Recognized as a place with a high quality of life, Pinecrest has been dubbed Tree City, Playful City, and a Community of Respect. Many residents enjoy the city’s natural beauty and man-made parks, including the famous Pinecrest Gardens that give the city its signature name as a Tree City.

With its scenic backgrounds and convenient location, Pinecrest is an ideal location for growing families. Many of the homes on this list are waterfront residences or structures built in iconic Californian styles, including Spanish and Mediterranean. Regardless of the design, the firms on this list are the best residential architects in Pinecrest. They have been featured for having years of experience in service to the city locals and have highly skilled teams with admirable work ethics. Combining these elements, many of these firms have become recognized by magazines like Luxe, Space Magazine, Coral Living, and South Florida Business Journal. These firms are also affiliated with industry organizations like the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).


Miami Architectural Studio

7910 NW 25th St. Suite #200, Miami, FL 33122

From mixed-use buildings, office buildings, and recreational facilities to residential buildings and custom homes, Miami Architectural Studio has the ability to incorporate elegance and sophistication into its designs. This Mediterranean home in Pinecrest is a great example of the firm’s approach to creating open floor plans that welcome living that has a lot of contact with the outdoors. In order to create these timeless homes, the firm always makes an effort to understand its client’s visions before guiding them through the entire process. With homes that embody luxury, the firm has been featured in many industry publications, including Luxe.

JAS Group Architects/Planners

7855 Southwest 104 St. Suite #200, Miami, FL 33156

JAS Group Architects/Planners has been around for over 40 years. After many decades, the firm has gained an established client base in the South Florida and Caribbean areas where many of its diverse and complex projects can be sighted. With its highly experienced staff, the firm is able to provide clients a high quality of design excellence and customer service. These projects come in various styles including traditional and the beach home style. Currently, the firm is led by James Smith: his 40 years of experience brought him the chance to work alongside other local and national architectural planning firms in South Florida. 

Village Architects of Key Biscayne, Inc.

104 Crandon Blvd. Suite #424, Key Biscayne, FL 33149

Village Architects of Key Biscayne, Inc. has been recognized for not limiting itself to one signature style. Since its establishment in 1992, the firm has designed homes in a wide array of styles including modern, Spanish, and Mediterranean styles. To make sure its quality work stays consistent throughout each completed project, the firm limits the number of projects it pursues each year. Aside from architectural designs, the firm is also known to provide interior design and fully contracted engineering services. Over time, the firm’s work has brought it recognition from publications like Florida Architecture, Luxury Home, Kitchen and Bath Ideas, City&Shore, and Luxe.

Trelles Cabarrocas Architects

169 E. Flagler St., Suite #1619 Miami, FL 33131

A firm that creates expressive, original, and memorable pieces, Trelles Cabarrocas Architects serves a diverse range of clients who have challenged it to craft beautiful homes that usually come in the traditional style. Among these projects, its most notable might be the Smugglers Cove House—a Mediterranean style home that highlights artistic symmetry through its simple façade and stunning foyer showcasing gracefully arched ceilings. With projects like these, the firm has been featured in several publications including Notre Dame Magazine, Florida International, Southern Living Magazine, Vogue, and Metropolitan Home. The firm has also won awards like the Institute of Classical Architecture (ICAA) Florida Chapter’s 2013 Addison Mizner Medal for Design Excellence Award. Aside from beautiful residential homes, Trelles Cabarrocas Architects also has experience in designing commercial buildings, campuses, churches, mixed-use buildings, and apartment buildings. 

Sebastian Eilert Architecture

9840 SW 85th St., Miami, FL 33173

From programming projects to completing construction, Sebastian Eilert Architecture brings a design approach that allows it to integrate quality, durability, and sustainability into all of its projects. Among its impressive work, the most notable might just be the Rondolini residence. Led by architect Sebastian Eilert, this project involved the renovation of an existing single-story home, including the addition of a second story to the 4,600-square-foot main residence. To allow for more views of the back of the house and waterfront, the front trance was raised and now features a double-height curved open stairway. The home has many other notable features, including hurricane resistance and a hyper-insulated roof. With other projects as complex and luxurious as this, the firm has been recognized with honors like the 2010 Young Architect of the Year Awards.

