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The 8 Best Custom Home Builders in Petaluma, California

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Last updated on May 23rd, 2024 at 10:44 am

Ranked by Niche as the #1 best place to live in Sonoma County, Petaluma offers a calm suburban environment, good public school education, and ample dining and entertainment centers. Not surprisingly, many have decided to move to Petaluma to visit and settle. Luckily, there are many talented home builders in the city to help new families find their place in the community.

This article is here to help–it lists the best custom home builders in Petaluma. These professionals have built dream homes and have been transforming living spaces into comfortable and cozy abodes for decades. Commended by the design and building communities, the builders featured here have the highest standards in custom home construction, major home remodeling, and whole house renovations. 

Ohana Construction Inc.

838 Petaluma Blvd. South, Petaluma, CA 94952

Ohana Construction is a family-owned and operated company that has been serving the residential and commercial industry for over 15 years. The firm’s geographic scope includes all urban and rural locations across the Northern Bay Area counties. Aside from the company’s works in remodeling, its portfolio includes new construction and custom home projects. 

The firm’s range of services and its ability to cater to a wide client base can be attributed to the extensive experience and network of its founder, Kimo Garrigan. In the building community, the firm is celebrated for its stellar customer service. In recent years, it has consistently secured the Petaluma-Argus Courrier’s People’s Choice Awards. It also won the Spirit of Sonoma Award in the past for its contribution to shaping the area’s residential landscape. 

Carreiro Builders

2989 Wiljan Court Suite A, Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Since its inception over three decades ago, Carreiro Builders has been constantly commended for its client-centered approach to construction. The firm currently maintains its A-plus certification from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a testament to its stellar customer services and ethical business practices. Tom Carreiro, founder, and principal developed the firm’s delivery method with sustainability and efficiency in mind. 

Aside from putting the needs of its project owners first, the firm is also an active advocate for green design and construction. It is an active member of the Build-it-Green organization.  Carreiro’s work for the home improvement and custom residential markets reflects his firm’s nod to green building and efficiency in construction. At the same time, these projects feature a wide spectrum of interior designs and architecture. These works often combine the best of what the functional geometries of contemporary and the natural materials of traditional design have to offer. 

Redwood Builders

PO Box 604, Petaluma, CA 94952

As a boutique residential and commercial construction firm, Redwood Builders applies a detail-oriented approach to every project. The firm was founded by Daniel Harbin, who still leads the firm’s everyday practice today. His company serves the entire Sonoma County and takes on a wide range of projects regardless of size or value. One highlight of its practice is its tiny home building services. Aside from the design-build delivery method, the firm also provides consultations and answers questions from homeowners who plan to transition to small-footprint living. 

Traditional and contemporary homes dominate the firm’s portfolio. In recent years, some of the firm’s projects were featured in Dwell magazine. Work of the same quality and architectural mastery can be found in its present residential portfolio. For a single-family pool house project, for instance, the company produced a structure that puts emphasis on the dialog between the indoors and the outdoors. Glass-to-ceiling windows structurally and visually connect the main areas of the home to the outdoor pool area. Natural daylight accesses the interiors through the same openings, providing a more expansive and airy feeling indoors. 

CAL Custom Building Services, Inc.

55 Ridgway Ave. Suite E, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

For over 40 years, CAL Custom Building Services has been catering to North Bay’s luxury residential market to deliver custom homes, remodeling, additions, and fire restoration services. The company is also a preferred builder by the commercial sector. This range of expertise is a product of founder Craig Lawson’s extensive background in construction. Aside from leading the firm’s everyday practice, Lawson sits as the president of the North Coast Builders Exchange (NCBE).

The firm’s residential portfolio highlights luxury homes that are designed to be energy-efficient and functional. Aside from relying on the craftsmanship of traditional architecture, the firm makes sure that these living spaces answer to the modern needs of today’s lifestyles. For instance, as a participating contractor in the Home Performance with Energy Star, a program organized by the industry, the firm produces energy-efficient homes and sustainable structures. Projects of the same green building standards also highlight a wide range of architectural styles. 

Carrington Construction, Inc.

707 Hahman Dr. Suite #9130, Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Serving entire Northern California, Carrington Construction, Inc. caters to the need of commercial and residential project owners. The firm’s scope of services and experience working with a highly diverse client base for over 17 years has helped it explore the different aspects of construction. From studying design conceptualization, materials selection, and different building techniques, the firm is able to deliver custom homes, renovation works, sustainable residential structures, as well as historical restorations.

Troy Carrington leads the locally-owned and operated company. Its design-build nature allows the firm to stay with the client from the start of the process through completion. The result is a portfolio of homes that put emphasis on personalization, with spaces designed according to the practical needs of their homeowners. At the same time, these homes are built and inspired by the timeless architecture of traditional, farmhouse, transitional, and modern designs. These homes are curated to seamlessly integrate with their surroundings.

Clyde Construction, Inc.

PO Box 1354, Sebastopol, CA 95473

Clyde Construction is a luxury home builder that has produced some of the most stunning residences throughout the wine country. The firm’s artisan homes can be found across Napa and Sonoma Counties. Aside from custom home projects, the firm also takes on full home remodeling, whole house renovations, and design-build consulting commissions. 

Leading the company’s full-range practice is Andrew Clyde, a licensed general contractor who started out as a carpenter since he joined the industry over four decades ago. Clyde also has an extensive background in restoration and old-world craftsmanship. His skills are reflected in the variety and complexity of home architectures that his firm is able to deliver to the region’s most sophisticated clients. Traditional, farmhouse, and ranch elements are incorporated into contemporary designs and functionalities to cater to modern-day homeowners. 

Wine Country Custom Homes

2175 Bluebell Dr. Suite D, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Wine Country Custom Homes is a full-service residential builder that serves Sonoma County. Leading the firm’s years of practice is founder and co-owner Matthew Judy. Through his established network as an active member of the building community, the firm has the advantage to acquire industry-standard materials from local sources. Aside from its whole house construction work, the firm also takes on more specific general contracting projects. These include excavation, foundation, interior finishes, and trimming. 

As a locally-owned and operated company, the firm has a profound understanding of the most specific needs of the area’s project owners. Its familiarity with the existing architectural context of the region helps the firm curate spaces that blend in seamlessly with their surrounding structures. Traditional, classic American, craftsman, and transitional living spaces make up a majority of the firm’s portfolio. 

American Home Builders & Remodelers

PO Box 1462, Santa Rosa, CA 95402

American Home Builders & Remodelers is a product of its owner and founder’s decades of experience as a carpenter and general contractor who has been serving the region since 1984. Wilhelm Ruys founded the family-owned and operated business as an answer to the residential market’s need for an affordable, licensed, and insured custom home builder, home repair expert, and remodeler. Serving Marin and Sonoma County, the firm delivers high-end and mid-range homes and living spaces.

One of its custom home projects is a contemporary residence that takes advantage of materials, light, and spaces to produce a functional and stylish structure for modern-day homeowners. Large windows and floor-to-ceiling walls connect indoors to the outdoors. Its expansive and rectangular forms allow it to maximize its usable spaces. The home is also designed to last for generations, thanks to its structural integrity ensured by the use of modern materials and building methods.