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The 7 Best Residential Architects in Novato, California

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Picking a style of home design is equally challenging as it is engaging. It is an opportunity to personalize the residential project with the lifestyle and design style of choice. However, it is also a massive task that requires logistical, design, and financial coordination.

It is fortunate that Novato has plenty of residential architectural firms that provide top-quality architectural services that follow the latest in design techniques and timeless design virtues. This list features the best residential architects in Novato, California. To create this list, our editorial team came up with a list of local firms and assessed each based on a set of criteria that takes into account each firm’s work history, capabilities, and overall quality of work. 

Wilkinson Architectural Group

60 Bret Harte Rd., San Rafael, CA 94901

Armed with over 25 years of industry experience and an unyielding passion for design, Wilkinson Architectural Group serves San Rafael, Novato, and the rest of Marin County. Wilkinson has a considerable track record of residential, commercial, and hospitality designs. Under the Wilkinson umbrella are three teams that conjure a unified collective plan in residential architectural design. This unique approach yielded numerous positive results as seen in the firm’s varying portfolio. 

One example of the firm’s strong design capabilities is this Craftsman home. This home has the classical structure and appeal of a Craftsman home with features in line with modern configurations. The firm tastefully used the neutral tones and a rich shade of gray on the exterior to create a classic, modern look inviting to all. 

Jochum Architects

7 Anton Way, Novato, CA 94945

Offering comprehensive design services for locals in the Novato area, Jochum Architects has been an architectural firm in business since 1988. The firm’s reach stretches all across the Bay Area and beyond. Dave and Maureen Jochum are well-regarded names in the local design scene, gaining recognition from San Francisco locals and colleagues in the industry. 

The firm promises to give the full extent of their skilled and passionate team regardless of the size and budget of the project. Jochum’s operation is centered around proper means and development including intensive site analysis, feasibility studies, and consultation. This extensive work yields positive results shown in various projects. For example, this mid century modern home displayed in this article is a testament to the firm’s design instincts and workmanship. The home follows the original design from 1970 but still displays details of a newer context.

Hollis Architects

15 Stanford Ct., Novato, CA 94947

Hollis Architects is an architectural firm known for its strong leanings on integrity. Gisella Hollis is a licensed architect for over two decades and a prominent figure in the residential design scene in California. She is guided by the philosophy that architecture is a practical art, that it should be equally aesthetically pleasing and functional. These values afforded the firm the opportunity to work on projects that capture the lifestyle and preferences of the homeowners. This Petaluma Craftsman home featured is an example of this virtue.

In designing the home, Hollis considered the laid back California living that the owners want. The result is this straightforward and functional residential design. Clean corners and uncomplicated shapes define the home’s exterior, paired with a nice palette of off-white and tawny colors.

Joseph Farrell Architecture

1 Commercial Blvd. Ste. #106, Novato, CA 94949

Joseph Farrell is a respected architect known for high-end custom homes that puts up the smooth California living attributes in residential architecture. Farrell is a green building professional that makes sure that each project is equally aesthetically pleasing and sustainable. He ushered in the firm’s design-oriented approach to the residential architectural scene through his perspective as a native Californian, which gives each project that Cali-specific edge and nuance. 

Banking on these credentials, Joseph Farrell Architecture has completed major residential projects such as the Oakland Vineyard Estate in the Contemporary home style. The home has sleek design elements characterized by symmetry, proportion, and intricate details. The most noticeable feature of the home is its complementary nature with the vineyard. The home does not feel out of place amongst the plantation and the scenic mountain backdrop. It is clear that the home was designed with the environment in mind. 

Holder Parlette Architecture + Landscapes

1010 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Suite 204, Kentfield, CA 94904

Holder Parlette is a dynamic and progressive architecture and landscape design firm serving the Napa and Marin counties. The firm slowly built a following by providing top-caliber projects recognized by Dwell, Huffpost, Architectural Digest, Spaces, San Francisco Chronicle, Remodelista and other publications. Homes such as the Cunningham Residence in Napa is a testament to the firm’s capabilities and taste.

This home follows a modern farmhouse style that brings together two distinctive styles to convey a unique residential experience. Clean lines that cut through French windows and premium roof shingles define the exterior of the home. Its interplay between timelessness and modernity give the home a purposeful feel, every nook and cranny perfectly fitting where it was placed.

CJK Design Studio

2 Commercial Blvd., Novato, CA 94949

For over 20 years, CJK Design Studio has been a name synonymous with creative residential design and spotless workmanship. Principal Christ J. Kamages is hailed as Archon Architekton by Bartholomew I of Constantinople in 2000, the first in history to bear this title for his efforts in ecclesiastical architecture. He is also inducted into the American Institute of Architects (AIA) College of Fellows, the highest honor conferred by the organization. 

The CJK portfolio reflects its principal’s accomplishments and values. The firm has deep connections with faith-related output and residential design. Projects such as the Constantine Residence in the photo depict the firm’s careful consideration of each design element and factors. This massive 10,000-square-foot residence packs tiled roofs and stucco walls that keeps homeowners safe and comfortable. The home also features a pool, tennis courts and a guest-slash-pool house.

Wagstaff + Rogers Architects

275 Miller Ave. No. 202, Mill Valley, CA 94941

Since 1980, Wagstaff + Rogers Architects has completed award-winning residential and commercial works that captivate both homeowners and design critics with their impeccable taste and strong workmanship. For decades, the firm has stunned local organizations, publications, colleagues, and customers with their creative methodology that involves infusing traditional craftsmanship with a passion for the latest technologies. 

As seen in the pages of
Flourish Magazine and Build It Green Magazine & Home Tour, the firm has completed homes that are equally gorgeous and practical. The mid century modern home in the photo for instance channels a look that firmly balances timeless design principles with modern design techniques. This five-bedroom home has green building technology all over including high efficiency fixtures, sealed combustion gas units, carbon monoxide alarms, and use of energy star-rated appliances.