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The 15 Best Custom Home Builders in Highland Park, Texas

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Last updated on May 22nd, 2024 at 10:18 am

Highland Park is among the most well-off cities not only in Texas, but also in the U.S. It is then evident that its real estate market is impressive. The homes here have the highest appreciation rates in the country, with almost 135 percent total value increase since the year 2000. Currently, houses here cost a little less than $2 million on average, with single-family homes dominating the city. 

This article features the top 15 custom home builders in the affluent Highland Park. We based this list on their awards, memberships in reputable organizations, work history, and recent projects. We’ve also included sample projects to illustrate how these companies may suit your construction needs.

If you are thinking about building a custom home, we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.

Luxury Custom Homes Designed & Built by Tony McClung

3419 Westminster Suite #271, Dallas, TX 75205

Tony McClung was barely in eighth grade when he initiated his first building project. Through his research on foundation, framing, and roofing, Tony was able to build a garage addition and has never stopped building since then. He developed his passion for designing and building custom homes. His more than 50 years of architectural design experience is reflected in his company’s projects. He has become one of Dallas’ most respected and accomplished builders with his combined skills of builder, foreman, and architect. 

Tony McClung’s expertise and commitment to excellent craftsmanship can help any client craft their home to fit any size budget. The firm has an impressive portfolio of kitchen & bath, exteriors, and interiors. Each has a design that speaks of luxury and elegance. Tony McClung is also known in Dallas for specializing in modern home interiors. One example of his interior works is this dining room with quaint ornaments and pleasing colors that create a peaceful space.

Hartman Construction

5002 W Mockingbird Ln., Dallas, TX 75209

Hartman Construction is an award-winning modern home builder. This boutique builder has more than 35 years of experience specializing in clean modern lines, expansive layouts, and contemporary details. The modern projects of Hartman Construction have been featured by Columns magazine while the firm has been voted as the Best Builder by D Home magazine consecutively since 2012. This award-winning company invests in craftsmanship and professionalism. It also highlights the importance of masterful planning as key to a successful project.

The company’s president, Larry Hartman, ensures that each home is a distinctive reflection of the homeowner’s unique lifestyle. A perfect example is the luxury residential build featured here. The Dorset residence is a modern minimal masterpiece boasting an impressive exterior façade that is clad with precast concrete, weathered steel, and dark grey basalt stone. This impressive build is the perfect example of why Hartman Construction is continuously voted the best modern builder in the industry.

Todd James Homes

3300 Purdue, Dallas, TX 75225

Todd James Homes offers turnkey solutions that cover all steps of the building process—from choosing a location to design to construction. The company will help ensure the best views, secure privacy, and maximize natural assets as well as provide the finest craftsmanship and finishes for a home. With its 25 years of building in Park Cities and Dallas, Todd James Homes has developed the ability to create timeless homes that can be enjoyed for generations.

In terms of design, the firm works to defeat boundaries. The interiors of its homes look and feel expansive, proportionate, and inviting of natural light. Its outdoor projects also blend with nature through landscapes, water features, and fireplaces. Its custom homes range from traditional styles like French Country, Colonial, and Mediterranean to modern contemporary homes with the best technology.  For all its work, Todd James Homes has been voted multiple times as Best Home Builder in Dallas by readers of D magazine. 

Taa Custom Homes

2716 W Mockingbird Ln., Dallas, TX 75235

Taa Custom Homes focuses on the art of building homes. It does rigorous historical and technical research to create original architectural designs. That is why it can work on a vast array of design themes such as Neoclassical, French Meditteranean, European country style, and many more. Impeccable craftsmanship is evident in the company’s projects, from archways and corbels to iron filigrees and decorative lighting. The firm produces homes that are classic, yet updated for modern living.

A perfect example of the company’s detail-rich projects is this Modern French home in University Park. The house has a grand cast facade with polished landscaping. Going inside, the home interiors leave no detail behind. A recessed ceiling adds dimension and height while the fireplace is accented with columns and gilded lighting. Floor-to-ceiling windows bathe the living room with natural light. Learn more about them at

Ron Davis Custom Homes

17818 Davenport Rd. Suite #116, Dallas, TX 75252

Dallas-based Ron Davis Custom Homes is a luxury custom home builder known for its high-end residences in Dallas Frisco, Prosper, Southlake, and the Park Cities. Aside from its technical expertise, It is a go-to contractor for many because of its transparency in its building process. To set expectations on the project flow, it gives clients a detailed look into the process, including timelines and budget preparation. The company also offers live virtual tours of projects through video conferencing and its architect will do a rough drawing in front of the client during the architectural meeting. Additionally, Ron Davis Custom Homes has programs to ensure a comfortable and energy-efficient home. For instance, it has advanced moisture management techniques through its ComfortBuilt™ Program.

