Lake Oswego is a suburban area located about 8 miles south of Portland. Surrounding Oswego Lake, the city is characterized by a serene sense of peaceful living that values family, community, and history. Maintaining this sense of peace and community and incorporating more modern ways of living are the core principles that guide residential building in the area. Many of the area’s residences are a combination of traditional materials and modern technologies and energy-efficient systems.

If you want to build a home or remodel your present home in Lake Oswego and or the greater Portland Metropolitan Area, you’ll want to work with a dedicated and respected custom home builder. This list counts down the best custom home builders in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Through their years of dedication to their craft and creating relationships with their clients, these builders are sure to help you make your dream home a reality.

Eslinger Homes

16869 SW 65th Avenue, #11 Lake Oswego, OR 97035 

Eslinger Homes is a family-owned company that has been building and remodeling homes in Oregon for more than 40 years. It specializes in creating elegant homes made of carefully crafted materials that optimize space and natural lighting. Through its extensive experience in design and construction combined with the latest energy-efficient technologies, Eslinger builds homes that are both timeless and sustainable.

As a response to the pandemic and other health crises, Eslinger offers a health and home program featuring designs and materials that support a healthy lifestyle. This program includes the installation of the best available filtration systems to ensure clean air and water. The firm also uses zero-blue light-emitting LED bulbs and light dimmers and timers to promote good sleeping habits.  Health and home designs also incorporate greenery and nature elements to help reduce stress and encourage relaxation. 

Eslinger’s latest designs and program show the firm’s responsiveness to a wide range of issues, needs, and new technologies. The firm offers solutions that are tailored to each homeowner’s needs and resources. Whether doing a remodel, renovation, or a ground-up construction, Eslinger guarantees a personalized approach and exceptional craftsmanship.

Stephens Homes, LLC

311 B Avenue, Suite F Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Stephens Homes’s work is grounded in the belief that building a home starts with a conversation. Homeowners communicate their vision of their dream home, then Stephens brings it to life. From his 25 years of experience in homebuilding, co-owner Mark Stephens centers his designs on residents and their needs. He also highlights creating designs that are unique, yet blend in with the neighborhood to create a community feel. In every home remodel, renovation, and ground-up construction, Stephens aims to transform the homeowner’s vision into reality.

Mark Stephens works alongside his wife, Sheila Zentz Stephens, in managing the company. Aside from creating beautiful homes, the couple is involved with the Home Builders  Association – Portland Metro (HBA). Mark has completed a three-year term on the Board of Directors and is currently co-chairing the Professional Remodelers Organization council. Sheila is currently on the HBA Board of Directors, the immediate Past Chair of the Professional Women in Building council, and is currently serving on the National Association of Home Builders Professional Women in Building Board of Trustees.

Stephens uses a mix of traditional materials, modern designs, and contemporary elements to build homes that reflect each homeowner. In this traditional-style modern home in the Portland Street of Dreams, Stephens replicated the mid-century style while incorporating modern technology in home controls and appliances. The use of stones, tapered metal legs in the cabinets, and horizontal grain slab doors reflect the mid-century era home style. Wifi-enabled touchscreen controls for lighting, security, and appliances maximize technology integration without sacrificing aesthetics. The overall design offers a balanced mix of the old with the new, open yet private, and classic with hi-tech.

Sinclair Construction, LLC

470 2nd Street, Suite A, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Sinclair Construction is a custom home builder and general contractor who works with developers, property owners, and architects. Determined to make home construction and remodel as stress-free as possible, Sinclair organizes a team of highly skilled specialists for each project. Each endeavor is characterized by efficient communication and outstanding end products. Owner Lou Pacino’s professionalism and ability to deliver results have earned him a strong reputation among architects, subcontractors, and vendors in the Lake Oswego and Portland areas.

In building homes that reflect the local cityscapes, Sinclair uses modern designs and techniques fused with green building practices and principles. Each home is unique, energy-efficient, and sustainable. The 25th Modern project is a remarkable masterpiece of modern design and architecture. The use of flat ceilings and squared designs in the interior and exterior walls create a sleek modern look. It opens up the space for natural lighting while allowing the homeowner flexibility in furniture and interior decor. The large glass windows and doors open the interior to green scenery without exposing the home to the elements. It presents an astonishing modern design that also connects with nature. The openness of the interior areas provides room for variety and personalization in style for residents.

