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The 15 Best Residential Architects in Coral Gables, Florida

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Coral Gables is considered one of the best places to live in Miami. The town is ideal for people who want to reside in a quiet and peaceful community with plenty of historic spots around town. Its neighborhood consists of apartments, townhouses, and detached homes to fit any lifestyle. Many are looking for homes in town, and many already here are seeking to update their spaces. 

Our editorial team has gathered the best residential architects in Coral Gables to help you transform your property. With a broad range of options, it may be a challenge to find the right architect that can turn your vision into reality. Luckily, this list can help you narrow down your options. The firms included were chosen based on each firms’ track record, diverse clientele, and customer testimonials. While some firms are relatively young compared to others, every firm on this list has a solid portfolio of numerous successful projects.

Varabyeu Partners

2640 S. Bayshore Drive Suite #210, Miami, FL 33133

Internationally renowned architecture firm Varabyeu Partners offers superior design solutions catering to local and overseas clients. With offices located in Miami and Belarus, the company has established itself as a well-respected architecture firm with the ability to handle all types of structures. With 15 years of industry knowledge and experience, the firm is equipped to manage simple to complex projects. The firm also offers complete project analysis to maximize the potential of each property.

Varabyeu Partners is known for its impressive works specializing in 21st-century designs. In 2006, Olga Parshyna established Varabyeu Partners together with a talented team of professional architects. With her guidance, the firm approaches each project individually to address the client’s unique requirements. The firm offers a wide range of design services catering to the residential, retail, office, hotel, and urban development sectors. Its services also include interior design, landscape design, master planning, and structural engineering.

Gallardo Architects & Gallardo Construction

2151 S. LeJeune Road Suite #303, Coral Gables, FL 33134

Founded in 1999, Gallardo Architects & Gallardo Construction conceptualizes designs that reflect the elements of beauty, simplicity, and technology. With a diverse clientele, the firm is capable of handling all types of structures from small to large scale projects. Since its inception, the company has partnered with skilled subcontractors and developers to create high-quality designs for custom homes, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and commercial properties.

Gallardo Architects & Gallardo Construction was founded in 1999 with licenses in Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia. Also operating as a general contractor, the firm specializes in constructing and remodeling homes and commercial spaces throughout Miami. With a strong passion for sustainability, the firm integrates green architecture into its designs using eco-friendly materials to minimize the impact on the environment. With over 20 years of experience, the firm continues to provide environmentally-friendly solutions to clients while catering to the needs of assisted living and healthcare facilities.

Gabriel Lopez | Architect

2100 Coral Way Suite #600, Miami, FL 33145

Boutique architecture firm Gabriel Lopez Architecture (GLA) offers customized design solutions to fit the client’s preference and needs. Also offering interior design services, the firm is known for its distinctive style in curating organic and deconstructivist designs. In 2007, Gabriel Lopez established GLA focusing on residential and commercial projects with licenses in Florida, New York, and Colombia. The firm’s designs offer practicality and comfort combined with modern touches.

Inspired by Colombian architecture, his works exemplify simplicity and sophistication. Over the years, the firm has developed an efficient design process that involves listening to the client’s wants and needs. Gabriel and his team of veteran architects take the client’s feedback into consideration to come up with designs that complement the space and environment. GLA provides a holistic approach in every project integrating lighting designs and furnishings to create a cohesive overall look.

One of the firm’s noteworthy projects is the Brickell State Residence located in Miami. For this project, GLA was tasked to design a whole-house renovation to create a modern and contemporary home while maximizing the stunning views of the city.

Permuy Architecture

2717 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables, FL 33134

Established in 2012, Permuy Architecture specializes in 21st-century design offering a full scope of architecture and design services. What differentiates the firm from other architecture companies is its unique approach to client servicing. With a direct and personalized approach, the project managers pay close attention to client wishes while adding their personal touches. The firm guides clients through every step of the design process to achieve their vision.

Firm founder Ignacio J. Permuy gained extensive experience in handling a wide range of disciplines. Ignacio honed his skills in curating innovative designs and applications along with a team of veteran designers. The team’s collaboration has led to the development of the firm’s signature Permuy design.

Permuy Architecture has a combined experience of more than 50 years. Since its inception, the firm has completed over 500 projects across three continents. The firm has partnered with international teams to provide world-class service to residential and commercial sectors.

Rahal Architects

2525 Ponce de Leon Blvd. Suite #300, Coral Gables, FL 33134

Since 2016, Rahal Architects has been providing superior architecture and design solutions in Miami. As a full-service architectural firm, the company caters to a broad range of projects including custom homes, new construction, and remodeling. At Rahal Architects, each project is conceptualized using thoughtful and well-detailed designs that reflect the balance between the space and the environment. By combining the elements of comfort and aesthetics, the firm is able to produce spaces that enhance the client’s quality of life.