Ron Davis Custom Homes has set the standard of luxury home building in Dallas. It won as the 2019 Luxury Builder of the Year by Dallas Builders Association. The firm has a large collection of projects encompassing a variety of styles including Dallas Modern, Hill Country Modern, Meditteranean, and Tudor. One example of its many luxury projects is this elegant French Country home that also features temperature-controlled wine rooms.

Ellerman Homes

8100 Lomo Alto Dr. Suite #237, Dallas, TX 75225

Ellerman Homes has produced some of the area’s most beautiful homes as recognized by clients and press. It has been featured several times in Luxe magazine, Modern Luxury Interiors, and D Home magazine. The firm is also a Gold List honoree featured in Luxe Interiors + Design. An example from the company is a home built on Greenbier Drive. The 7,100-square foot house is a mixture of different Colonial styles with a contemporary twist. Updated clapboard shutters and cut-stone rectangular pillars lead to a classic Juliet balcony—bringing to life a perfect marriage of styles. 

Company principal and owner, Brad Ellerman, has been in the custom home building business for 25 years. That is why this almost 30-year-old company has developed the expertise to play with different home styles including Cape Cod, Spanish homes, Contemporary, and Colonial. Another eye-catcher from the firm is this residence in University Blvd. that features tall windows giving a strapping appeal from the facade. It is also notable that while the interior areas are united in theme, each still has a unique appeal apart from the rest.

Richard Miller Custom Homes

4616 W Lovers Ln. Suite #110, Dallas, TX 75209

Richard Miller works overtime to stand out as a builder. He multitasks other pursuits while performing his best at work. When he was still working for a construction firm, he spent his spare time developing project management IT innovations. Eventually, he gained the skills in building science, high-end finishes, and working with the latest technology. He is now one of the few National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Graduate Master Builders in Dallas and is also a part of the Dallas Builders Association Board of Directors. 

As for the firm’s performance, Richard Miller Custom Homes is recognized as Best Builder by D Home for four consecutive years (2017-2020). Its projects are also featured on the Dallas Builders Association Parade of Homes. Among these is this White Rock Modern home. The firm took full advantage of the trees surrounding the area by installing large windows and outdoor entertainment areas.

Danes Custom Homes

PO Box 196109, Dallas, TX 75219

As a boutique home builder, clients can expect Danes Custom Homes to be hands-on in every detail and phases of the project. It also follows that the firm prioritizes the home owner’s style over any standard style there is. That’s why most clients appreciate how Danes Custom Homes was able to really understand what they want for their homes.

Danes Custom Homes also believes that every space of a home reflects a mood and can influence a feeling. As such, the residential projects of the firm all appear welcoming. One example is this family room that is filled with indoor and outdoor gathering areas. The close arrangement of furniture, use of neutral colors, and warm lighting set a sense of coziness and intimacy when bonding with family and guests.

S&R Development

4131 N Central Expressway Suite 985, Dallas, TX 75204

S&R Development is often published in online articles and magazines. The latest of which is the firm’s Modern Mediterranean custom home in Preston Hollow, which is applauded for its state-of-the-art amenities and high-quality finishes. The other features are more on how the firm is among the trendsetters in the home building industry.

Aside from ground-up custom homes, S&R Development also specializes in home parts through major remodels and large additions. Its gallery is full of projects in different areas from the backyard to the bathroom. Pictured here is a stunning part of a master bedroom suite. The firm installed high-end floor to ceiling steel windows to flood the space with natural light and provide an expansive view of the backyard. A hand-cut limestone fireplace brings a luxury feel to the space complemented by the organic textures of the rattan chairs and hardwood floors.

Edinburgh Custom Homes

4516 Lovers Ln. Suite #385, Dallas, TX 75225

Edinburgh Custom Homes is improved with NAHB certifications and advanced education. CEO John Gilley is a Graduate Master Builder and Graduate Master Remodeler, which would require long years of experience, business reputation, and strong connections within the industry. He is also a Certified Green Professional trained for green and sustainable building practices. Another advantage is that the firm is a Certified Aging-in-place Specialist. That means it specializes in modifying homes to ensure comfort and safety particularly for the elderly.

Edinburgh Custom Homes has created and remodeled many comfortable homes to date. It has projects in University Park, Highland Park, Preston Hollow, and Bluffview among others. An example of its work is this comfortable living room. The room has a laid back and peaceful appeal that feels like an escape from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

Phillip Jennings Custom Homes Ltd.