The Architects Group, Inc.

8000 NW 7th St., Suite #101, Miami, FL 33126

Established in 1991, The Architects Group, Inc. started off with a reputation centered around restaurant design and architecture. After several years, the firm was able to complete over 100 projects, a list that includes bars and cafes found across the U.S. The firm soon expanded its project reach to healthcare projects. And its extension into residential architecture has helped the firm polish its design approach, an approach that centers aesthetic goals without forgetting functional and financial targets. The firm’s expertise has been featured by various industry publications including South Florida Business Journal, Sergio’s Cuban, Florida Architecture, and Casa & Estilo.

Altman Architects Inc.

1320 northwest 17 st., Gainesville, FL 32605

From the classical to the cutting edge, Altman Architects Inc. is a highly experienced architecture firm that provides a range of styles to residential and commercial clients. Regardless of the style of type of project, the firm has a design style that revolves around elegance, refinement, and thoughtfully reflecting the client’s tastes. Among its many projects, its most notable one is this classically-styled home in Coral Gables. A Palladio-inspired home, it features a symmetrical design with grand entry details framed by a symmetrical driveway. With many other classical estates showcased in the firm’s portfolio, the firm has been featured in a large number of publications like Coral Living, Casa y Estilo Internacional, Florida Design, Miami Home, and Decor. Aside from architecture, the firm is also experienced in interior design and landscaping. 

Jarosz Architect

3326 Mary St. Suite #500, Miami, FL 33133

A firm associated with highbrow industry organizations like the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), and the Polish Institute of Architects, Jarosz Architect has been recognized for its signature classical architecture. With a focus on residential architecture, this firm’s design approach is influenced by a deep understanding of historical precedents that range from classical to modern.

Among its many beautiful projects, its most notable might be the Venetian Islands home. A 1920s Mediterranean revival, it was transformed into a residence that involved replicating the traditional rough texture of the stucco and the handmade clay barrel tiles of the roof. Custom crafted windows and doors, gracefully arched, were also included to add to the period effect and able to withstand hurricane winds. The interior, meanwhile, includes details such as the reclaimed antique Dalle de Bourgogne French limestone flooring spread across the first floor. The home has several other notable features and this peaceful home is a great space for the homeowner’s growing children. With homes like this in its portfolio, the firm has been featured in publications like Luxe, Architectural Digest, Dream Homes South Florida, Florida Architecture, and The Miami Herald. 

Hamed Rodriguez Architects Inc.

275 Minorca Ave., Coral Gables, FL 33134

Hamed Rodriguez Architects Inc. is a firm led by Hamed Rodriguez has been recognized for his ability to easily translate ideas into both commercial and residential designs. The firm’s work can be spotted across the U.S. and abroad, and its expertise has been widely recognized. Aside from being a LEED accredited professional that designed the first LEED Gold building in Miami-Dade County, the firm also received the AIA Henry Adams Medal. its modern and contemporary homes have also been featured in various publications, including South Florida Luxury Guide Spring, Coral Gables, and Pinecrest Lifestyle Magazine. 

Calil Architects

1728 Coral Way, Ste 702, Miami, FL 33145

Founded by Eduardo Calil Sr. who now manages the firm with his son Eduardo Jr., Calil Architects is guided by over 40 years of combined experience in architecture, design, and construction management. Aside from being a family business run by professionals in different sectors of the industry, Calil Architects also works with other talented artisans who have helped the firm grow into a recognized quality brand for architecture and design. Over the years, the firm has completed various estates, mostly in the contemporary style. Learn more about their work at

Balli Trautman Architects

1533 Sunset Dr. Suite #101, Coral Gables, FL 33143

A design-build company, Balli Trautman Architects is known for innovating alongside its clients, architects, and builders at every stage of the creative process. Aside from being hands-on with its projects, the firm also has a design studio and a construction management team under one roof, making its services more streamlined thanks to its holistic approach to project management. This work style has helped the firm complete a large number of home projects that carry a range of styles in colonial, contemporary, Italian, and Spanish styles. With such beautiful designs in its portfolio, the firm was able to gain recognition from publications like SF Biz Journal, The Real Deal, Curbed Miami, and Miami Herald. 