DreamBuilder Custom Homes Inc.

16805 SW Gassner, Lane Lake Oswego, OR 97035 

DreamBuilder Custom Homes is a premier builder that offers custom home building, remodeling, and high-performance home design and construction. Through more than 20 years of experience in the industry, DreamBuilder has created trusted relationships with the best suppliers and tradespeople in the Lake Oswego and Portland areas. Those relationships allow the firm to offer clients a wide range of choices in terms of workmanship and materials.

Owner Tim Walker grew up in the general contractor and remodeler business assisting his father on numerous construction sites. Later he worked as an apprentice and deepened his knowledge and experience in numerous home projects. His experience and determination to improve his knowledge and skills are reflected in each DreamBuilder project. Drawing from homeowners’ ideas of their dream home, Tim Walker and his team in DreamBuilder provide solutions that exceed client expectations.

In this NW Transitional home, traditional materials are used in a modern design as a form of synergy between the exterior and the interior. The stone fireplace and large windows connect the inside to the outdoors. Automated LED lights, security panels, and wifi-enabled appliances maximize technology integration without sacrificing the comfortable feel of a traditional house. The art pieces and chrome accents reflect a simple and elegant home ambiance. Blending with the neighborhood style and fauna yet having a personalized and classy interior, this home is a testament to DreamBuilder’s respected workmanship and dedication.

Stoneridge Custom Development

16805 SW Gassner Lane, Suite B, Lake Oswego, OR 97035 

Stoneridge Custom Development builds and remodels luxury custom homes of unrivaled quality and workmanship. In its 15 years of service in the Lake Oswego and Portland areas, the firm has built a reputation for its impressive designs and its excellent customer service. In each home build and remodel, Stoneridge carefully chooses the best materials and creates designs that highlight both form and function. Its excellent communication methods and streamlined processes ensure on-time and on-budget project completion. And its dedication to customer satisfaction resonates throughout the lifetime of the home.

With his expertise and great reputation in the industry, owner Matt Tercek aims to provide work of exceptional value, quality, and integrity. Each home build and remodel project—whether traditional, contemporary, or modern—receives the same amount of focused dedication. In a recent remodel of a riverfront home in Vancouver, WA, Stoneridge merged traditional materials with a modern style to bring luxury to a classic design. Set on a large 5,500-square foot estate, the old colonial home was modernized with lustrous walls, vanishing panel doors, and minimalist decor. High ceilings and large glass windows were incorporated to retain the traditional look and feel. The design brings splendor to the home while also creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Riverland Homes Inc

P.O. Box 2432, Lake Oswego, OR 97035 

Riverland Homes has been providing custom new home and home remodel construction in the Lake Oswego and Portland areas since 1988. Established by John Chlopek and his wife shortly after moving to Oregon, Riverland has shown its strength in custom home building through its commitment to successful project completion and customer satisfaction. The firm assures clients that each project will be managed by the owners regardless of size. Founded on the belief that a home is not just a dwelling but a family’s legacy through generations, Riverland oversees every project as if it were its own home. This core value drives Riverland’s reputation for great management and customer service. 

2639 NW 81st Place
Portland, Oregon
Remodel by Riverland Homes, Inc. / John Chlopek

Drawing from decades-long experience in the industry, Riverland has the skill and flexibility to take on projects of all scopes and sizes. This custom new home in Portland was built on difficult soil conditions, which presented issues for construction. Riverland overcame the challenge and laid the foundation with the largest steel pilings ever used in a residential home in the area. The project turned into a contemporary home that is energy-efficient, stable, and beautiful. On-time and within budget, the end result is a masterpiece of form, quality, and function.

Palisade Homes

16869 SW 65th Avenue, Suite 279 Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Palisade Homes is an award-winning custom home build and renovation company servicing the greater Portland area. Since its inception in 2004, Palisade has been providing clients outstanding craftsmanship and great customer relations at an exceptional cost. Core to Palisade’s craft is its fine attention to detail in all aspects of the project. Clients envision their idea of a dream home; Palisade creates the spaces that suit their lifestyle and match their resources.

