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The 9 Best Custom Home Builders in Capitola, California

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Last updated on May 23rd, 2024 at 01:50 pm

Capitola, California, is home to the oldest beach resort on the entire West Coast. It houses scenic sights from over the shores onto the beach’s horizon and actual houses or cottages that have been dubbed as “colorful cottages” because of their bright colors and mixed themes. Whether it’s the sandy shores, memorable dusks and dawns, or the beautiful series of homes in the area, tourists and residents alike find the location convenient and appealing.

For the residents, living in the area means living its beauty, and living there means living in the best home there is. Those people often choose to live in a home that perfectly suits their tastes and ideas. That’s why only the best should be contacted to build the best home for its homeowners to make sure that’s possible. The best Custom Home Builders in Capitola, California, are within this list, chosen based on their background, expertise, recognition, and dedication.

Meschi Construction Inc.

2504 Santa Cruz, CA 95063 

Meschi Construction Inc. has been transforming places into beautiful and stunning custom-built residential homes since its establishment in 2001. The firm operates mainly in the Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay Area, offering high-quality contracting services set at a reasonable price. Its worksite expertise and the combined experiences of its handpicked team have allowed the firm to shape numerous spaces into stunning projects. 

Meschi Construction Inc.’s portfolio reflects its specialization in building modern and contemporary homes. This featured project is the Rodeo, one of the firm’s contemporary take on a custom home. The exterior of the house was designed with clean and light tones that highlight the streamlined atmosphere. The interior of the house is decked with beautiful tile flooring and marble countertops. Other elements of the custom house create a truly warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Rise Builders

3932 Woodcreek Lane, San Jose, CA 95117

No man is indeed an island at custom home building company Rise Builders. Prioritizing teamwork to achieve timeless and outstanding homes, the firm prides itself on taking the home building to another level. Each project that the firm takes is driven by an unwavering vision for paramount services and results. Future homeowners can expect to become part of an innovative approach that empowers the firm to do and build better.

The firm’s gallery of home constructions, interior designs, remodeling, and more reflects its expertise in creating contemporary and modern structures that clients can call ‘home.’ This featured project is a beautiful interior design that showcases an unadorned and straightforward design. With white walls, timber flooring, and an abundance of natural light, this interior design offers a more inviting and open living space set in a sleek and clean environment.

California Construction Bay Area Inc.

1900 N Camden Suite 101 San Jose, CA 95124

Many corporations started with something as simple as values instilled into a person or group. The same can be said with California Construction Bay Area Inc. The organization is built on the foundation of its fundamental values – integrity, professionalism, and responsibility. To this day, the firm applies those principles in each of its projects and clients. What’s also interesting is that it is a one-stop shop for clients; the firm can take on a vast array of services from planning to construction, and even finishing touches. 

The firm specializes in three similar house styles, namely Modern, Contemporary, and Scandinavian. As such, the project below is a project from a compilation of houses by the firm. It belongs in Beautiful Custom Homes and is of Scandinavian home style. This is hinted at by the house’s exterior, which features purely shaped wooden materials and clean lines. The theme features dark wood of different hues, but all-in-all add to the coziness of the house.

K.C. Customs, Inc.

132 Gilman Ave Campbell, CA 95008

For some custom home builders, there’s no need for fancy mottos and over-the-top principles to get the job done. K.C. Customs, Inc. works toward simple but effective goals: to offer exceptional craftsmanship, thoroughness, services, timeliness, and cost-effective options. The company has also been recognized as the Bay Area’s Top Custom Home Builder & Creative Design Solutions Expert. 

The firm specializes in four styles of homes: Contemporary, Craftsman, Modern, and European. These styles can all be found within the firm’s given portfolio. This particular example shown below is Saratoga Custom Home, a project which takes on a modern style with a minimalist approach. The exterior features walkway stairs from the street to the doorstep, a front lawn, and other vegetation to keep the scene clean and green. The house itself has a modern design visible throughout, with light and dark accents to add depth to the ambiance.

MS Builders

115 Redwood St. Santa Cruz, CA 95060

MS Builders is driven by its passion for working with clients and employing a visionary plan which takes on an environmentally friendly approach. Green building is one of the firm’s expertise, and it ensures that each project it takes on is committed to providing eco-friendly results. The firm is a multi-award-winning organization and continues to impress associations and clients alike with its methods. A Traditional house style is the firm’s expertise.

