $800,000, and its portfolio showcases some of these economical yet stunning homes. Firmitas Design even won a 2012 McSam Award for Best Home Under $600,000.

Despite working on a tight budget, the firm designs impressive homes that feature classic European designs. Its portfolio boasts grand projects, such as a French chateau in Coppell and a Tuscan Manor in Texas. Both of these projects are polished and perfect for discerning homeowners. Their sophisticated interiors complement the European-style facades. 

Grand Home Designs

114 Sproles Dr. Ste. 103, Benbrook, TX 76126

Grand Home Designs was established in 2000, and it is one of the few firms that specialize in classical architecture. Founder Dale Grandmaison wants to capture the timeless elegance of period homes through his firm’s projects. Grand Home Designs aims to design homes that have the timeless aesthetic of old homes but have the advantages of a modern home. Before construction, the firm presents CAD drawings and 3D modeling to help clients visualize their new home. Potential materials are also presented to the clients. 

Glamorous, classic homes with Mediterranean and European influences are showcased in the firm’s portfolio. Clients can also choose from the pre-made plans that are available on the firm’s website. Grand Home Designs also designs homes for exclusive communities such as La Cantera, Mira Vista, and Montserrat West Fort Worth.

Heritage Design Studio

596 N. Kimball Ave. Ste. #100, Southlake, Texas 76092

Southlake-based Heritage Design Studio gives an edge to home architecture by offering an immersive design process. The firm wants its clients to understand the design process so they can properly express their home needs and how they want the home to look. Heritage simplified the design process into three phases: schematic design, design development, and construction developments. Trained professionals give a comprehensive walkthrough to clients during each phase.

Photo by Todd Ramsey.

In addition to providing customer-friendly services, the firm has earned several awards. Heritage’s most recent distinctions are being hailed as Southlake Style’s Best of 2017 and receiving a Best Outdoor Space citation from Fort Worth Magazine in the same year.

This Westlake project is a breathtaking contemporary home designed for entertaining guests. Guests are welcomed by a steel and glass exterior with tasteful stone accents complemented by tropical landscaping. Inside, guests can relax in a modern family room that overlooks the pool and has a U-shaped couch that can comfortably seat a large group.

McReynolds Design

2704 Elmwood Ct., McKinney, TX 75051

Mark McReynolds established McReynolds Designs as a residential design firm that specializes in high-end custom homes. Since starting the company 22 years ago, McReynolds Designs has developed over 1,000 projects, which involved historical restorations, residential renovations, and new home design. His firm showcases all of these skills, and most of its projects are found in North Texas. McReynolds Designs started by offering design services to Dallas/Fort Worth builders, and now the firm is also a popular choice among homeowners, architects, and other designers.

Most of the firm’s designs are classic American home styles. The Dineen Residence is a traditional Farmhouse home with a pristine color palette. Its homeowners were inspired by a Winnsboro Heights property featured in Southern Living magazine, and McReynolds Designs recreated this home according to its client’s request. A home office was added, and a porch appears at the side of the house. The Dineen Residence was featured in the 2012 Home Tour in McKinney.

Michael Lyons Architect

2815 Valley View Ln. Ste. 125, Dallas, TX 75234

For more than 40 years, Michael Lyons has been designing historical architecture projects for Dallas/Fort Worth. His firm creates homes that are uniquely designed for their environments. He draws inspiration from his knowledge of classical architecture and customizes projects to each client’s lifestyle. Many publications have taken notice of the firm’s elegant designs. The firm can often be found in the pages of Southern Living magazine, and Lyons has appeared as a design expert for several shows, including “The Dallas Morning News.” 

Lyons’s knowledge of historical architecture has made him adept in any type of home style. He encourages clients to come up with a wish list so he can have an idea of what their ideal home is. The wish list serves as Lyons’s main inspiration throughout the design process.

This Bluffview residence shows how a wish list can guide Lyons into designing a beautiful home. The firm created a Neo-Eclectic home with an elevated outdoor pool that overlooks the home’s green surroundings. 

Philip Newburn Architecture, PLLC

2345 W Magnolia Ave.,  Fort Worth, TX 76110 

Philip Newburn Architecture was established because its founder was inspired by an interest in sustainable architecture. Now, the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED)-certified firm is capable of designing commercial and residential projects. Before establishing his firm, Newburn worked for several architectural firms in the city, and his experience gave him the knowledge to undertake any type of project.  Philip Newburn Architecture has restored historic warehouses for lofts and designed a new craft brewery that features a taproom. Moreover, the firm’s residential projects have been featured in the 2015 AIA Fort Worth Homes Tour.

The first LEED Platinum home in Fort Worth was created by Philip Newburn Architecture. Commissioned by Ferrier Custom Homes, the Ryan Avenue Residence is a contemporary home with a very simple facade. The simple entrance welcomes guests into an open space that features modern interior designs. A large picture window lets in natural light and overlooks the living room and pool area.  

