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About Home Builder Digest

Home Builder Digest is a national online magazine focusing on the residential housing industry. The magazine celebrates the best home builders, remodelers, and architects throughout the country and is a trusted source for recommendations about construction professionals. In addition to helpful guides and inspirational resources, we offer consultation services and building expertise for current and future homeowners.

For contractor recommendations and construction services, you can reach out to the consulting team or call (646) 960-3093.

About our rankings

Our ranking algorithm takes a range of criteria into consideration, including but not limited to work history, customer satisfaction, awards and recognition, area of work, cost, and clientele. Depending on the project type or category, certain criteria are weighted more heavily.

We exhaustively research each firm before calculating the final ranking, but we rely on information that is available in the public domain. If you would like your business to be considered for a future article, please submit your application on our rankings page.


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