Rahal Architects was founded by Haissam Rahal. Over the years, Haissam has developed his skills in designing contemporary and cross-gabled homes. The firm’s projects are located throughout Miami and are composed mostly of high-end residences. One of the firm’s feature projects includes the Doxtator Residence located in Dearborn Heights. This project showcases the company’s expertise in developing unique and contemporary homes. 

Alberto Bernal & Associates

133 Grand Ave., Coral Gables, FL 33133

With projects ranging from home improvements to luxury home developments, Alberto Bernal & Associates is known for its superior design services. With a strong commitment to excellence, the firm provides quality workmanship regardless of project size and scope. The firm offers an efficient process while paying close attention to the smallest detail. Each project is delivered on time and within budget.

Founder Alberto Bernal established the firm in the 1980s. Since its inception, the firm has developed its specialty in merging traditional and modern designs with a strong emphasis on French architecture. For over three decades, the firm has received several recognitions and awards. In 2020, Alberto Banal was awarded the Best of Show Award in the custom residence category. The firm is a member of the Builders Association of South Florida and the Coral Gables Board of Architects. Apart from being a licensed architect in Florida, Alberto is also a certified state general contractor. 

William Hamilton Arthur Architect

2920 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables, FL 33134

William Hamilton Arthur Architect (WHAA) is inspired by its connection to nature. With a strong commitment to developing responsible designs, the firm’s goal is to minimize the impact on the environment. At William Hamilton Arthur Architect, the firm consistently provides sensible designs that reflect cultural and historical elements.

Leading the firm is William H. Arthur IV, a recipient of the 2011 American Institute of Architects (AIA) Henry Adams Gold Medal. As a third-generation firm, WHAA has worked extensively in designing highly efficient buildings. Following the legacy of his grandfather, the firm integrates its designs with passive energy and open-air elements establishing a unique approach to South Florida’s architecture industry.

Compared to other firms in South Florida, WHAA is capable of delivering residential projects at a lower cost. One of the firm’s notable projects is the Sweetwater House Condominium located at Florida International University. For this project, WHAA designed a functional space with upgraded modern touches.

Upstairs Studio Architecture

3326 Mary St. Unit #202, Miami, FL 33133

Founded in 1994, Upstairs Studio Architecture is inspired by the elements of beauty, nature, and technology. Offering a full spectrum of architectural design services, the firm has completed numerous projects throughout North America, Europe, and the Caribbean. The design studio is known for its distinctive style of simple and minimalist designs.

Firm founder and principal Maricarmen Martinez draws inspiration from her Caribbean roots using light materials combined with contemporary architecture. Her designs also reflect her experiences in Florida and Italy where she earned her degree in Architecture. Maricarmen excels in finding solutions to all types of structural problems through creative concepts and strategies. Maricarmen is directly involved in all aspects of the project starting from the initial design consultation and continuing on to the finished product. The studio’s outstanding projects have been internationally acclaimed and is recognized for its world-class service and exceptional workmanship.

Jorge L. Hernandez Architect

337 Palermo Ave., Coral Gables, FL 33134

With over three decades of industry experience, Jorge L. Hernandez Architect specializes in residential projects focusing on ranch-style homes. Having worked on a variety of projects, the firm has also completed designs for urban buildings, religious institutions, and historic buildings. The small firm fosters a collaborative environment made up of a dedicated group of talented individuals.  

The firm was founded by Jorge L. Hernandez in 1987. With a strong passion for architecture and design, Jorge has earned a stellar reputation and in 1996 was named one of the 40 under 40 architects of the decade. His impressive works have been published across the U.S., South America, and Europe.

Jorge also specializes in renovation projects and is involved in heritage works. The firm’s design principle is anchored on crafting timeless designs that will last for generations making sure that it also fits the client’s personality and lifestyle. Jorge L. Hernandez Architects has been featured in several publications including Architectural Digest and Metro Home.

Burton Hersh Architects

130 Miracle Mile Suite #200, Coral Gables, FL 33134

Specializing in 21st-century and contemporary designs, Burton Hersch Architects is known for curating economical, ecological, and elegant designs using sustainable practices. The design studio offers a full scope of architectural design services including interior design, sustainable design, urban design, historic preservation, and planning. For more than a decade, the firm has established itself as one of the premier architectural firms in Coral Gables.

In 2008, founder and principal Burton Hersch established the company. The award-winning designer gained extensive experience across the residential, mixed-use, retail, and corporate sectors. As a leader, Burton is involved in the design, planning, and execution of projects.

