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The Best Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Last updated on May 27th, 2024 at 11:57 am

Who doesn’t want a peaceful and pristine bathroom to get ready or handle our business in? Next to kitchens, bathrooms face more upgrades than any other room in the house. On average, bathrooms face more repairs and integrations within shorter periods than bedrooms, living spaces, and even dining areas.

Contractors often take advantage of these statistics, knowing how much homeowners are willing to pay for minor upgrades and total overhauls. Even a simple bathtub integration can cost you big bucks in the wrong hands. 

If you live in Cincinnati, Ohio, you are in luck. We have put together some of the best bathroom remodeling contractors anywhere in the city and listed them below. If you aren’t in the area but you’re looking for some innovative ideas for bathroom designs, read on to see some of these remodels and get your creativity flowing.

Legacy Builders Group

7791 Cooper Road, Suite G, Cincinnati, OH 45242

A company whose roots in the Tri-state area date back generations that continues to innovate industry standards is the Legacy Builders Group. The company specializes in residential design and construction, providing those from Cincinnati with a design-build approach to remodeling since 1990.

Over the past thirty-two years, the group has established its reputation with hundreds of successful projects to its name. The company provides its clientele with luxurious architectural designs that reliable industry reviewers like Houzz have consistently recognized. Legacy Builders Group was awarded Best of Houzz in the Service category six times in recent years. Also, in the last three years Houzz ranked the company as the Best of Houzz in the Design category. Delivering clients with exciting designs and modern integrations that provide the space with both function and structure are among the top priorities for the company’s leaders, Chris Otte and Bill Haussler.

The company principals, Chris Otte and Bill Haussler, bring decades of broad experience and a focus on doing the right thing for every homeowner, every time. Their ethics-based leadership was crafted from growing up in family businesses. Now, this integrity is matched by a passion for home remodeling you’ll experience with every interaction. Legacy Builders Group is Cincinnati’s trusted design-build home remodeler.

AndrewJames Builders

3407 Monteith Avenue, Hyde Park, Cincinnati, OH 45208

AndrewJames Builders is an award-winning builder and remodeling operating in the Cincinnati region offering classic and contemporary new home designs while focusing on Green Building. The company focuses on residential construction, integrating Green Building practices into all aspects of their business while crafting a client’s dream home is the focal point of each project.

Led by Andrew Riffe and James Van Curen, AndrewJames Builders is closely affiliated with environmentally conscious partners and recognized by the United States Green Building Council as a LEED-certified builder. Energy-efficient and eco-conscious integrations are among the firm’s top innovations.

Sustainability doesn’t end within the build process but, over time, extends to the homeowner’s benefit. Riffe and Van Curen co-founded the firm in 2002 and continue to lead the team in promulgating more cost and energy-efficient construction methods. For twenty years, the duo and their team have been praised for crafting homes with superior quality and sustainability in Cincinnati.

One of many notable projects worth mentioning was a Zen Shoji buildout of a small-spaced bathroom. Its design opened it up for a smoother circulation of natural light. Its delicate design is harmonious, and each part serves a purpose. Its earth tones are easy on the eyes and give the smaller space a more spacious flow. The two-way accessible open shelves are space-saving and functional for storage and design pieces.

Anderson & Rodgers Construction

1435 Vine St, Suite 434, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Consistently recognized as Remodeler of the Year by the Building Industry Association of Central Kentucky (BIA), Anderson & Rodgers Construction has long been entrusted with remodeling and renovating homes within Greater Cincinnati. The firm is a renowned design-build service provider that offers its clientele an extensive suite of services.

Vice president Brent Anderson and president Teddy Rogers have extensive backgrounds in construction and are at the helm of operations. The pair co-founded the firm in 2006 when Teddy’s career was already five years into the industry, and Brent had launched his by founding the business. The firm works closely with its clients through the stages of consultation, design, and development. 

Brent earned his spot as Chairman of the Remodeler’s Council over at the BIA and serves on its Board of Directors. In 2020, alone, the firm had monopolized its Central Kentucky Best Remodel/Renovation of the Year Awards – for Best Bathroom Remodel ($50,000), Best Home Addition ($250,000), and Best Whole House Renovation ($701,000-$775,000).

