Just a 45-minute drive away from San Francisco, you’ll find Half Moon Bay, a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Strategically located in between beautiful forested hills and some of the most stunning coastlines in California, Half Moon Bay is most known for being a small town teeming with beauty and life. 

It comes as no surprise that Half Moon Bay is among the best places to live and settle down in Northern California with its quaint small-town atmosphere and vibrant culture found in its historic downtown, lovely local shops, beautiful art galleries, and many more. 

If you’re looking to build a new home here, check out our list of the best custom home builders in Half Moon Bay, California. This list was compiled based on the number and quality of their projects, the styles they’re most known for, and their process when it comes to building your dream home.

LaMar Construction

4444 Scotts Valley Dr, Suite 1 Scotts Valley, CA 95066

With a specialization in building and remodeling unique custom homes, LaMar Construction, Inc. has a holistic view of what construction should be. They see it not as one single practice but several interlocking ones. They are careful to keep a balance and harmony between the site, the home, the landscaping, and right down to the finishing touches. 

When it comes to building with LaMar Construction, they believe that improving human relationships is the end goal of every project. They strive for honesty, clarity, and integrity in their work, with their first goal always being to understand the client’s vision and needs. These principles are proven timeless in the business and they practice this with direct and constant communication throughout the duration of the project.

They are most notable for building Mediterranean-style homes. Pictured here is the Palo Alto-Mediterranean, a visually stunning home that takes advantage of Half Moon Bay’s lovely neighborhood scenery with its gorgeous windows and light and airy layout, perfect for the suburban Northern California scene.

Custom Home Builders

P.O. Box 223 Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Since 1960, Custom Home Builders has been known as the region’s most trusted in the business. They operate on a rich and proven tradition of honesty, integrity, and eye for detail, perfect for anyone looking to either remodel their home or build a new one from the ground up.

What sets them apart from most contractors is that they ensure this quality by providing clients their full attention. While it’s common for a lot of contractors to juggle multiple jobs at the same time, Custom Home Builder’s Rolando Flores prefers taking it one project at a time to make sure everything is up to standard. Rolando himself, backed with 40+ years of experience, is personally on-site all the time to supervise the entire project from start to finish, even going as far as working closely with the homeowners on many levels.

Their style is mostly Tudor Spanish with this Midcentury project pictured here as the quintessential example of their craftsmanship. 

Verdura Construction

PO Box 519 Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Verdura Construction believes that a comfortable home greatly contributes to a better quality of life, which is why their philosophy when it comes to building your dream home is to deliver a quality product that will stand the test of time and provide lasting satisfaction to the homeowner. 

As a full-service contracting company, they handle all aspects of new construction but specialize in building custom homes and small commercial buildings. They have lived and worked in the area of Half Moon Bay and beyond all their lives and it’s no surprise that because of this, they know the lay of the land and have their eyes set on a greener future for their community. Verdura Construction is an established local family business that builds trust and nurtures their reputation by completing projects with highly skilled and dedicated professionals coming from diverse backgrounds from all disciplines of the construction business. 

They have served coastal communities and with that, are most known for their Coastal Mediterranean work as exemplified in the Miramar Beach House picture here. It’s a coastal gray two-story wood exterior home remodel that provides the expemplary warm, welcoming feeling of home right to your vacation destination.

Halpin Construction

925 Terminal Way San Carlos, CA  94070

With a “get it done and do it properly” conviction, Halpin Construction’s Peter Halpin brings a wealth of experience and craftsmanship into any project, big or small. 

Halpin Construction provides residential remodels and new build constructions in both Northern and Southern California since 1978. Known for being attentive and hands-on, they are among BuildZoom’s top 13% licensed contractors in California and are most notable for building Spanish-style homes as seen here. 

BayWorks Construction

P.O. Box 301, San Mateo, CA 94401

Since 1991, BayWorks Construction, Inc. has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area, providing premier building and remodeling services with a focus on providing a quality product through unparalleled service. 

They are most notable for maintaining ongoing communication with the homeowner to ensure that everything is completed and perfected within the specified budget and timeframe. With that, they work towards building strong relationships with clients that have aided in their success in the business. In all their projects, they value “detail in every design” as you can see on the lovely exterior of the Spanish Contemporary work soon here.