Temecula is a popular destination for tourists—it’s a well-known resort destination. The city is also a great place for locals due to the town’s close proximity to downtown San Diego and downtown Los Angeles.

Those looking to start life in Temecula should consider hiring architects to ensure that the process goes smoothly and seamlessly. This list features the best residential architectural firms in Temecula. To come up with this list, our team has compiled a list of local firms and assessed each based on a set of criteria. We considered each firm’s work history, capabilities, and overall quality of work. 


Artoo Design S2dio

6277 Hereford Ln., Eastvale, CA 92880

Artoo Design S2dio is an architectural design and engineering firm known for its commitment to collaboration in carrying out design work across California. Founder and Principal Architect Ramy Ibrahim has plenty of experience, enabling the firm to build high-caliber work in a number of market sectors.

The firm has an impressive portfolio of residential and commercial projects that responds to various customer needs. The firm is experienced in custom single-family home sites that demand complex design, including hillside homes. The photo displays a recently-developed modern home with an interesting layout that provides a high degree of privacy. The home has clean lines and opaque walls that bring peace of mind to the homeowners. 

Composium Group Architects

685 Grant Ct., Vista, CA 92083

Having worked all over the Greater San Diego County area for some time, Composium Group Architects is a trusted architect specializing in residential and commercial design. The firm has a strong footing in the local community with its disciplined practice and a well-structured workflow. Composium does not deal with rigid work orders: they allow organic synergies to guide their day-to-day operations.

This unique design principle generates imaginative projects such as the modern coastal ranch home showcased here. The home has a relaxed atmosphere thanks to the lush greenery and the presence of the Pacific, which you can see in the background. The home combines transitional and contemporary home style elements, creating a unique silhouette and general appeal

Cummins Architecture

11043 Stone River Dr., Alta Loma, CA 91737

Cummins Architecture is a residential architectural firm in the Southern California region that has been in business for over 35 years. The firm is responsible for chic, elegant, thoughtfully-designed residential projects. The firm’s projects—including the Spanish Colonial home in the heart of Glendora Hills—stand out even in these striking, opulent settings.

The home has the quintessential Spanish Colonial elements, including a red tile roof, stuccos, and neutral tones. This Glendora Hills home is a testament to the firm’s high-caliber design sensibilities and its flawless execution.

Empire Design Group

24861 Washington Ave., Murrieta, CA 92562

Under the leadership of Gregory Hann, Empire Design Group has become an architectural design group known for fine workmanship and top-tier customer service. Empire is capable of architecture, planning, and project entitlements. This wide range of services has enabled the firm to consolidate a firm customer base in the Murrietta area and the surrounding communities. 

The Empire portfolio includes commercial and residential work in multiple market sectors. The firm has worked with restaurants, commercial establishments, and industrial buildings. In terms of residential projects, the firm has plenty of experience with Bungalow styles and transitional projects.

Kirk Moeller Architects

2888 Loker Ave. E, Ste. #220, Carlsbad, CA 92010

Kirk Moeller Architects is an architectural firm specializing in collaborative design and client-centered operations. The firm approaches design as a collaborative endeavor, consolidating design ideas from the team, the customers, and the parties involved. This high regard for collaboration has generated striking, elegant projects like the Lohman Residence.

This modern home boldly deploys strong lines to shape and channel its sophisticated, polished look. Kirk Moeller is also prolific in contemporary home styles. In both home styles, the firm has displayed consistent attention to detail and extremely high levels of craftsmanship. 


1022 Mill St., Ste. D, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

In 2011, Michael D. Smith established a boutique architecture firm to respond to the needs of locals in San Luis Obispo and the surrounding areas. Smith is a prolific residential design professional trained in Environmental Analysis and Design at UC Irvine. He also has awards and recognition including two AIA CCC President’s Awards. Smith is well-known for his ability to put the human aspect into the design process. His firm puts great emphasis on customer service and community-centered considerations. 

The firm’s dynamic and humanistic approach to residential design has birthed projects such as the Avila Beach Patio and the Pala-Temecula House. Both homes have that laid-back California style and atmosphere conferred by warm exterior painting and low-rise home structures.

robert f. tuttle architects

33533 Pebble Brook Cir., Temecula, CA 92592 

In 1990, Robert Tuttle established his namesake firm robert f. tuttle architects in Irvine. Since then, the firm has built a strong following in the area. The long tenure of Tuttle and his team is a testament to the firm’s reliable, consistent presence in the area.

The Spanish colonial home featured in the photo reflects the abilities of this highly-experienced company. The most striking feature of the home is the unmoderated geometric shape and consistent exterior coloring. These elements call attention to the historical value of this particular home style.

studio 2G Architects

1540 Marsh St. Ste. #230, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Laura Gough and Heidi Gibson founded studio 2G Architects in 2005 to provide the best quality of work for the residents and businesses of California. Since its inception, the firm has been recognized with a number of awards including project awards from AIA CCC in 2019. Studio 2G’s solid reputation and loyal customer base have paved the way for stellar architectural designs like the Stoneridge.

The home’s sharp lines and strong geometric shape generate a truly unique silhouette. The project is a 2,800-square-foot home built on a cul-de-sac on lower Broad Street. This project won AIA’s CCC Project of the Month in 2020.