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The Best Residential General Contractors in Washington D.C.

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The beauty of Washington DC is understated and can sometimes be overshadowed by the political power that the city holds. It is home to a lot of culture and art just waiting to be discovered. General Contractors play a huge role in cultivating the state’s beauty through classic architecture, restoring historic homes, innovative modern builds, and trend-setting condominiums. All of these play a huge role in building the face of this unique community. 

We’ve created a list of some of the best general contractors work in the area, the names who continue to contribute to the understated beauty of Washington, DC.

Anthony Wilder

7913 Macarthur Boulevard, Cabin John, MD 20818

Modern elegance like no other—that is exactly what Anthony Wilder offers. The firm provides architecture, interior design, and construction services to the DC community. What sets them apart is the team’s capacity to encourage and allow their clients to dream big. Anthony Wilder believes that when working in this industry, they need to help their clients visualize their dream house.

This philosophy of empowering clients has led numerous awards. The firm was once the National and Regional awardee for the National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s Contractor of the year in 2018. They are also an active member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).


7900 Westpark Drive, Suite A180, McLean, VA 22102

“Transforming Homes into Homes,” —this philosophy has made BOWA into one of the prominent contractors in Washington DC. BOWA was established by Larry Weinberg and Josh Baker in 1988. The two college friends didn’t find any satisfaction in their day jobs and saw the opportunity construction brought to the DC area. Today Larry and Josh are both enjoying the success of their company, with clients bringing in referrals and returning to BOWA for their services.

In addition to basic design, remodel, and build services, BOWA’s offers unique aesthetics. They also offer condominium renovations. DC is starting to join in with the high-rise lifestyle, and having a reputable contractor like BOWA is attractive to potential condo owners.  Regardless of the job, BOWA applies the same level of professionalism and commitment to deliver what the client’s need and desire for their living spaces.

Case Architects & Remodelers

1327 14th Street NW, Suite #200, Washington, DC 20005

If there is one thing Case Architects & Remodelers does best it is home transformation powered inspiration. Case Architects & Remodelers consist of architects, designers, project managers, and remodelers. They are all dedicated to the highest form of customer service. The company specializes in home remodeling of modern and contemporary design. Case Architects & Remodelers work with their client’s budgets while keeping in mind what client’s desire.

Bruce Case is at the helm of the operation. He won the Prominent Patriot Award from George Mason University and he was named one of 40 industry leaders reshaping the Remodelling Industry by Professional Remodeler. He graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Economics and Psychology, and he has an MBA from George Mason University as well.

Glickman Design Build

15757 Crabbs Branch Way, Rockville, MD 20855

Glickman Design and Build provides creative, accessible solutions. Russ Glickman has been in the business for over 40 years and aims to help his clients realize their visions for their homes.  Russ’s experience working with differently-abled people sets Glickman Design Build apart. Russ raised a child who has cerebral palsy, and he is firmly committed to providing accessible solutions to clients who need them. In fact, Glickman is often consulted by a legal team of developers to assess if their buildings are handicap-friendly.

Accessible design isn’t as nuanced as it should be in the design and build industry. At Glickman Design and Build, accessibility is a fundamental part of their design process. Their design team is a a favorite with elderly or differently abled individuals. Their approach has broght them multiple awards, including the 2021 Grand Winner and Merritt Winner Contractor of the Year as awarded by the National Association of the Remodelling Industry.


7550 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite #120, Bethesda, MD 20814

Modern builds call for modern planning and solutions. Carnemark offers precisely that to its clients: modern builds based on efficiency and intention to make lives more accessible and inspired. Jonas Carnemark founded the company in 1987.  He is the core of this philosophy of “beauty with a purpose” in home builds and design. The company specializes in modern and contemporary designs.

For Jonas Carnemark and his team, design shouldn’t just be for aesthetics; it should work efficientlyfor the people who live in the house. Jonas is also a Certified Remodeler (CR), a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD), and a Certified Living in Place Professional (CLIPP). All of these certifications show how knowledgeable and reputable he is in the field. This is also the same process and framework that Carnemark uses in order to turn the abstract ideas of their clients into the homes they wish to live in.