With a direct approach, Burton oversees all phases of the project from start to finish. His design philosophy is inspired by the balance and harmony between beauty and nature. The AIA-accredited firm is also a member of the Board of Architects at the City of Coral Gables and is the president of the Business Improvement District of Coral Gables.

MIK Architecture

1385 Coral Way Suite #202, Miami, FL 33145

MIK Architecture specializes in modern residential projects throughout Miami. The young and dynamic firm is known for its detailed designs that enhance the client’s living environment and quality of life. Since its inception, the firm has completed 10 successful projects in South Florida with 39 residential units and 76,000 square feet of space. The design studio works with developers delivering high-value results on time and within budget.

Matias Daroch established MIK Architecture using state-of-the-art tools and technology integrated with creative design concepts. With a straightforward approach, the firm offers an efficient coordination process from start to finish. The design studio encourages clients to collaborate with the design team to ensure their vision is fulfilled. One of the firm’s featured projects is the 9,000-square-foot Solano Prado Residence in Miami. For this project, MIK Architecture was tasked to come up with a modern design with unique characteristics making the property stand out in the neighborhood.

Edward Lewis Architects

2100 Ponce De Leon Blvd. Suite #825, Coral Gables, FL 33134

International design firm Edward Lewis Architects (ELA) has over 20 years of industry experience. Its projects are located throughout South Florida, Central America, South America, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. Founded in 1987, the veteran firm provides unique designs that cater to the most complex structural issues. Offering a full spectrum of architectural design services, the firm has completed projects in residential, hospitality, education, and commercial properties.

Firm founder Edward Lewis is committed to promoting green architecture using environmentally-friendly materials and practices. With a strong passion for sustainability, the firm is equipped to deliver cost-effective solutions without compromising the design aesthetics. During his impressive career, Edward gained comprehensive experience working on overseas projects. His experience helped him develop his expertise in designing flexible, functional, and economical spaces.

ELA has earned a positive reputation for producing exceptional designs in South Florida’s most affluent neighborhoods. Its residential portfolio includes resort living, apartments, townhouses, and multi-family units.

Locus Architecture

500 South Dixie Highway Suite #307, Coral Gables, FL 33146

Known for its distinctive style of combining traditional, contemporary, and 21st-century designs, Locus Architecture offers a broad spectrum of architecture and interior design solutions. Established in 1995, the firm curates thoughtful and well-detailed designs using environmentally safe practices. The firm believes that every project is unique with a specific set of requirements. Each design is customized to provide comfort and function in any space while addressing the client’s needs, aesthetic goals, and physical environment.

With a strong passion for sustainability, the firm uses energy-efficient methods and sustainable materials. The firm prioritizes building materials that are less toxic while improving the indoor quality to create environmentally-safe spaces. Principal and president Nelson de Leon spearheads the firm’s dedicated team of professionals. Locus Architecture is a member of the AIA and is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP).

United Architects

4000 Ponce de Leon Blvd. Suite #470, Coral Gables, FL 33146

Inspired by comfort and livability, United Architects designs all kinds of spaces. For over three decades, the reputable architecture firm has been providing superior quality and exceptional customer service. In 1986, Maria Luisa Castellanos established United Architects. As a licensed architect and realtor, Maria has worked on diverse projects. As a LEED AP she developed her expertise in green architecture.

For over 35 years, the firm has established strong relationships with its clients, contractors, and consultants. Maria Luisa’s hands-on approach keeps her involved in all stages of the project. With her guidance, the firm’s team of professionals listens closely to the client’s needs and preferences. With a clear communication process, the firm is able to create designs that reflect the client’s vision.

Over the years, United Architects has received media attention for its impressive works with two of its projects featured on HGTV. One of the firm’s noteworthy projects is the West Kendall Residence in Miami. The firm was tasked to design a formal and elegant home that is both functional and comfortable.

Claudio J. Noriega Architect

9703 South Dixie Highway Suite #112, Miami, FL 33156

Miami-based Claudio J. Noriega Architect combines new materials and advanced technologies to create unique designs for homeowners throughout South Florida. Offering a wide range of architecture and design solutions, the firm customizes each design to fit the client’s budget and vision. When creating designs, the design studio pays close attention to every detail and increases the property’s real estate value.

For over three decades, the firm has completed several notable buildings throughout Florida including the Gateway Office Building and Miami Dade Police Headquarters. The firm’s residential projects, on the other hand, mostly feature open spaces, comfortable furnishings, and high-tech kitchens. Each design is inspired by functionality, practicality, and simplicity.

Founder Claudio J. Noriega is recognized as an industry leader with extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of architecture. From modern to traditional designs, the firm has received several recognitions and awards since its inception. The firm has received the Award for Excellence in Architecture from the AIA for its impressive works.


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