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The 13 Best Custom Home Builders in Arroyo Grande, California

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Arroyo Grande’s historic, suburban, and rural characteristics make this small California coastal city one of the most diverse areas in terms of residential architectural landscapes. Homes inspired by a wide spectrum of styles from the old and new, contemporary and classic, European and traditional American, are scattered across the city’s neighborhoods.

Constructing these uniquely laid-out homes are the best custom home builders in Arroyo Grande. These professionals are multi-awarded and some have been featured in notable industry publications. These firms are led by some of the most established builders in the region.

Schaefer Custom Homes

4251 S Higuera, Suite #800, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Specializing in luxury custom residential construction, Schaefer Custom Homes delivers an award-winning practice throughout the Central Coast. Erich Schaefer founded the firm over 30 years ago. As a second-generation builder, he has an extensive background in the industry. That background has allowed him to develop a delivery method that focuses on constructing homes that embody the most ambitious design ideas of his clients. These homes are built to last for generations.

An example of the firm’s work in the luxury residential sector is the Crawford Residence. Inspired by the timeless elegance of Tuscan architecture, the home has a warm palette of stucco-clad thick walls and terracotta tile roofing. Contrasting the rectangular angles and forms are arched windows and doorways, as well as concrete moldings that represent the detail-oriented craftsmanship that is put into the design. Set on the foot of the region’s rolling hills, the residence enjoys a picturesque landscape of lush greenery and ample sunlight. 

Robertson Builders

210 Traffic Way, Suite A, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

For over four decades, Robertson Builders has been serving Central Coast’s residential and commercial market. As a home builder, the company showcases a portfolio of custom homes and major remodeling work. These residential spaces highlight a wide array of styles. From the familiar details of traditional design to the functional elements of modern and contemporary, these homes embody the style aspirations of their homeowners. Under the guidance of lead builder Chad Robertson, the company has produced some of the region’s most striking homes.

In 2013, the firm built a single-family home that features the nostalgic elements of craftsman architecture: low-pitched roofing and a wide front porch framed by tapered wood and natural brick stone columns. Wood siding completes the home’s exterior. The use of natural materials is repeated throughout the interior space of the home. Warm tones form its light brown flooring and craftsman cabinetry. Custom furniture completes the home’s welcoming ambiance. The overall material palette and the light and approachable materials answer the client’s need for a cozy and homey environment.

Residential Design Studio

1375 E Grand Avenue, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

Residential Design Studio offers a full-service practice in architecture, construction, and owner representation. Originally a Texas company, the firm moved its headquarters to California to serve the entire Central Coast. From there, it extends its services to cater to the residential homeowners of Arizona and Nevada. This impressive service and geographic scope can be attributed to the multidisciplinary background of its founder, Richard G. Berry. Berry’s portfolio includes two decades of projects and is composed of luxury architectures and custom-built homes that grace the region’s wealthiest neighborhoods.

For one of its high-end design-build projects, the firm completed a French Country home that put emphasis on the balance between refined and rustic elements of style inspiration. Reminiscent of french countryside houses, the home makes use of natural materials, soft yellows, and a light beige. Pitched-roofing, brick-clad walls, tall windows, decorative metal moldings, complete the look of sophistication and architectural refinement. 

IMC Building Arroyo Grande

541 Calle Vista Del Asta, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

Serving the commercial and residential market, IMC Building Arroyo Grande is a locally-owned company that has been in the industry for two decades. Since its inception in 2008, the firm has worked closely with project owners and leading architects and subcontractors in the field to deliver custom construction works of varying sizes and value. Commended by its clients and partners, the firm is known for its on-time and within-budget delivery, as testimonials and project reviews attest.

Isaac Montgomery leads the firm’s everyday practice. Montgomery’s work and his contribution to shaping the area’s urban and rural landscapes have been highlighted by a number of publications, including The New Times – San Luis Obispo. As a custom home builder, the firm’s portfolio features contemporary and modern beach houses and traditional homes designed to answer the lifestyle needs of their homeowners. 