7059 Blair Road NW, Suite #300, Washington, DC 20012

There is something about the bond between two brothers that makes it unbreakable. Making it the perfect type of partnership for building roofs over families’ heads. Landis was established by brothers Ethan & Chris Landis in 1990. This tandem worked hand in hand to build up Landis’ reputation as one of Washington, DC’s top build and design firms. 

The company offers build and design services to the DC community. Their vision as a company is to build spaces that are empowering. The firm’s staff achieves their goals via their core values: creativity, quality, teamwork, integrity, and joy. The firm has won a number of awards as a result, including the National Association of the Remodelling Industry’s Grand award for Residential Bath.

Wentworth, Inc.

8401 Connecticut Avenue, Suite #310, Chevy Chase, MD 20815

If there is one thing we all need in a contractor, it is accountability. A contractor must be accountable for errors, mistakes, and the quality of the build in the long run. This is what Wentworth, Inc offers to its clients: cost-Effective, comprehensive design-duild services with accountability

Bruce J. Wentworth—a well-known remodeling architect in the Washington area—established the company. His approach is sensitive remodeling with integrated aesthetics. This is evident in the featured project, the Garrett Park Residence.

The philosophy that Bruce J. Wentworth crafted has won the firm many awards, including the 2020 Guildmaster Award and the 2018 National Association of the Remodelling Industry’s Contractor of the Year Merit Award. This tried and tested philosophy has created not just clients but fans of the company who keep returning and referring them to their friends and family. Wentworth promises to streamline communication, improve the entire Design-Build process, and save client’s time and money.

Michael Nash Design Build & Homes

8630A Lee Highway, Fairfax, VA 22031

Growing a business should be anchored on what the market needs and, just as importantly, what the community needs.  Michael Nash Design Build & Homes has shaped their craft as a company based on the community’s needs.  As a result, the firm has become a household name in DC design and build.  For over 30 years, they have offered the community unique and effective remodeling jobs that have consistently surpassed expectations. 

The design and build industry is about brining the client’s visions, ideas, and dreams into fruition. Michael Nash Design Build’s identity as the area’s first licensed contractors to introduce a comprehensive showroom is a testament to their capacity to me that demand. This simple act of marketing has opened so many doors for the company to reach new clients and give their customers the visuals they need to see what Michael Nash can do for them and their homes. The company specializes in both build and design of modern and midcentury homes.

Bowers Design Build

6715 Whittier Avenue, Suite #200, McLean, VA 22101

With over 300 home renovations under their belt, Bowers Design Build is a force to reckon with in the industry. This family-owned and run company was established in 1990. They have completed projects in North Arlington, Vienna, Fair Fox, and more.

What sets Bowers apart is the comprehensive list of services clients receive from them. Bowers full service packages include a detailed budget, a safe and clean job site, and a full warranty. This comprehensive work list is always rooted in the team’s pride in craft and their respect for the homeowner. 

The company offers new home and renovations jobs that include design and build processes. What’s unique is their Customer for Life Program. This program is excellent for clients who have large renovation jobs and want to have it done portion by portion. This program gives the clients the same quality of work from design to build regardless of the size of the job. At Bowers, they believe that once you have worked with them, you are their customer for life.


925 N Garfield Street, Suite #106, Arlington, VA 22201

A build or design project isn’t just on the shoulders of the contractor. It’s a collaborative effort of everyone: the designers, architects, interiors, carpenters, project managers, and, of course—the client. TriVistaUSA is founded on that collaborative effort known as teamwork. Husband and Wife tandem Michael and Deborah Sauri established TriVistaUSA in 2005. 3 years into the business, they were faced with the economic turmoil of 2008. But with the collective efforts of Michael, Deborah, and the rest of their team, they stayed afloat and established their identity as one of the leading design and build firms in the tri-state area. 

TriVistaUsa offers design and build services that aim to support the client’s vision and, at the same time, produce spaces that are conducive to robust living. They specialize in high-end whole house renovations, custom additions, and interior and exterior remodeling.

The project entitled International Flair is a testament to the firm’s craft. The client’s lifestyle was taken into account: it is elegant enough to host while simultaneously being a wonderful retreat for when the client is home from overseas.

