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The Best Residential Architects in Santa Clara, California

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Santa Clara is a sunny and dynamic city in the San Jose area on the southern coast of the San Francisco Bay. At the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara benefits from its rich history, amazing year-long weather, and the dynamism of the Silicon Valley crowd. Houses in Santa Clara vary from the more traditional Spanish/Tuscan styles to the more modern, contemporary styles.

After evaluating local firms’ experience, services, specialities, and awards, we’ve compiled this list of the 15 best residential architects in Santa Clara. 

360 Design Studio

1491 Ben Roe Drive, Los Altos, California 94024

360 Design Studio was founded in 2004 by Bahi Oreizy, who graduated with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in architecture from the University of Houston in 1993. She then studied architecture and urbanism in France. The firm has been featured in San Jose Mercury News, Dwell Magazine, Palo Alto Weekly-Home + Garden Design magazine, and the Los Altos Town Crier. Some of the firm’s projects have been influenced by Bahi’s studies in France, giving the firm a unique approach to its designs. 

One of the firm’s most stunning designs is this North Los Altos California. At an impressive 3,200 square feet, this modern house makes impressive use of its various spaces. The house benefits from extensive light streaming through its many sunlights, giving its sleek interior a bright, comfortable feel. The house also has a beautiful backyard and patio, which blend seamlessly with the rest of the house. At night, the house’s careful lightning emphasizes its sleek, modern style.

Arch Studio Inc.

1155 Meridian Avenue Suite #207, San Jose, California 95125

Established in 2004, Arch Studio Inc. is led by California Licensed Architect, Robin McCarthy AIA. This architectural firm specializes in designing custom farmhouse, craftsman, and ranch style homes with a beautiful, simple modern touch. Their projects have been featured numerous times on Build Direct and Bay Living Magazine.

An example of the firm’s work is this two story, 2,800 square foot farmhouse located in Menlo Park. The house’s exterior design is an elegant, modern farmhouse-ranch style. This is complimented by the interior’s beautiful yet simple contemporary design. The living room and kitchen both look out directly onto the backyard, creating an extremely accessible and comfortable living space. The kitchen has a beautiful white marbled island with white cabinetry and countertops, which goes perfectly with the elegant wood used in the dining room. The thoughtful design of this large home helps maintain a comfortable and cozy vibe throughout the house. Learn more about their work on

Davis & Associates Architects and Contractors

1292 Kifer Road #805 Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Davis & Associates Architects and Contractors was founded in 1998 by Scott Davis, who studied at both the California Polytechnic State University and the Royal Academy of Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark. The firm specializes in designing contemporary, modern style homes for its many clients.

One of the firm’s impressive recent projects is this traditional, luxurious home. The exterior radiates luxury and elegance, and the interior is just as impressive. The interior is designed in a classic Tuscan style, giving the rooms a sophisticated yet comfortable aesthetic. The expansive backyard has a gorgeous view of the nearby mountains, which can be enjoyed from the swimming pool and outdoor dining area. This is a truly elegant home, and exemplifies Davis & Associates’ incredible portfolio of Californian homes. 

De Meza + Architecture

60 Santa Marina Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

De Meza + Architecture was founded by Gregg De Meza in 2001 after a long career developing his skills in other prestigious architectural firms. The firm’s projects have been featured extensively in publications such as the Best House Design, “HGTV Start At Home”, Gentry Design, Decora Hoy, Casa Sugar, and SFLuxe. The firm has also worked with Apple, Inc on a number of projects over 70,000 square feet of land, cementing them as a true architectural powerhouse in the area.

One of the firm’s recent projects is this fieldstone house in Sonoma, California. The exterior is designed in an elegant stone which helps the house blend in beautifully with its natural surroundings. The interior is built in a more modern contemporary design, with careful use of dark woods and rustic furniture. The house’s many large windows offer stunning views onto the nearby mountains and woods. This careful design creates a truly relaxing and elegant aesthetic.

DuBridge Landscape Architecture

171 Main Street #131 Los Altos, California 94022

Steve Dubridge founded DuBridge Landscape Architecture in 1989, and as their senior designer he has been using his experience to design beautiful homes for his clients ever since. The firm stands out for its close relationships with its clients and its emphasis on client-led designs, ensuring that every client can fulfill their vision through the firm’s work. It also has extensive experience creating impressive outdoor areas in all of its projects. 

