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The 3 Best Custom Home Builders in Scotts Valley, California

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Last updated on May 27th, 2024 at 06:22 am

Nestled in Santa Cruz County, Scotts Valley is a small city offering a diverse housing scene. Houses in the area range in style from rustic contemporary to coastal modern beach house.

The best custom homes in Santa Cruz offer a straightforward approach, often emphasizing quality finishes, Our editors have curated a list of the top five best custom home builders in the area. We considered each firm’s portfolio, construction process, press features, and designs. 

Santa Cruz Green Builders

303 Potrero St. Ste 45-105. Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Focusing on a green-building approach, Samta Cruz Green Builders aims to build accessible, affordable homes using sustainable materials. Since construction can cause a significant impact on the environment, the firm minimizes these effects, carefully selecting suitable materials and products that will enhance the living environment and not harm it. The firm also creates lasting relationships with its clients and establishes trust with the broader community. The firm brings the same process to its commercial projects. 

The feature project below is the Mountain Retreat house, which the firm completed in 2018. Built at a price of over one million dollars, the firm provided a well-lit home via natural light. The pairing of wooden furniture and tall windows provides a vibrant modern aesthetic, mixed with a rustic outdoor atmosphere. The home offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor living in the form of a swimming pool, a patio, and a dining area. 

LaMar Construction

4444 Scotts Valley Dr, Suite 1. Scotts Valley, CA 95066

When building new homes, LaMar Construction looks into numerous aspects outside the house itself. The site, landscaping, and potential finishes are some of the things that the firm looks into when tackling new projects. It describes its process as a holistic approach, interlocking aspects as part of the whole project. The team at LaMar Construction has had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous architects to improve its building practices and methods. 

Featuring a bevy of styles, the firm has produced contemporary, Mexican, Meditteranean, and French-style homes. The project below is the modern-style Half Moon Bay residence. The entire house is structured predominately in wood. The simple finish offers a modern look and complements the layout’s incorporation of outdoor living.  

Commons & Burt Builders

1040 River St #317. Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Commons & Burt Builders has 30 years of experience and offers a diverse set of residential services to the residents in the Santa Cruz area. The firm focuses on the quality of the finish and a commitment to exceptional customer service. The staff at Commons & Burt Builders have an extensive background in the business and have the accreditations and licenses to show for it. Situated in Santa Cruz, the firm completed this modern Santa Cruz residence featuring a contemporary cabin-style aesthetic.

Wood is present in numerous aspects of the home. The exterior, flooring, doors, tables, seats, etc., provide a natural rustic finish that pairs well with the white walls of the home. A notable feature is the lounge area, providing a table tennis area and a common area.