RPGA Design Group

101 S Jennings Ave. Ste.#100, Fort Worth, Texas 76104

Multidisciplinary firm RPGA Design Group designs a wide array of projects, including residential, multi-family, civic, and medical projects. Established in 1989 by twins Rick and Robert Garza, the goal of RPGA Design Group is to create unique solutions for any kind of customer. After years in the industry, the firm boasts of a team that has a combined experience of 150 years.

Despite having a diverse portfolio, the firm specializes in designing innovative residential projects. The firm’s residential creations can be found in some of Dallas’s most exclusive neighborhoods, such as Mira Vista, West Briar, Trinity Heights, and Westover Hills. 

The firm’s historic projects are some of its most impressive creations. This Historic Lake Cliff Residence is a stunning restoration of a traditional Craftsman home. The mustard yellow exterior blends well with the red brick accents of the home. A simple white interior was used to highlight the colorful facade and to give the home a sleek, modern finish. 

Schwarz-Hanson Architects

2570 River Park Plaza, Suite 100 Fort Worth, TX 76116

Gerry Schwarz and Tod Hanson have a combined 50 years of architecture experience, and their firm, Schwarz-Hanson Architects, showcases their expertise. The firm offers a range of services in the residential and commercial industries, as they create projects for the industrial, religious, and public sectors. Some of the services that the firm offers alongside architectural services are 3D rendering, interior design, and master planning.

The firm’s diverse portfolio includes complex commercial projects that have earned many Fort Worth Trailblazer awards. Schwarz-Hanson Architects has also been included twice in the annual Aggie 100 list.

The Golf Course Residence is the firm’s latest and probably most stunning complete home redesign. The three-story contemporary home was designed so that residents could enjoy the site’s gorgeous views. The home’s exterior is accented by large overlooking windows, and cozy outdoor balconies can be found in every corner. The home’s beige exterior consists of smooth stone detailing and minimalist wood accents. There is also a sloped stairway that leads to the large outdoor pool in the backyard.

Southwest Architects, Inc.

2921 Lackland Road Suite 101A, Fort Worth, TX 76116

Previously operating as “Team Design Inc.,” Southwest Architects has been in business since 1985. The firm rebranded itself as Southwest Architects in May 1999. It also expanded its services to corporate offices, banking facilities, and public sector establishments, such as law enforcement centers and municipal projects. Besides architectural design, Southwest Architects also provides construction management and consultation.

Most of the firm’s projects are created for the institutional and public sectors, but the firm also creates beautiful homes that have a rustic flair. The Heffelfinger Wine Cave is a unique creation that contradicts the stereotypical secluded wine cellar. It’s an eye-catching, 30-foot rock wall with a classic brick veneer and a Tuscan wood slat roof. The rock facade perfectly blends with the lush environment of the site. The client did not want his wine collection to collect dust in a concealed cellar; rather, he wanted to showcase his collection to guests and have the cellar serve as a great outdoor focal point. The firm was able to achieve this using its design expertise.

Walton & Walton Inc.

2817 W 5TH St. Studio A, Fort Worth TX 76107

In 1986, husband and wife Randall and Amy Walton renovated their first adobe house. The couple both studied architecture at the Pratt Institute, and their first residential renovation inspired Randy to get his license and open Walton & Walton Inc. with his wife. The firm started out by creating designs for hotels and quickly built a strong reputation among other commercial clients. When the couple moved to Fort Worth in 2000 to raise their daughter, the firm’s focus shifted to residential projects. 

Now, the firm’s works are often found in the pages of popular magazines such as Architectural Digest, Conde Nast Traveller, Business Week, and Dallas-Fort Worth Home and Gardens. Walton & Walton is also a member of many distinguished organizations like the Institute for Classical Architecture and Art Congress for the New Urbanism. 

Clients can check the firm’s website to be immersed in the firm’s portfolio, which not only includes images, but also features a video tour of the homes the firm has designed. A collection of Colonial, Mediterranean, and Tudor homes can be found in the portfolio. 

Wintersole Architecture

649 Quail Rdg., Aledo, Texas 76008

A microbiologist by training, Richard Wintersole was surprised that he would eventually pursue architecture and establish Wintersole Architecture in 1988. Besides architectural services, the firm offers design-build services such as custom home building and remodeling. Many design magazines have featured Wintersole Architecture’s stunning prefabricated homes. When the trend of prefabricated homes was trending in the early 2000s, The New York Times wrote about families who opted for this affordable alternate. One family employed the help of Richard Wintersole to construct a McMansion-style tract homemade with steel framing. 

One of the firm’s most unique projects is the Three Homes on a County Courthouse Square located in Albany. Formerly a cottage-style courthouse from 1903, Wintersole transformed the structure into a contemporary courthouse square that accommodates the community’s modern lifestyle. The firm replaced the outdated style with a very minimalist design that features carved wood and linear architecture. 

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