8604 Turtle Creek Blvd. Suite #25569, Dallas, TX 75225

Phillip Jennings is known for building luxury homes in Dallas for at least 17 years. Its projects are ranging from $3 million to more than $10 million worth. It then follows that this stable firm has huge connections with subcontractors, suppliers, architects, and interior designers. In terms of style, the projects of Phillip Jennings Custom Homes do not have a signature look. Instead, the firm custom fits the design depending on the environment, building site, and the homeowner’s lifestyle.

Phillip Jennings Custom Homes has also been a frequent feature in different publications since 2008. Recently, the firm’s residential project in Pomona won first place in the 2019 legacy design awards by the American Society of Interior Designers. All of its other projects also exude elegance. One example is this royal-like living room with a high ceiling that is ornamented with an attractive chandelier.

Robert Elliott Custom Homes

4145 Travis St. Suite #300, Dallas, Texas 75204

Robert Elliott Custom Homes leads custom home building in Highland Park, University Park, and Preston Hollow. It has built numerous homes in the three areas for decades. Since these high-quality communities are in demand, potential clients should consider the firm’s homes and lot offerings. Robert Elliott Custom Homes also shares helpful blogs, including custom home upgrades, design trends, and tips on choosing a suitable style for a custom home.

For reference, the company has a lot to offer in its portfolio. It has a vast photo collection of its projects from outdoor work to minute home details. Like any other firm, Robert Elliott Custom Homes has favorite projects too. One of these is this featured residence in Caruth Blvd. The place is a visual treat with its pastel colors and soft features. The home is such easy to the eyes that it gives a neat, youthful, and relaxed appeal. 

George Lewis Custom Homes

3100 Monticello Suite #150, Dallas, TX 75205

George Lewis Custom Homes is the longest-running firm on this list. It was 1973 when George Lewis founded the firm. Even then, he already had impressive credentials having graduated from Princeton and Harvard. Aside from his education, George is also a Graduate Master Builder, Certified Graduate Builder, Certified Graduate Remodeler, and Certified Aging in Place Specialist. More than that, he has been trusted as President of the Texas Association of Builders and Home Builders Association of Greater Dallas, along with 11 other leading positions in various organizations.

George Lewis Custom Homes is also part of the “Hammer” Builder 20 Club, which was established by NAHB in 1994. This means that the firm is among the top custom home builders not only in Texas, but also in the whole country. As for recognition, it has received more than 30 awards from 2001 onwards. These include 15 consecutive years of the Best Builder award by D Home magazine. And if the client needs a glimpse of George Lewis Custom Homes besides its reputation, the firm’s gallery has many of its luxury home projects on display.

Platinum Homes

7001 Preston Rd. Suite #230, Dallas, TX 75205

Some reasons why Platinum Homes is along the top of this list is because it is at the top 2 percent of home builders in North Texas. It also sits among the nation’s best builders in the market, according to the National Association of Home Builders. Additionally, the firm is capable of developing luxury homes series, such as The Bluffs at Cochran Chapel, which is a 12-lot neighborhood.

Given the firm’s background, clients can expect to see huge and grandiose homes in the portfolio of Platinum Homes. It is also noticeable that there is no standard look in the firm’s designs. Every part of a home has a unique style and theme, although each of these exudes elegance. One of the featured exteriors of Platinum Homes is this mansion. Its facade imbibes the magnificence that can be felt in movies and fairytale settings.

Coats Homes

3100 Monticello Suite #335, Dallas, TX 75205

The crowned builder in this list is this Highland Park-based firm. The company started in partnership with another firm that has been running for a half-century. Coat Homes has then gained independence as a full-service custom home builder having formed a team of professionals. This gives an edge to the firm by having experienced individuals work on one project.

Coats Homes is also active in sharing content. Aside from its abundant portfolio, the firm has many blogs, copies of features in publications, and also has a YouTube channel where clients can watch its featured homes. One of its recent features is this Hamptons-style shingle home in Stonegate Rd. The uniqueness in this project is that its materials are carefully chosen to adhere to a “clean living” lifestyle. That means no dye or acid on floors and water-based sealants, among others. The home is also perfect for relaxation with nature because of its over 2,000 square feet dedicated to outdoor areas alone.

About Our Rankings

This list takes a range of ranking criteria into consideration, including but not limited to: work history, customer satisfaction, awards and recognition, geographic area of work, cost, building permits, and clientele. We spent over 40 hours researching local contractors before calculating the final ranking for this post. If there is additional information about your business that could affect these rankings, please fill out this form and we will take it into consideration.

Get Bids For Your Build

If you are thinking about building a custom home, we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.