The city of Newton was built around a formation of seven distinct hills, a unique topography that shapes an interesting suburban landscape. Since it’s just a few miles from Boston’s downtown area, much of its architecture adheres to Massachusetts’ classic and traditional home styles, including Cape Cod, Gambrel, Colonial, Saltbox, Ranch, and Tudor. Most of these residences are part of the area’s historic architectures, modernized and renovated to answer to the demands of present-day lifestyles. Below are the architects and designers that have helped reshape, preserve, and upgrade the region’s historic and classic homes.

The article lists the best residential architects in Newton. The firms included here are either based in the city or have completed architectural designs for new construction, renovation, and additions for properties in the area. The listing also considered the companies’ years of services, the background of the principal architects, the firms’ number of projects, industry affiliations, as well as the awards and press features that they gathered through the years.

If you are thinking about building a custom home, we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.

Adolfo Perez Architect

69 Union St., Newton, MA 02459

Adolfo Perez Architect works in an atypical brand of contemporary architecture, catering to project owners looking for custom residential designs that redefine style and function. For the firm, the term “contemporary” in design goes beyond style—it has something more to do with “attitude”.

According to the company, this attitude “honors the recent as well as the historical past.” This describes the firm’s nod to the sophisticated and modern role of technology in design while acknowledging the timeless aspect of genuine craftsmanship. As a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Boston Society of Architects, the company ushers in a new generation of unforgettable interior designs and architectures.

The firm’s portfolio features interior design projects that celebrate modern, mid-century, and minimalist accents. These projects can be found across Boston, New England, and other parts of Massachusetts. Some of them have been featured in the Northshore Magazine, the Boston Design Guide, and the New England Home. The firm understands every project presents distinct conditions and design specifications based on its environment, its landscape, and the lifestyle of its future homeowner. The company uncovers and enhances these factors to create living spaces that speak to the aesthetics of its owner.

Chace Architecture

9 Woodbine St., Auburndale, MA 02466

Thoughtful designs and refined craftsmanship have propelled Chace Architecture’s dominance in the region’s residential architecture and construction scene. A professional in tune with the value of simplicity in modern design, the firm also strives to look back and appreciate the long-held traditions and unique sensibilities of New England. Unbound to a fixed style, the firm ultimately delves into the most fundamental elements unique to the preferences and lifestyles of its homeowners.

Jonathan Chace established the company in 2008 as a culmination of his experience in a wide spectrum of design and building careers. From Chace’s years in construction and furniture production to his collaborations with several distinguished architectural figures in the country, he has built a foundation making the company what it is today. Aside from being a member of the AIA, the firm is also an active affiliate of the Boston Society of Architects.

One of the firm’s notable residential projects in Newton was a new addition for a Tudor home. One of the challenges of this design was the client’s request for building an extension of their home as if it had always been there. The architect was also careful to create a design that does not overpower and rather complement the home’s newly renovated kitchen. The product was an expanded classic home that honors its Tudor roots, with its detailed interiors faithful to the original design, elaborate tile installations, and custom millwork.

Chang + Sylligardos Architects

28 Union St., Newton Centre, MA 02459

Edmund Chang and Susan Sylligardos are the husband-and-wife team of architects that established Chang + Sylligardos Architects in 1992. They are both members of the AIA, each of them has followed an individual creative journey that made them who they are today. While Chang is passionate about urban design and theater architecture, Sylligardos focuses on finding the sustainable and perfect balance between traditional forms and the demands of modern living. Following these visions, the firm first set its roots in Los Angeles and was re-established in Boston a few years later.

The company identifies itself as a design-oriented firm that has completed multiple projects as an architect and interior designer for residential spaces. These projects highlight “responsible, creative, and sustainable” solutions without compromising the project owner’s specific programmatic and budgetary conditions. The results are stunning homes and living spaces recognized for their architectural thoughtfulness and elegance.

Over the years, the company has earned multiple design awards for the disciplines of architecture and interior designs. Its work for the Chestnut Hill Carriage House’s dining room, for instance, won the Gold prize in the Luxury Living Award program. For its renovation work of Harvard’s Dana Palmer House of Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the company was honored with the Cambridge Historical Commission Award.

David Whitney Architect

49 Linden St., Arlington, MA 02476

“Real buildings for real people”. This line defines the brand that David Whitney Architects offers to the region’s residential architecture market. Principal David Whitney is an award-winning architect that has helped shape New England’s residential architectural landscapes since he established his company in 1994.