While you might think his spot within the organization is what raked in various awards, the firm’s portfolio will change your mind. An example of the firm’s work above will prove that Brent earned his spot on the BIA Board by providing some of the most impeccable craftsmanship over the years. 

At a glance, the room exudes a balanced combination of modern and classic aesthetics. One of the remodel’s subtle nods to mod is its black and white colorway; its mouldings hark back to more classical designs.

Kessler Construction & Remodeling

3926 Colerain Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45223  

Suppose you are looking for a firm that prioritizes client experience over everything else. In that case, we’re happy to present Kessler Construction & Remodeling. This firm strives to provide its clientele with stress-free services. Over the last four decades, the Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler has established a strong reputation for guaranteeing client satisfaction.

Larry Kessler, who began his career as a carpenter in the same college he graduated from, founded Kessler Construction & Remodeling in 1980. Kessler is undisputedly qualified to lead the firm, as you will learn from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, the industry-leading organization comprised of various industry experts. Larry was again elected to lead its chapter in Ohio Valley after just completing his term as its president. He is also currently serving as Chairman of the Board in NARI’s Legislative Committee and its Ethics and By-Laws Committee. 

The firm has turned its focus on residential remodeling to help families budget their resources better while helping bring their vision to life. Above is a simple remodeling of a bathroom that was past its prime. Its delicate construct is cohesive yet distinct, with its harmonious color palette, ceramic features, and wooden moldings.

Vision Construction, LLC

1311 US Highway 52, New Richmond, OH 45157

Coming out of New Richmond, Vision Construction, LLC serves clients all around the Greater Cincinnati area. The company provides clients with a collection of versatile services geared toward delivering the utmost in reliable quality. The firm’s offerings include consulting with designers and developers to generate realistic projections for your desired buildout. 

The firm strives to keep each client at the heart of every project. Vision Construction believes that the more a client’s vision is understood, the more a development centered around ideas, with less room for unpleasant surprises in costing and timing. The firm reassures its clients of these core principles by providing projects with a ten-year guarantee. Any concerns of structural integrity and quality that come up within ten years after a project’s completion are brought up with those hired or associated with Vision Construction. Those responsible will be held liable for repairs; the firm always addresses any issues brought up by the client cost-free.

With its impeccable attention to detail, the firm’s long-term guarantee is hardly called for, considering its projects are some of the most dependable developments in Cincinnati today. Here, you can see the firm’s trademark contemporary style. While it’s hard to envision integrating a walk-in shower into a smaller space, this quadrant enclosure fits in seamlessly. Instead of closing off the room and tightening the area, the glass fixtures help keep the room breathable and flowing, giving it a more modern appeal. 

Biehl Brothers Contracting

6631 Stockton Rd., Fairfield, OH 45014

A family-owned business built on craftsmanship passed down for generations, Chase and Ryan Biehl founded Biehl Brothers Contracting in 2004. The firm is a general contracting company servicing Cincinnati and the surrounding region.

Ryan and Chase are the son and great-grandson respectively of German immigrant Fred Biehl. They attribute their inclinations to the industry and their drive for completing projects efficiently and ethically to Fred. They continue to deliver American industry-leading standards while maintaining Christian values at the center of its day-to-day operations. The firm believes in providing clients with trustworthy quality through steadfast services.

Both Ryan and Chase remain devout Christians as they fine-tune their inherent talents and cultivate a better working environment for all who associate with the firm. It’s no wonder they have consistently received positive ratings from the Better Business Bureau, having just taken home the Torch Award for Ethics in 2021. 

The firm’s projects look as good as its ethics sound. Recently, Biehl Brothers Contracting completed the remodel of a classic bathroom. While sticking closely to its more traditional aesthetic, the firm successfully elevates the room with integrations of modern stylings. The textured window, a classic configuration, is given a more contemporary flair with a soft frosted finish and various design patterns.