KGM Construction

1508 Mill St. San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Since it first launched its services in 1986, KGM construction has provided the region’s commercial and residential sectors with custom construction services that champion the latest in construction technologies. Under the guidance of principal builder Mike Morain, the firm’s decades of practice have also helped it gain a loyal client following. Its A-plus membership with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a testament to its customer-focused approach and efficient delivery methods. Additionally, its partnerships with the industry’s top-tier architects have allowed it to produce some of the most stunning custom homes in the region.

In recent years, the firm collaborated with architect Andrew Goodwin to complete a custom home project for a family in San Luis Obispo. The home was designed according to the clean and straightforward symmetries of modern architecture. The home’s shed roofing and a large central dormer add character to the façade’s already unique form. The home exterior’s neutral tones are repeated throughout its interiors. This choice of palette enhances the flow of natural daylight that comes from the residence’s wide, full-glass windows and floor-to-ceiling glass walls. The same use of materials for its clerestory windows grants the interiors a more expansive feel. 

Ed Cuming Custom Homes

535 Le Point St. Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

Established in 2003,  Ed Cuming Construction dba Ed Cuming Custom Homes is one of the leading local companies that offer luxury custom home and remodeling services in Arroyo Grande and the surrounding area. The firm’s design-build nature gives project owners an opportunity to work with a single team of professionals from concept to completion. This delivery method has also given the company an opportunity to take on complex and architecturally unique custom home projects that adhere to the style and functional needs of their inhabitants. 

Principal Ed Cuming led the transformation of a 40-year old home. One of the main goals of the remodel was to bring the outdoors inside. The firm provided that connectivity through the materials and contemporary architecture. The use of tall, full-glass window groupings, for instance, provided the main areas of the home with a good view of the outdoor landscape. The client’s demand for an entertainment-centered residence also shaped the visual and structural connection. An outdoor deck provides ample space for interaction, and it can be accessed through either a staircase from outside or through the full glass entranceway from the open-space family room and kitchen area. Wide glass windows and walls visually connect these spaces. Check out more photos at

Oak Coast Construction

1026 Acorn Dr. Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

From its Arroyo Grande office, Oak Coast Construction serves the city’s surrounding areas, especially the high-end residential communities.  A large percentage of the firm’s projects come from repeat customers and business gained through referrals. This loyal client base and its consistent quality work have helped it maintain its BBB certification. The company’s overall dedication to a client-focused delivery method is a product of principal Poul Norholm’s experience in collaborating with a wide range of homeowners that requires work of varying levels of complexity.

One example of the firm’s most recent work is for a single-family custom home that is inspired by the adaptability and functional efficiency of contemporary architecture. Set in challenging terrain, the home’s design ensures smart use of spaces while its material palette allows it to smoothly blend in with the surrounding environmental context. Projects of similar value and complexity can be found in the company’s design-build portfolio. Aside from their modern-day inspiration, these works also showcase the firm’s grasp of Tuscan and European old-world architecture. 

Slobuilt Construction

101 Le Point St. Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

Slobuilt Construction is a family-owned and operated business that provides full-scale general contracting work to the residential sector. The firm’s years of practice have allowed it to produce home improvement, renovation remodels, and full custom home building projects to the mid-range sector. Principal builder John King applies a hands-on approach to construction. Under his leadership, the firm has catered to the construction needs of residential homeowners since its inception two decades ago. 

A look at the firm’s portfolio reveals home construction projects catering to a variety of homeowner needs in terms of style and functions. Be it modern and contemporary designs for their practicality or traditional and craftsman homes for their nostalgic appeal, these living spaces share one element in common: customization. The firm’s collaborative approach helps builders and owners to conceptualize and construct a home that addresses the needs of modern-day living. At the same time, these homes represent the individualities of their inhabitants. 

Coast Construction

2420 Broad Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Custom homes and luxury remodels that represent the old-world appeal of classic European and Spanish architectures make up a large part of Coast Construction’s high-end portfolio. Serving Central Coast’s most demanding homeowners, the firm’s 20 years of practice has produced some of the most unforgettable residential structures in the region. Husband-and-wife team Rich and Pamela Blythe lead the firm’s practice. Both have been with the industry for decades as builders and project managers.