The firm is known for creating designs that respond to the client’s specific needs while exploring options that are sensitive to the realities of the landscape and the construction process. This allows the company to offer a wide range of home styles, many of which have been featured in the industry’s leading publications. This Old House television and magazine, Taunton Press, and House and Garden magazine introduced many of its projects in the past.

As a sole practitioner, Whitney takes the helm of every commission from the first stages of the design through the construction and completion of the project. As a member of the AIA and the Boston Society of Architects, he has received commendations for his works in preservation, residential design, and for his other high-value projects in the sports, theater, and healthcare industries.

HP Rovinelli Architects

1770 Massachusetts Ave #189, Cambridge, MA 02140

HP Rovinelli Architects was founded in 1993 and has maintained its status as a small architectural firm for a good reason. Despite its size, the company is supported by a team of a compact and highly-skilled design team that has helped it successfully complete large and high-value projects through the years. Large custom home designs, small design projects for academic institutions, as well as renovation works for urban and suburban residences can be found in its extensive portfolio.

Since the company is designed to work on a limited number of projects at a time, the firm operates a seamless and concentrated process, focusing on what the client wants, what the landscape needs, and how the design can be explored and implemented into one complete architectural wonder. This work philosophy has always been advocated by its principal architect, Paul Rovinelli and it’s something that he acquired from his decades of experience as an industry advocate and practitioner.

One project that represents the company’s design philosophy and efficient work process is a large Berkshires property designed to house the client’s family guests. The architecture highlights the sleek and vertical modern design with an interesting choice of zinc alloy roofing. The home also pays respect to the region’s familiar farm building elements.

Huth Architect

313 Washington St. Suite #212, Newton, MA 02458

Tom Huth founded Huth Architect in 1982 to cater to the architecture and design demands of the residential and commercial market. Throughout the region, the firm is known for its significant role in planning and creating the city’s sophisticated architectural setting for its emerging restaurant market.

Aside from the commercial projects for the restaurant and hospitality sector, many of the firm’s works in the residential design and interior scene have been constantly showcased in the industry’s biggest publications. These features from the Design New England, Metro, Boston Globe Magazine, Boston Home, and New England Home’s Cape & Islands highlight the company’s signature architectural and interior design elements.

The company is also an emerging leader in historic preservation and modern interior design practices. One of the examples of its expertise in reviving and transforming historic homes into spaces that answer to modern lifestyle can be observed in an architecture and interior project for a home in Annisquam. The firm’s biggest challenge was to replace and remove the previous “insensitive” renovations done to the historic home. Partnered with Nimon Construction, the company reinforced the structural integrity and revived the aesthetic dignity of the original home.

Maryann Thompson Architects

741 Mt. Auburn St., Watertown, MA 02472

Maryann Thompson Architects’ team of creatives that come from diverse artistic backgrounds empowers the company to deliver award-winning designs for a wide variety of institutional and residential projects. Professionals well-versed in architecture, interior design, visual arts, sustainable design, and landscape architecture come together to create projects that adhere to the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) LEED standards and qualify for AIA’s regional and national recognition.

The company’s wealthy portfolio of award-winning modern and contemporary architectures has not only won multiple awards from renowned industry magazines such as Best of Boston Magazine, Architizer, and the Boston Magazine; the firm has also been immortalized on the pages of New England Home and Dwell Magazine.

One of the firm’s notable projects exhibits the company’s excellence in architecture as well as its sensitivity to the structure’s surrounding landscape. The Geothermal House was designed as a delicate aesthetic and structural expression that respectfully blends with the solemnity of its unique environment. The design, as the architect suggests, “creates ambiguity between interior and exterior space”, strategically embracing the abundance of natural light, with a palette that goes in harmony with the range of subtle and dominant colors found across the scenic landscape.

MSH Architecture Associates

162 Cynthia Rd., Newton Centre, MA 02459

One of the advantages of being a small firm is the ability to focus all of its creative energy to deliver designs that center around the specific aesthetic, functional, and structural requirements of every project. Marc S. Hershman, the firm’s founder and principal architect, personally leads every stage of the design process. Since Hershman started the practice in 1985, it has committed its practice to service and client satisfaction, a goal that allowed it to establish a solid reputation across greater Boston, Providence, and throughout New York and New Jersey metropolitan areas.

While the company specializes in commercial retail and corporate office planning and design, its portfolio of residential interiors and additions has put it on the map as a residential architect with creative sensibilities and design perspective, able to deliver some of the most stunning traditional, modern, and contemporary living spaces in the region.