This award-winning project, Alta Avenue, Santa Cruz, is a clear example of the firm’s sustainable practices.  The home features several sustainable elements such as solar-powered elements, lime-plastered straw bale, floorings, and walls from salvaged materials, among others. It is also characterized by a strong air of comfort. The project is now referred to as Fine Homebuilding’s Best New Home for 2012.

Tracery Professional Builders, Inc.

251 E Hacienda Ave. Unit C Campbell, CA 95008

Tracery Professional Builders, Inc. (TPBI) is similar to other custom home builders in the fact that it produces great results, builds strong relationships with its clients, and prides itself in its work ethics for an efficient and personalized experience for both its team and its clients. However, what makes the company unique is that it limits the number of clients and projects that it handles. It believes that this limitation enables the team to employ a more comprehensive and customized procedure for each client.

The firm’s principal, Mark Macdonald, P.E. spearheads the company with his exceptional reputation and expertise. He currently holds three degrees in Engineering and architecture: a Master of Science in Construction Engineering, a Bachelor of Science in Structural Engineering, and an A.S. Degree in Architecture. This expertise enables the team to implement a thoroughly scrutinized construction process.

TPBI handles projects which typically lie in the Contemporary, Craftsman, and Modern styles for homes. A prime example of the firm’s project is Contemporary Craftsman-Bespoke & Beautiful, a combination of two styles. This Contemporary-Craftsman home applies the characteristics of both styles and combines them to form a naturally lit and sleek structure.

Costa Bella Builders

8032 Soquel Drive Suite C Aptos, CA 95003

Having a healthy, established company-client relationship is a must for custom home builders. With that sort of connection, companies can communicate thoroughly and comfortably with their clients, and vice versa, to ensure that all aspects of the building process are up to and beyond the standard. The same can be said for Costa Bella Builders. With a deep-rooted relationship with its clients, it can connect with them to build a perfectly tailored home. 

The firm works with Mid-century, Modern, European, and Coastals home styles, with some projects earning awards. These include the 2013 Best Contractor in Santa Cruz by the Good Times Weekly and 2013 Runner up for Best Green Business and Best Green Service by the Good Times Weekly. It has also been featured in publications such as Good Times Santa Cruz. 

This Modern home is titled Custom Home. It is the firm’s take on a Modern-style-inspired structure. It is characterized by a dark theme and is three stories tall for a spacious feature. The interior features a lighter theme with high-end furniture.

Santa Cruz Green Builders

303 Potrero St. Ste. 45-105 – Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Santa Cruz Green Builders is one of the most enthusiastic companies in the area regarding ecologically sound methods and results. It helps build a green community by applying sustainable practices in all of its projects, instilling the value of nature into each of its personnel and clients. With its principles centered around green building, it earned accreditations from organizations like the Santa Cruz Builders US. Green Building Council and awards such as the 2021 City of Santa Cruz Green Building Award.

Santa Cruz Green Builders primarily work on Modern, Contemporary, and Scandinavian homes and, in the process, employ sustainable practices. Westside Santa Cruz New Modern Home is a one-story, white residence with a minimalist design. Along the roof of the home, the exterior runs a brown, wooden mix in the underside, and in the interior, wooden floors are used to add contrast to the design.

De Mattei Construction

1794 The Alameda San Jose, CA 95126

De Mattei Construction offers many construction and architectural services, with thorough attention to every detail from start to finish. It can do so by building relationships with many personnel, from architects to engineers and even consultants. These assets contribute to how the firm is a premier custom home builder with tons of great reviews and testimonials. The firm even built six home ideas for the Sunset Magazine. 

Like snowflakes, De Mattei Construction believes that all projects should be unique to each client’s taste. These projects are all individually different, seeing as no two people are entirely the same. With this system of uniqueness in every project, the firm has been certified by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). It was awarded the 2019 Best in Silicon Valley: Best New Home Builder & Best Kitchen Remodeler and the 2019 Gold Universal Design – Interiors – NARI Meta Award. 

The firm is more than proficient in five styles of homes, Modern, Contemporary, Mediterranean, Beach, and Tuscan. The given example above is a Santa Cruz Modern Home, which takes on a modern style with a minimalist design in both the exterior and the interior and uses simple light colors with a few hints of other colors for a mixed contrast. The inside uses assorted furniture of high-end, comfortable, and simple designs, strengthening its relaxing ambiance.