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The 6 Best Custom Home Builders in Watchung, New Jersey

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The city of Watchung is home to gorgeous lakes, forests, and parks. The abundance of outdoor space offers residents a cornucopia of outdoor activities. Cycling and running are just two of the activities the people of Watchung do on a day-to-day basis to maintain their health and high quality of life. The incorporation of outdoor living is present in many of the residences situated across the city. Large backyards and front yards are common with these homes, including decks and porches.

The best custom home builders are able to provide these outdoor spaces in line with the client’s requests and vision. These home builders aim to offer residences that are functional and efficient, matching the homeowner’s lifestyle. Our editorial team created this list of the top seven custom home builders after looking into each firm’s portfolio, process, and designs. 

Millennium Custom Homes

615 West Mount Pleasant Ave, Livingston, NJ 07039

The Millennium Custom Homes team puts importance on decisive decision-making when it comes to building custom homes. There are various options that the firm and client can explore to produce the best quality home possible. The firm’s process is a creative and decisive approach taken to each stage of construction. The painstaking approach consistently produces an efficient, direct construction plan geared towards producing a quality custom home. The firm’s portfolio features a range of design styles, including Tuscan, Ranch, and contemporary.

Pictured above is the Glen Residence: a classic Tuscan home that includes traditional materials such as stone and tiles in the exterior. A wooden entrance completes the residence’s vintage appeal and the detailed landscaping accentuates the home’s inviting appearance. Inside, wooden furniture is paired with bright lighting and tiled flooring, completing the effect of the classic design.

Monetti Custom Homes

651 Oceanview Road Brielle, NJ 08730

Pictured below is the Bayfront Luxury Residence featuring a mix of neutral-colored and vibrant furnishing, resulting in a colorful interior floor plan that radiates a coastal atmosphere. On the outside white columns and gray planked walls create a subtle, coastal appearance. The interior floor plan includes wooden vinyl flooring, white cabinetry, multi-colored couches, and numerous chandeliers. The chandeliers significantly enliven the home’s lighting.

Monetti Custom Homes is currently led by its third generation of builders under Robert Monetti. He has assembled numerous well-experienced carpenters and artisans who work closely with each client to provide an array of options for designs and material selection. Since its establishment in 1948, the firm has put together a diverse portfolio of various designed houses, which continues today with Robert overseeing the production of each project.

Vantage Construction

16 Saddlemount Avenue, Warren, NJ 07059

Founder Victor Lobozzo established Vantage Construction in 1990, having been in the business for over four decades. Lobozzo has developed numerous residential projects from custom homes to residential subdivisions, resulting in the diverse portfolio the firm showcases today. His son Victor Lobozzo Jr. continues to assist the company with his two decades of experience, bringing in fresh ideas that best suit each client. A brilliant result of this process is the Westfield Residence with a traditional structural design using brick and wood. The same feeling of tradition is present in the interior: grade oak herringbone flooring, mahogany furniture, and white walls. The home maintains a classic floor plan using neutral-colored furnishing, resonating with the overall theme of the home. A notable aspect of the home is the ample lighting throughout each home area, brightening up the more dimly lit rooms. This traditional home uses classic materials to support its warm appeal.

Distinctive Domain

16 Mount Bethel Road, Suite 376, Warren, NJ 07059

Pictured below is a contemporary residence with a straightforward modern look using white-colored walls, stone masonries, and black tiled roofing. The neutral-colored tones with stone masonries are the result of the firm’s modern approach. The firm applied its five-step process to design and build the residence, which involves proper decision-making to get the best value possible. The process includes meetings, planning, rendering, construction, and completion, resulting in a direct approach for each project, making the process as seamless as possible. The primary focus of Distinctive Domain is to provide personalized services to match the client’s lifestyle; many of the firm’s clients come to them for a luxury environment that fully incorporates the surrounding environment.

JL Bottone Signature Homes and Renovations

127 Sunlit Drive, Watchung NJ 07069

JL Bottone started his firm in 1972 with owner John Bottone at the helm. Under his leadership, the company ventured out into numerous projects that started with design-build work and eventually led to work on single-family custom homes. The firm’s portfolio consists of various contemporary and traditional structured houses. The custom home below is one of the firm’s traditional designs: a dark surface featuring gray walls, black tiled roofing, and stone masonries. These classic elements extend to the interior floor plan and include wood furniture and flooring. Some areas provide a balance to the dark and incorporate tile flooring and vibrant furnishing. The home’s landscaping also offers ample yard space.

CAD Construction LLC

775 Mountain Boulevard, Suite 16, Watchung, NJ

Pictured below is the Mountainside Residence that the CAD Construction team completed numerous years ago. It features a classic appeal using stones and gray-colored walls, creating a rustic, relaxed look. The interior floor plan of the house includes an abundance of wooden furniture, contemporary appliances, and lighting. At the rear is an outdoor deck that leads to the yard area, fitting for activities and gatherings. Over the years, the CAD Construction team has developed its own design-build process to better improve the quality of its projects. As a result, the firm has developed a seamless, practical approach, allowing the team to complete projects efficiently while maintaining the quality the firm is known for. The firm has numerous connections with vendors, including suppliers and retail establishments that assist the firm and client throughout each and every project.