One of the company’s projects is found in Cape Cod. The new residential design features a two-story living room with balcony and water views. Some of its significant features include cathedral ceilings and French doors that graciously welcome natural light and provide smooth access to the home’s decks and patios.

Peter Sachs Architect

20 Hunter St., Newton MA 02465

Since Peter Sachs founded Peter Sachs Architect over 30 years ago, his firm has focused on achieving an ultimate union of contemporary and eclectic designs to portray and highlight the unparalleled qualities of every design situation. This design philosophy has been expressed in many of its works on custom residential architecture, historic restoration, renovations, and home additions. Sach’s comprehensive understanding of every stage of design and construction provides clients with a 360-view of the process, thanks to his sub-expertise in zoning laws, project planning, and construction.

With an NCARB licensed principal architect and a member of the Boston Society of Architects and the AIA, the company is one of the most respected firms in the region. In the past, it has been recognized for its works in historic preservation. Publications like House and Garden Magazine, Boston Design Guide, and the Boston Magazine Homes and Gardens have featured some of its major residential works.

The firm’s extensive portfolio showcases multiple works and historic renovations for residential properties. These projects are some of the area’s most unforgettable living spaces. Past client testimonials highlight the company’s expertise in preserving the integrity of old, historic homes while improving on their functionalities for modern living.

Ruhl Studio Architects

281A Mt. Auburn St., Watertown, MA 02472

By designing architecture that caters to the unique requirements of the structure’s site and the client’s design and lifestyle preferences, Ruhl Studio Architects delivers timeless and enduring living spaces that continue to win commendations from the industry’s most distinguished institutions. In 2019, for instance, the Boston Society of Architects honored the firm with a Citation Award for the year’s Housing Design awards program. The firm also earned the organization’s Honor Award for Accessible Design. AIA New England also expressed its commendations through the 2017 New England Design Awards with a Citation award in the Residential category.

Every project in the firm’s portfolio gravitates towards the core of its architectural practice: the use of natural materials, the exploration of expressive forms, and its meticulous attention to the role of light and views in designing sensitive and environmentally-aware spaces throughout the region’s scenic landscapes.

One of its most notable projects in Newton represents what the practice can offer in transforming an old yet classic home into a warm and modern architectural marvel that will last for generations. For this renovation project, the firm modernized a 1920’s brick Tudor home and expanded the space with a small but impactful addition. The redesign accommodated a reconfiguration of the staircases, adding more ease in mobility and circulation around the house and bringing daylight deep into the house.

SLR Architecture, Inc.

28 Woodbine Terrace, Newton, MA 02466

As a client-centered design firm, SLR Architecture presents a refreshing perspective that has helped residential and commercial project owners breathe life into their most complex architectural visions. Testimonials from the firm’s past projects recognize the company’s analytical, detailed, and results-oriented approach in answering to the challenging design issues of unique sites and landscapes.

Behind the firm’s success of its principal architect, Stephen Reilly. Reilly is an NCARB certified architect and a member of the AIA and Boston Society of Architects. His design perspectives and approach to every project are the culmination of his years working with the country’s most distinguished architectural firms for over 10 years. Additionally, as a member of the USGBC, his firm is capable of delivering sustainable and environmentally-conscious designs, especially for private homeowners that value green architecture and modern, eco-friendly living.

The firm’s rich portfolio of living spaces consists of high-end residential projects across Boston and surrounding suburbs. Cape Cod, Tudor, and other uniquely designed homes and interiors dominate the company’s rich history as a home designer.

Woodworth Architects

142 Elgin St., Newton, MA, 02459

Established in 1992, Woodworth Architects has completed multiple works for homeowners across Newton’s residential communities. From additions, renovations, to new home construction, the company partners with leading general contractors in the region to transform ideas into functional and efficient designs.

Pamela Woodworth heads the firm’s everyday operations. Under her leadership, the company delivers unique design solutions that embody the specific lifestyle and design needs of its clients. More importantly, the firm makes use of a customer-centered approach to design, which allows an on-time, on-budget delivery without compromising the quality and creative value of the project.

The firm’s portfolio of traditional, modern, and contemporary homes represents its contribution to the city’s residential architectural landscape. The featured project here, for instance, combines the unforgettable charm of asymmetrical structures and the appeal of massive, modern-inspired windows—a design choice that provides an unobstructed view of its surrounding ecology. Another dominant element in this design is its use of contrast: a white, clean siding against the minimalist parallels of vertical and horizontal forest green lines.

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