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The Best Architectural Firms in South Carolina

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South Carolina effortlessly blends southern charm with natural beauty. The state’s vibrant culture and warm hospitality enrich its scenic coastline, historic architecture, and its flourishing arts scene. Complementing this distinct character are skilled architectural firms that shape its built landscape. The list below contains eight of the best architectural firms working in South Carolina—our editorial team chose them after reviewing their awards, experience, and portfolios.

McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture

127 Dunbar Street, Spartanburg, SC 29306

McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture has shaped the Southeast’s architectural landscape for nearly seven decades with its studio-based architecture, planning, and interior design services. The firm, founded on the values of thoughtful, creative, and purpose-driven solutions, has successfully orchestrated designs across multiple domains, including the corporate, commercial, industrial, civic, community, healthcare, and education sectors.

Its founding principals, Brad B. Smith, Ron G. Smith, and CEO Chad Cousins bring diversified project experience and leadership. Their breadth of expertise has earned the firm numerous accolades, including the Premier Award for Client Satisfaction from PSMJ Resources and several awards from the American Institute of Architects. McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture maintains a steady presence in the media spotlight, with features in reputable publications like the Upstate Business Journal and the Healthcare Design magazine. Its 68-year history demonstrates an unwavering commitment to designing a better future for all.

Glick/Boehm & Associates, Inc.

493 King Street, Suite 100, Charleston, SC 29403

Glick/Boehm & Associates established in 1981, specializes in architecture, planning, and interior design. This multidisciplinary firm has a dynamic portfolio that includes office, retail, hospitality, liturgical, industrial, defense, municipal, education, multi-family, and custom home projects. That diversification enables it to create innovative, cost-effective solutions. The firm is led by three principal architects – Myles Glick, Gary Boehm, and Shawn Mellin—collectively they bring plenty of experience and technical expertise to the table.

The company’s excellence in architectural practice has been repeatedly acknowledged with awards, including the Exterior Carolopolis Award from the Preservation Society of Charleston and several merit and honor awards from the American Institute of Architects. It also maintains a strong media presence—it has been featured in publications like The Post, Courier, and Charleston City Paper. With over four decades of operation, Glick/Boehm & Associates, Inc. consistently delivers outstanding projects across a wide variety of sectors.

Lambert Architecture + Construction Services

1224 Huger Street, Columbia, SC 29201

Lambert Architecture + Construction Services, operational since 2012, leverages deep knowledge of quality design, cost analysis, and construction processes to deliver award-winning projects to South Carolina. It’s a multifaceted firm providing full-service architectural, construction management, planning, interior design, and historical consulting services. All services are customized, aiming to meet each client’s distinct goals and program requirements. That approach has led to meaningful, reliable, and successful design solutions.

At the helm is President Scott Lambert, a registered architect with more than two decades of industry experience. Multiple Historic Preservation Awards have validated the firm’s commitment to excellence. In the media landscape, it has been featured in publications such as The Post and Courier and on WLTX. Lambert Architecture + Construction Services masterfully unifies design and construction, embodying a holistic approach to architecture.

SMHa, Inc.

400 Hibben Street, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

SMHa, Inc., initially founded as Stubbs Muldrow Herin Architects in 1990, has been dedicated to creating resilient, sustainable designs that complement the historical and natural environment of the South Carolina Lowcountry. Following Hurricane Hugo’s destruction, it stood as a beacon for the recovery efforts, contributing significantly to the region’s rebuilding. In 2019, SMHa was established. As a certified small woman-owned business (SWBE), it acquired the original firm’s assets and knowledge and continued the commitment to impeccable customer service, community development, and architecture that speaks to its place.

With a deep understanding of the architectural vernacular, local economic climate, and complex site conditions of the coastal region, it has emerged as an expert in the field. President Margie Longshore, with two decades of experience in the Charleston area, leads the firm. Notable recognition includes awards from AIA and the Preservation Society of Charleston. Various media outlets have documented the firm’s work, influence, and success, reaffirming its standing as an architectural stalwart in the region.

Pearce Scott Architects

6 State of Mind Street, Suite 200, Bluffton, SC 29910

Pearce Scott Architects, founded in 2013, is an architectural firm centered around client visions and interests. It creates a highly personalized design journey that brings the client’s unique architectural dreams to fruition. From the concept’s inception to its final execution, the firm integrates style, budget, and personality into a comprehensive architectural design. It has formed lasting partnerships with various professionals in the industry, including builders and landscape architects, to deliver a singular, client-focused experience.

With over 25 years of industry experience, Principal Pearce Scott and co-principal Allison W. Bonner—a stalwart in promoting gender equality in architecture—steer the firm towards high-quality design and client satisfaction. Accolades for its work include numerous awards from AIA and HHAHBA. Its stunning creations have been featured in various media outlets, reflecting the firm’s dedication to innovative design and a deep understanding of architectural intricacies.

Court Atkins Group, Inc.

32 Bruin Road, Bluffton, SC 29910

Court Atkins Group is an award-winning architectural and interior design firm with studios located in Bluffton, SC and Savannah, GA. The team believes that spaces should reflect the richness of life – for those living and working within them, and those passing through. Besides being beautiful and intuitive to their environments, their designs are created collaboratively to be as compelling and multi-faced as the people they’re built for; spaces that articulate craftsmanship, story, and identity, all while stimulating new discoveries and dialogues daily. Clients become friends, colleagues become family, and the focus of these relationships is to enrich lives through inspired design.

The firm’s emphasis on open communication and responsiveness contributes to each project’s distinctive, tailored experience. With an impressive roster of awards from AIA and HHAHBA, the firm’s influence and excellence in design are well recognized. Its work, a testament to exceptional architectural expertise, has been spotlighted across diverse media outlets, further highlighting its dedication to superior quality, sustainable design, and client satisfaction.

Spivey Architects, Inc.

147 Wappoo Creek Drive, Suite 304, Charleston, SC 29412

Founded in 2010, Spivey Architects is committed to creating aesthetically pleasing, functional, and economically viable spaces. Striving for client satisfaction above all, it prioritizes listening, collaborating, and designing to yield results that celebrate the uniqueness of each project. Its versatility in design is evident—you’ll want to review its portfolio which includes high-end custom homes, commercial projects, and a diverse range of facilities such as clubhouses, medical offices, and restaurants. This breadth of experience enhances project success, providing a rich tapestry of insights to draw upon.

Instead of adhering to a single style, the firm focuses on molding designs that suit individual tastes and expectations, fostering spaces that inspire happiness and productivity. Adorned with several accolades, such as the Robert Mills Residential Award from AIA, Spivey Architects has been recognized for its architectural excellence. Media outlets like GroundBreak Carolinas and Kona Equity have featured the firm’s work, amplifying its reputation in the industry.

Cobb Architects, LLC

67 Washington Street, Charleston, SC 29403

Established in 2000, Cobb Architects, LLC stands as a pivotal element of custom home design in the Charleston region. Well-known for its extensive portfolio that ranges from custom homes to renovations, restaurants, and respected businesses, it consistently demonstrates a keen sense of detail and dedication to each project. Its “hands-on” approach has enabled it to guide projects from conception to construction, an aspect deemed vital for its sustained success and prominent presence in the Lowcountry.

The firm’s principal, Darryl A. Cobb, has over three decades of industry experience, reinforcing the firm’s foundation in architectural excellence. Cobb Architects’ achievements have been recognized with awards like the Citation Award from HGTV and Robert Mills Merit Award from AIA. Press features in Charleston Style & Design, SC Biz News, and PR Web further highlight the firm’s considerable influence on the industry.