One of their stunning recent projects is this beautiful home in San Jose, California. The luxurious two-story home opens up through a sliding glass door onto an incredible outdoor area with a swimming pool, gazebo, dining space, and fireplace, all perfect for large family and friend gatherings. The house itself looks out over a nearby golf course, as well as the lovely rolling hills in the area. 

Kikuchi + Kankel Design Group

61 East Main Street Suite C Los Gatos, CA, 95030

Kikuchi + Kankel Design Group was founded in 1984 by Steven T. Kikuchi. The firm specializes in residential homes with an emphasis on contemporary, modern, and Japanese styles. 

One of their impressive recent projects is this house in Atherton, California. The house is a mix of traditional Japanese and modern styles. The Japanese garden attached to the house is beautifully designed and offers a lovely area to relax in the comfortable California weather. The interior is a deft mix of both styles, creating an enjoyable balance of space, both comfortable and spacious at the same time.

Louie Leu Architect, Inc.

236 N. Santa Cruz Ave. Suite 210 Los Gatos, California 95030

Louie Leu Architect, Inc was founded by its namesake Louie Leu in 1997. With over 35 years of architectural experience, including three years working in Florence, Italy, he is able to bring a wealth of experience and skill to each of his firm’s projects. The firm has been featured in publications such as the Interni Magazine, Milano Design Weekly, Dwell Home Tours, Gentry Magazine, California Home+Design, and San Jose Magazine

One of the firm’s most notable projects is this estate in Saratoga Rolling Hills. The house radiates luxury at first glance. With a vast swimming pool, garden area, an outdoor deck, this estate is a true paradise of relaxation. The interior is stunning as well, with its creative use of open living spaces and impressive views of the surrounding hills and woods. This estate was featured in Dwell Home Tours in 2016.

Noel Cross + Architects

1475 S. Bascom Ave., #218, Campbell, CA 95008

With over 30 years of experience, Noel Cross + Architects is an exceptional firm specializing in traditional, modern, and contemporary styles. Their extensive portfolio includes projects rented out by international stars the likes of Justin Bieber, Adele, and Beyoncé and Jay-Z. The firm also emphasizes environmentally friendly and sustainable building practices, ensuring the longevity and high quality of each of their projects. The firm’s projects have been featured in Lifestyle Resources, Coastal Living, Silicon Valley Home, and Luxe Magazine.

As mentioned, one of the firm’s high profile projects was this house for Beyoncé and Jay-Z. The home includes a huge dining area and kitchen with a stunning view of the view of the garden and nearby hills. It has an infinity pool, an indoor fireplace, and even an outdoor pathway with a deck. As with all their projects, the house was built with keen attention to environmental sustainability.

OKB Architecture

3423 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA  90018

Jason Kerwin and Shawn Bleet founded OKB Architecture in 2006 with a combined 40 years of design experience. The firm is known for its close relationships with its clients, ensuring that every project they’ve undertaken reflects the specific desires and goals of their clients. The firm has received numerous awards over the years, including the 2018 Los Angeles Business Council Architectural Award of Excellence, 2018 IIDA Calibre Award, 2018 Los Angeles Business Journal Commercial Real Estate Award, and the 2018 Rethinking the Future: Global Architecture & Design Award. It has also been featured in Interior Design Magazine, Work Design Magazine, and the Architect’s Newspaper.

This beautiful home in Weddington, California is a good example of the firm’s work. Designed in a sleek contemporary style, the home has a simple, comfortable aesthetic. The beautiful kitchen, with a large marble floating counter, is perfect for a family dinner or for a friendly gathering on the weekend.

Rockwood Design Associates, Inc.

3 High School Court,Los Gatos, California 95030

Rockwood Design Associates Inc. was founded in 1982 by Robert and Cynthia Rockwood. With over four decades of experience in the industry, the couple has long been recognized in the area, earning recognition as early as 1999 as leading residential designers for the Silicon Valley area. The firm has been awarded the Bay Area Award-Winning Architectural Firm Award, and has been featured in many publications, including Designers West, Building Millenium, Home Design, Interior Design, Centry, and South Bay Accent.