Jim Carver and Sons Home Improvements

8400 Beechmont Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45255

Potential clients tend to trust contractors with more positive reviews. Client satisfaction can only truly be measured by the amount of repeat business, referrals, and unbiased reviews. It wouldn’t be hard to trust a firm with over 98.4% positive reviews from past clients like Jim Carver and Sons Home Improvements. Its clientele around the Cincinnati area stands by the firm’s dedication to customer service. 

The firm was established initially as an aluminum Siding company in 1968. It has since expanded its services to more comprehensive offerings. It has continued to deliver on its promise of excellent quality executed with dependable services to clients for over fifty years now. Jim Carver and Sons Home Improvements has been passed down to its second generation of Carvers, with Steve Carver leading the firm as its president. 

Steve continues to prioritize the quality of service the firm built its reputation around by keeping its dedication to customer service as its top priority. Prioritizing client satisfaction ensures each space is functional, pleasing, and timeless. The bathroom above shows timeless qualities in classic fixtures such as shutter windows and chestnut base cabinets. A sizeable wall-to-wall-sized mirror and walk-in shower encased in glass keep the space flowing.

Kitchen and Bath Innovations

8001 Beechmont Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45255

Kitchen and Bath Innovations is a family-owned business that has served the greater Cincinnati area since 1963. The firm specializes in bathroom and kitchen remodeling with versatile designs that deliver sophisticated contemporary impressions. 

The firm initially worked under W & H Plumbing and General Contracting Inc., affiliated with the city’s most prominent kitchen and bathroom suppliers. Greg Gumbert, the company’s current owner, branched out from W & H, establishing his own firm focusing on residential kitchen and bathroom renovations providing clients with a one-stop-shop for their remodeling needs. The single-source contracts KBI offers its clients help keep things accounted for better delivering even the most unique remodelings in a more time-efficient and cost-effective manner. 

Above is a unique buildout of bathroom space. Its colorway is loud and vibrant, yet there is a warmth from the lavender walls. The area’s configuration is less traditional, with the bathtub placed as the centerpiece instead of sealed to a wall. Its non-conventional features give the space a post-modern appeal.

The Build It Brothers

8711 Reading Road, Suite 202, Cincinnati, OH 45215

The Build It Brothers goal is to transform every space above and beyond clients’ expectations. With over ten years of experience, the Build It Brothers team provides classic designs and the latest trends in home renovations paired with knowledgeable solutions to renovate each space. Build It Brothers is known for transforming kitchens, bathrooms and basements, as well as new additions and custom home builds. The locally-owned firm has served Cincinnati and the surrounding areas for over ten years as transparent, reliable general contractors. Every completed project speaks to the professionalism and efficiency of the Build It Brothers team.

Besides the firm’s outstanding reputation, the Build It Brothers team is committed to the satisfaction of their clients. Throughout the process, clients work closely with the design team to select materials that meet their needs within their design style. The Build IT Brothers process includes a free design consultation and evaluation. Clients can expect to communicate via in-person meetings, telephone calls, and through a construction management software program that organizes all project details in one place.

A recently revamped master bathroom proves just how well The Build It Brothers can execute a transformation. The room, formerly an empty living space, is elevated into a modern space divided into different functional sections. The marble flooring and lavish chandelier bring a luxurious touch to the space. The bathtub serves as the room’s focal piece, bringing cohesion to its surrounding environment.

David Costa General Contracting, LLC

6753 Treeridge Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45244

A firm that strives to keep clients in the loop during each step of the process—including design, development, and management—David Costa General Contracting prioritizes communication with clients until project completion. The firm has offered its remodeling expertise for kitchens and bathrooms to clients around Cincinnati since 2009. The experts are led by the firm’s owner, David Costa.

David is classically trained in Graphic Design, earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and Graphic Design from Ohio University. He also studies and practices the “Bahaus Theory,” implementing the concept of form following function. As the firm builds designs around elemental compositions and color theory with solid craftsmanship, among other disciplines, the firm has no trouble integrating more contemporary innovations. 

The firm’s ability to build modern designs around necessary functions is seen here. David Costa General Contracting gave a walk-in shower additional shelving space for personal care necessities and distinct characteristic styling in its multi-textured tiles.