MATEU Architecture

8887 SW 131st St., Miami, FL 33176

A church, a bandshell, a major league ballpark, a bank, or a house on a 25-foot lot: MATEU Architecture has handled all types of projects. Regardless of the work, MATEU Architecture’s design process centers on highlighting sustainability with the use of new technology and materials that result in awe-inspiring projects. So far, its most notable residential project is the Villa Scarpatetti located in Hibiscus Island. Being placed in one of the many man-made islands straddling Biscayne Bay, this home has unobstructed views of the charming sunset and evening views of flight paths to and from Miami International Airport. With its “saw tooth” design, this residence is not only functional but also provides water views to every space in the home. Projects like these have brought the firm a number of awards. In 2016, it won the Award of Merit for Design, the 25-Year Test of time Merit Award, and the Award of Honor for Design, which the firm also won in 2018. 

SB Architects

2333 Ponce de Leon Blvd. Suite #1000, Coral Gables, FL 33134

From San Francisco to Miami and even Shenzhen, SB Architects is a recognized name capable of crafting a plethora of projects. So far, the firm has completed awe-inspiring residentials alongside hospitality and mixed-use buildings. The team’s collaborative design approach means the firm works with the clients to conceptualize homes that are unique and also fit the culture and context of their respective locations.

Among the firm’s many projects, the Marin residence is its most memorable creation. This home exemplifies the artistic use of wood elements and has become an architectural interpretation of its placement between the thick vegetation and bushes in the steep hillside of Mill Valley Hills. The four-story home also has an abundance of windows that take advantage of the scenic views and further enhances the homeowner’s relations with the outdoors. Aside from its aesthetic elements, the home is the first LEED for Homes Platinum certified house in Marin County and still only one of a handful in the state. Projects like these have helped the firm gain recognition from publications like Space Magazine and Conde Nast Traveler 

Pacheco-Martinez & Associates

4990 SW 72nd Ave. Suite #101, Miami, FL 33155

Over the years, industry publications like Luxe Interiors + Design and the 63rd to 78th editions of Florida Architecture have been privy to this firm’s expertise. Pacheco-Martinez & Associates has completed dozens of projects for clients all over Florida, The Caribbean, and the western hemisphere. 

The firm has several beautiful homes worth featuring but the classical home in Coral Gables is one of its most memorable projects to date. Presenting classical proportions that radiate elegance and grace, guests can instantly sight the rear of the house through flanks of symmetrical grandiose volumes. Upon entry, guests are also greeted by a grand staircase before being led through a series of formal spaces that highlight the following views. The firm is also experienced in designing multi-family residences and also provides commercial structures, religious institutions, and urban planning projects. 

KZ Architecture

3470 E Coast Ave., H201, Miami, FL 33137

Grand architectural gestures make great first impressions. But KZ Architecture, with its 18 years of experience as an award-winning firm, puts more of its attention on the overall design process. Alongside the role of keeping the client’s vision and needs in mind, KZ Architecture makes an in-depth analysis of the context, climate, and vernacular forms in the area in order to create a new residence that highlights a beautiful design and provides sustainable solutions that go hand in hand with Florida’s tropical climate. Among the many projects in its portfolio, KZ Architecture’s most notable project might be the Woodcrest home. A project with a holistic and minimalist approach, this residence combines limestone, stucco, glass, metal, tile, and wood—renewable and non-toxic materials that result in simplicity and elegance that is more so highlighted by the light, neutral, and sometimes vibrant accents found in the interior and exterior. The home signature is the aluminum grills that screen the house from sunsets while still allowing for visibility from the interior.

Over the years, the firm’s innovative projects have earned it awards like the World Bank’s 2018 Homes Design Challenge award and the 2020 Merit award for Unbuilt Architecture by the Florida Chapter of the AIA. The firm’s work has been featured in publications like Luxe, Modern Residence, Ocean Drive Magazine, and Modern Magazine.