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The 5 Best Residential Architects in Elk Grove, California

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The city of Elk Grove features beautiful scenery and a thriving downtown area. Area houses range from contemporary, luxury, and classical styles. The residential architects in the city offer personalized, custom services for each client while maintaining proper environmental standards that make a positive impact on the community. These companies realize the adverse effects the construction may have on the surrounding area, so a balance between the client’s vision and environmental needs is an integral part of any project.

Evaluating the best residential architects in Elk Grove may be a challenge as there are many things to consider. Our editors created this list of the top five best residential architects after looking into each firm’s process, designs, recognitions, and portfolio. 

Applied Architecture Inc.

2550 X Street, Sacramento, CA 95818

Applied Architecture is a seasoned veteran in the industry with decades of experience. Throughout its illustrious tenure, the team has completed various residential projects by following a detailed process involving sensible design solutions and creative methods. Shaping a personal environment for each client is the company’s primary goal. The results come in the form of carefully crafted spaces that enrich and entertain families. Cost-effectiveness and value play a significant role in its projects; the firm wants to help you maintain a sensible budget while offering the best results possible.

Pictured below is the Benson Residence featuring a classic design. From the outside, the home radiates a traditional-style house with its beige façade paired with black tiled roofing. Inside, yellow lighting illuminates most of the floor plan with wooden furniture, chandeliers, and white walls comprising the space’s structure. Aside from its vibrant vintage appeal, the backyard offers ample yard space with a swimming pool in the middle and a patio on the side. It is worth noting that aside from Classical residences, the firm also tackles Craftsman, Tudor, Mediterranean, Contemporary projects. 

GSB Architecture Inc.

5110 Garlenda Drive, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

GSB Architecture’s approach focuses on durability, energy efficiency, and economy. This is to offer designs that are environmentally friendly through careful material selection and system selection. The use of programming, feasibility studies, value engineering, and constructability review further enhances its projects’ results. Its various construction phases result provide a consistent level of quality. The firm’s clients enjoy optimum performance.

The firm has an array of accreditations ranging from the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and Build It Green. A great example of the firm’s work is the Capetanios Drive House. The residence has a vintage façade that features abundant use of stone and wood. The home’s beige appearance allows it to blend in with the surrounding environment.  

Cynthia Easton Architects

4532 Freeport Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95822 

Pictured below is a two-story cottage house with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a single car garage. Features include stucco and shingle siding finishes with a front and back porch providing elevation to the residence. The application of neutral color tones presents a simple, contemporary designed home with a focus on comfort and functionality. With its limited space, efficient use of its interior floor plan was critical to ensure a practical house.

Cynthia Easton Architecture is able to produce projects thanks to its approach of balancing the social and environmental needs of the client and neighborhood. This process fosters a healthy environment: its clients have a comfortable home that minimizes any negative impact the construction process may have on the environment. The company has received accreditation from the AIA, LEED, and the National Council of Architectural Registration Board (NCARB). 

Studio Oxeye

2765 Santa Cruz Way, Sacramento, CA 95817

Studio Oxeye produces an architectural framework that represents its goals and the client’s vision. For this team, architecture is about enhancing the overall experience with a thoughtful decision-making approach that involves environmental, design, and material contexts. Many of its projects lean towards inspiring architecture designs with a straightforward expression of its vision. The firm’s portfolio includes a bevy of modern residences with sophisticated floor plans.

The Switch House was completed in 2018. The home features a modern infill design with a bevy of luxury furnishing ranging from jet-black drawers, white chandeliers, to other wooden furniture. Proper coordination and flow are present within the vicinity, with its indoor areas having direct access to the backyard. Natural light illuminates the home, improving the overall appeal.  

Donald Joseph Inc.

2620 21st Street, Sacramento, CA 95818

Donald Joseph Inc. has a diverse portfolio that features luxury, contemporary, and mountainside residences. Pictured below is one of the firm’s completed luxury houses, featuring a sophisticated interior floor plan with state-of-the-art furniture. Its massive property size allowed the firm to include amenities such as a swimming pool, a patio, and deck areas. CEO/President Donald Fugina and Principal Architect Kevin Bryan continue to provide custom dream houses since establishing the firm three decades ago. Today, the firm’s process remains the same thanks to its straightforward approach that emphasizes quality and comfort. 


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