In this complete interior and exterior remodel of a large cottage home, Palisade combined traditional cottage home materials and furniture with modern embellishments and technology. The exterior has shingle siding and flagstone pathways for a sturdy, rustic look. This classic look continues to the interior with the use of wood and brick for flooring, accent furniture, and shelving. Large wide-screen TVs, LED lights, and modern appliances are subtly integrated into the design without sacrificing aesthetics. Palisade’s meticulous attention to detail and great understanding of clients’ desires is manifestly evident in all of its projects.

SLS Custom Homes & Remodeling

15575 SW 74th Avenue, Bldg 2 Tigard, OR 97223 

Established in 1983, SLS Custom Homes & Remodeling provides custom home building and home remodeling services to clients in the Portland metropolitan area. Apart from building and renovating homes, SLS is known for its investment in its community. Owner and founder Steve Stolze was a former mayor of Tualatin, former board member of the Home Builders Association, and a prominent voice in city planning. His work in custom home building and renovation goes beyond dedication to individual projects; that work represents his commitment to community and service.

SLS’ commitment to its community is evident in all of its work. All new home constructions, remodels, and additions don’t just meet client needs, they add to the functional and aesthetic balance of the communities they are in. In this custom new home project, the modern farmhouse look and feel were retained throughout the interior and exterior. The use of wood paneling and predominantly white colors create sleek clean lines that provide a cozy ambiance. The modern farmhouse is chic yet practical and homey. It is distinct in its character while also blending in with the traditional suburban streetscape in Wilsonville. 

Renaissance Homes

16771 Boones Ferry, Lake Oswego, OR 97035 

Renaissance Homes is a multi-award-winning home building company that builds and sells urban, suburban, and custom homes. It has won 54 Street of Dreams awards, including 9 Best of Show awards, which is more than any other builder in the area. Led by founder and president Randy Sebastian, Renaissance combines art and function to construct homes of the highest standards. Each home includes Energy Star-accredited energy-efficient technologies and green products that add to its sustainability. Renaissance also tests each home to ensure indoor air quality and low to zero air leakage. 

Innovation is at the heart of Renaissance’s work. Sebastian and his team of experts combine their skills and knowledge to tackle any design and construction challenge and they guarantee a smooth process and on-time delivery. In the Farm to Table project, Renaissance’s design reflected the character and lifestyle of a typical American home in the new normal. A light-filled great room and central kitchen offer adequate space for the family and for entertaining. The outdoor living room offers additional space for entertaining with a full seating area, fireplace, entertainment system, and air control system. Personal space and privacy are offered to the residents upstairs with a reading loft, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. Such a beautiful and practical design optimizes space and increases efficiency. This construction project recently won the 2021 National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) best single-family home over 4,000 square feet gold award. 

Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes

17428 SW Ferry Road, Lake Oswego, OR 97035 

Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes is an award-winning company that offers custom build, addition, and renovation to homeowners in the Portland Metropolitan Area. Since its founding in 1989, Metke has received both local and national recognition for its outstanding remodeling and exceptional craftsmanship. More than the technical and business aspects of a project, Metke acknowledges that the work of a builder is to enhance people’s lives through the transformation of their homes. The company’s work ethics and commitment allow them to turn dreams into reality and clients into friends. Such a characteristic work ethic sustained through decades of projects earned Metke the top spot on this list.

Metke has a long list of projects in its portfolio including design-build construction, bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, luxury additions, and custom home building. In the Raleigh whole house and addition project, Metke transformed a traditional cottage home into a contemporary home with mixed traditional, contemporary, and modern elements. The use of wood carpentry with metals created a traditional rustic look. Embellishments on the walls added height to the interior, which worked well with the clerestory windows that maximized the use of natural lighting. Metke’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in the strategic location of outlets and horizontal platforms that allow residents and guests to charge their gadgets while keeping them close. This transformation project reflects Metke’s ability to see the potential in any challenge and deliver the best design solutions that fit the client’s lifestyle and resources. Learn more about them at