One example of its work is this Tuscan-inspired luxury home. Featuring the thick walls in beige stucco cladding, the home also highlights the style’s signature terracotta tile tapestry set on its low-pitched roofing. The home’s asymmetry and its dominantly rectangular form have established its grand presence amid the lush landscape. Arched entranceways and windows put emphasis on its Spanish-Mediterranean inspiration.

Frantz Construction

633 Vista Pacifica Circle, Pismo Beach, CA 93449

Josh Frantz established Frantz Construction as an answer to the growing need for builders that put emphasis on efficiency, quality, and transparency. These qualities are embodied in the firm’s delivery method that has been commended for its open communication, highly custom, and within-budget delivery. As an emerging custom home builder founded in 2018, the firm has already secured a long list of repeat clients and projects through referrals. 

One of the firm’s most recent projects that exemplifies its detail-oriented approach to construction was for an exterior redesign and rebuild for a contemporary craftsman home. The firm was tasked with the transformation of an outdoor space into a fully functional entertainment area. From an empty patch of grass, the company delivered a classy and comfortable outdoor space that is visually and structurally connected to the main area of the home through floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors. Extended roofing supported by charming stone brick masonry is a nod to its craftsman design origins. 

Ramones Construction & Design

505 Hawkins Court, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

Ramones Construction & Design is staffed by a complete team of professionals that can take on a wide range of residential work. Additions, remodels, custom homes, as well as planning and architecture projects, make up the firm’s decades-old portfolio. Principal builder Tomas Ramones has been developing his firm’s design-build approach since the firm’s genesis in 1986. Under his leadership, the company has served a wide spectrum of homes in the mid-range and high-end residential sectors.

The company’s interior design and remodeling projects, for instance, highlight the textiles and textures of transitional design. On the other hand, as a custom home builder, the firm’s most recent work showcases the balance between the ergonomic structures of contemporary design and the light and approachable natural materials of traditional styles. Most importantly, these homes are physical translations of their client’s design ideas and architectural concepts. This ability to breathe life into any design concept is a quality that the company has been consistently commended for. 

Hunstad Homes Inc.

120 N Halycon Road, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

As one of the most established custom home builders on the Central Coast, Hunstad Homes has over three decades of custom home practice. Kevin Hundstad, the firm’s principal, has completed over 300 residential construction projects during his career. His work usually comes from client referrals and repeat business that relies on the firm’s client-focused approach to building. Aside from its stellar reviews, the firm is known for its diverse portfolio. Its custom luxury projects include homes inspired by Mediterranean, Tuscan, modern, and contemporary architectures. 

One of the firm’s most unforgettable projects was for a Las Ventanas custom home construction project. The company reintroduced Tudor architecture and redefined the classic look by incorporating contemporary elements. The traditional steeply-pitched, gabled roofing was reshaped by the modern smoothness and clean surfaces of typically contemporary façades. The style’s signature window groupings were upgraded and replaced by tall, full glass windows that bring ample daylight to the home’s open-space interiors. Decorative woodwork and custom doors add character to the home.

Mountain Pacific Builders Inc

225 Suburban Road, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Mountain Pacific Builders offers a full-scale service approach to custom home building. On top of the firm’s construction services, it also provides designs of industry-standard building plans, construction management services, estimation, inspections, and other relevant services. The firm’s depth and scope of services can be attributed to the background of its founder, Kyle Martin. Through his direction, the ten-year-old company has taken on a number of highly complex projects as a designer and a builder. 

One of the firm’s most important residential projects was for house restoration work for a Colonial-inspired home. The biggest challenge of the build was to structurally update the home without losing the spirit of its original architectural context. As a restoration project, the firm had to stay faithful to the details that represent the home’s historic origins. At the same time, the team had to upgrade the functionality and style of the home to meet its homeowners’ modern-day needs. Most importantly, the resulting architecture was designed to blend in with its landscape through carefully chosen palettes and materials for the home’s exterior finishes.