One of the firm’s recent projects is this house in Monte Sereno. It is a high-end modern home with a unique design and use of space. The ground floor opens up on both sides to a large outdoor veranda, creating a relaxing sense of open space. The second floor of the house is divided into two parts, connected by a sleek bridge that also overlooks the veranda. On every side, the house looks out over the wonderful and lush surrounding hills, making this home an incredible year-long home to relax in with friends and family.

Saikley Architects

2533 Clement Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501

Saikley Architects was founded in 2003 by Alexandra Saikley. The firm has a deep knowledge and expertise of renovations and projects requiring historic preservations. The firm’s founder has a close relationship with the community,  serving on the Board of Advisors for the Diablo Valley College Architecture Design and Technology Program.

One of the firm’s stellar designs is this contemporary home in Mountain View, California. The house was renovated from an older ranch-style home to incorporate more modern elements, all while maintaining its original charm. The interior is designed in beautiful wood accents, and both the living room and kitchen are elegantly designed. The beautiful patio behind the house is protected by the nearby trees, providing a cozy and enjoyable area for family and friends to relax in.

Studio S Squared Architecture

1000 South Winchester Blvd. San Jose, California 95128

Studio S Squared Architecture was founded in 1996 by lead architect Eugene Sakai. The son of a Japanese gardener, his love for nature is on full display in many of his firm’s designs. The firm’s projects have been featured in many publications, including Palo Alto Online, Silicon Valley Business Journal, Mansion Global, and the Santa Cruz Sentinel. 

One of the firm’s recent projects is this house in Los Altos, California. The interior has large and comfortable spaces for the living, kitchen, and dining areas, all of which look out onto the beautiful backyard through a series of sliding doors.  The backyard includes a large swimming pool and a cozy patio area, with beautiful greenery complimenting the outdoor space.

Valley Home Builders

3466 Edward Avenue Santa Clara, California 95054

Mehdi Vatani founded Valley Home Builders in 2005. Mehdi began his career as a woodworking hobbyist, and his love for design shows through in his beautiful projects. The firm has received several awards, including the 2019 Gold META award for Detached dwelling Unit, 2019 gold META award for Residential Addition, 2019 Gold META award for House Remodel, and the 2019 Gold META award for House Build. It was also featured in Remodeling Magazine’s Top 50 List. 

One of the firm’s fantastic projects is this contemporary house in San Carlos. The home has a classic exterior and a cozy and comfortable interior design. The firm’s knowledge of woodwork is evident in the beautiful wood interior, perfect for an elegant family home.

WA Design Architects

805 Folger Ave. Berkeley, CA 94710

WA Design Architects was founded in 1985 by David Wilson. David gained an early appreciation for architecture growing up in the Bay Area, making him particularly adept with the many different design styles seen throughout the Bay. He was also influenced by brilliant twentieth-century shingle-style architect Bernard Maybeck, something which becomes clear in many of his projects. The firm has received multiple awards throughout the years, including the 2014 Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association Award. It has also been featured in the Marin Magazine, Tahoe Quarterly Magazine, Mexican Architecture and Interior Design Magazine, Diablo Magazine, and the San Francisco Chronicle. The firm specializes in contemporary, modern, and ranch style projects for its clients.

One of their most beautiful designs is in Berkeley Hills, a house which they had built in the 1990s and renovated for their client in recent years. The home is broken up into three wings, connected by two breezeways looking out with a beautiful view of San Francisco Bay. The exterior of the house is sheathed in zinc shingles, a clear sign of the influence of the 20th century Bernard Maybeck. White granite and marble cobble finish out the sleek exterior design, and the interior is suffused in warm woods and bright, open spaces.

Ziese Architecture, Inc.

612 Moulton Ave Suite 7, Los Angeles, CA 90031

Daniel Ziese established Ziese Architecture, Inc in 2010. Prior to founding the firm, Ziese gained a wealth of experience in other prestigious local firms in Orange County. Ziese now uses this experience to create beautiful modern residential homes for his many clients. 

This chic penthouse is one of the firm’s characteristically beautiful projects. The penthouse offers a simple design with a sleek interior. Its second floor addition includes ample office space, a bedroom, and a bathroom. The living room and kitchen blend together, and both look out over the incredible skyline, offering a perfect place to relax and cook after work. This penthouse is a perfect place to retire to after enjoying everything that L.A. has to offer.