Kohlmark Builders, Inc.

5206 B Rolling Road, Burke, VA 22015

With over 50 years of experience under its belt, Kohlmark Builders has built itself a solid team and reputation as one of the leading design and build companies in the area. The KohlMark group includes Kohlmark Flach Architects and KohlMark Builder. These companies work together to help their clients turn visions and ideas into reality. The KohlMark group prides itself on its long history of excellence in architecture and building. Their reputation proceeds them with all their great work in the DC area. 

This robust, fully-equipped firm offers a range of services including custom home builds, historic renovations, pool houses, gazebos, and much more. The Great Falls Grandeur project is a testament to the firm’s keen eye for details. This beautiful stone and wood home features a unique design combining different materials to create a uniquely modern home.

FineCraft Contractors

104 Summit Hall Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Building or remodeling a home should not result in anything short from perfection. At FineCraft Contractors, the team strive’s to achieve perfection through means of collaborative effort. George Papaheraklis graduated with a degree in architecture from the University of Maryland in 1983. Two years later, he decided to start his own construction company. George likes to get his hands dirty rather than just design: he finds happiness in the complete process of building. He enjoys the satisfaction comes with knowing that with every move he and his team makes, they are one step closer to crafting their client’s vision. 

FineCraft Contractors is very transparent when it comes to their process. It starts with them introducing themselves and their previous projects so that clients can get a feel for what they offer. Then the client’s visions and ideas are noted and an estimate is crafted for the client to go over and see what needs to take place and what materials and processes will need to happen.  The build starts with pre-construction, followed by meeting the team in charge of the build. The process might be long, but FineCrafts sticks to its schedule to cover all aspects of the build without sacrificing the vision and ideas of their client.

Commonwealth Home Design

208-A Dominion Road NE Vienna, VA 22180

Diligent designers and craftsmen,  process-oriented, and committed to enduring relationships: these are just some of the great things the clients of Commonwealth Home Design have to say about them. The firm can receive such great words with their process of integrating different fields and disciplines without the need for sub-contractors. With an Engineer and Architect at the reins of the company, they can manage things better than other companies. Kelvin Pierce, an aerospace engineer by profession, crafted a framework to help get this company as organized as possible. An experienced registered architect, Susan Pierce, holds the fort by facing clients and crafting and approving designs. 

Having an Engineer and an Architect lead the company has given them so much insight to maneuver the industry and secure them big and small clients alike. Doing so has also made it possible for them to have a lot of in-house services that would usually be outsourced to sub-contractors. As a result, the company has won awards such as the 2019 National Association of the Remodelling Industry’s Grand Award Winner Entire House in the Under $250,000 Contractor of the Year category.

Glass Construction

2314 18th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009

Other homes may inspire you to build or to have a remodeling job done. There’s nothing like having your own ideas come to life and to have your home be what you have always envisioned, and not just some copy of another. Glass Construction has helped many families achieve their dream home, regardless of the design. The firm prides itself on high-quality builds and designs that work and last for a long time.  They also specialize in historic restoration, preservation, and adaptive reuse. 

Tom Glass is the president and owner of the company. He is trained in the classical arts and maintains a commitment to historical preservation. Doing so has allowed him to flourish in the industry and build a team that is aligned with his goal of building high-quality homes. A great example of Glass Construction’s work is the Rustic Stone Residence. This beautiful home is a mix of modern and classic design. The house boasts an unassuming rustic stone design; the back features glass panels that frame the modern art inside the home.

The Alexander Group

6106 Harvard Avenue, #427 Glen Echo, MD 20812  

Construction contributes carbon emissions. At the same time, there is a need for homes to be built for families. The Alexander Group solves this dilemma by building green buildings for residential and commercial spaces. Alex Dean established the company. He graduated from Boston University with a degree in Interdisciplinary studies. There he took up a curriculum that focused on architecture, solar energy, business management, and environmental law.

Alex’s educational background reflects the thrust of the Alexander Group, which is building sustainable and energy-efficient homes. Doing so sets the Alexander group apart from the rest on this list. The firm wants ensure they achieve the client’s vision while keeping the projectsustainable and energy-efficient in the long term.