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The Best Custom Home Builders in Laguna Niguel, California

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Last updated on May 27th, 2024 at 06:46 am

Home to some of the most breath-taking residential communities in Orange County, Laguna Niguel is graced by the presence of luxury residential architecture, much of which has been inspired by the textures and sophistication of traditional home styles as well as the smooth and clean elements of contemporary designs. These custom homes were curated and built to embody the taste and individualities of their homeowners, thanks to the experience and expertise of many of the region’s leading construction firms.

Below are the best custom home builders in Laguna Niguel. The firms featured here are either based in the city or have completed multiple projects in the area. These firms are general contractors, design-build companies, and residential remodeling companies that also take on new construction and custom home building work.

Our editorial team looked at the quality of the firm’s projects, the background of their principal builders, and the years of experience these firms have accumulated serving the region’s residential market. The list also considered the awards, press features, and industry affiliations that these firms have secured over the years. Most importantly, we reviewed the testimonials left by the firms’ clients and project partners. 

Corbin Reeves Construction

245 Fischer Ave. Suite A1, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Corbin Reeves Construction is an emerging builder on the California construction scene. The firm opened its doors in 2012 and since then it has contributed to the region’s luxury residential landscape. Many of the company’s upscale residential projects have been featured by a long list of renowned publications. Elle Decor, California Homes, and Veranda magazine are just some of the big names that highlighted the firm’s high-end works, celebrated for their sophistication and its subtle nod to classic and contemporary architecture alike.

One of the firm’s most unforgettable projects is The Strand Beach Dana Point residence. As the lead builder for this piece of work, the firm partnered with South Coast Architects to curate and construct a residential masterpiece that celebrates the balance between the majestic charm of traditional architecture and the materials and concepts of contemporary design. One of the challenges, which the firm successfully overcame, was to incorporate the classic material of stone and plaster into the modern elements of sleek and open-air designs. 

The firm’s success and reputation as a preferred builder for the high-end market can be attributed to the experience of the firm’s founder, Michael Reeves. His three decades of practice have allowed him to dominate the industry and establish his presence as a respected builder that serves homeowners across Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Hills, and Newport Beach.

Devco Homes

13 Corporate Plz. Suite #102, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Jon Deverian established Devco Homes as an independent luxury home building venture that caters to the residential custom home market. From its headquarters in Newport Beach, the firm expands its services throughout Orange County and highlights over three decades of construction practice. That long history as a service provider and builder has allowed the firm to establish a strong network of clients and partners who have relied on the company’s detail-oriented and high-caliber craftsmanship since the beginning. 

Deverian’s hands-on approach as a builder is also one of the factors that make the firm a preferred general contractor, especially for the region’s most demanding homeowners. He first started his practice in San Jose as a builder for the tenant improvement sector and moved to Utah to focus more on the residential market. It was in 1999 when he finally relocated to California. Today, he carries with him the experience and technical understanding of the building process for both commercial and residential work. 

As a custom home builder, Deco Homes highlights some of the most stunning homes in the region. Many of its projects are a harmony of different architectural influences: inspirations from modern, coastal, contemporary, and traditional designs can all be found. Some of the firm’s works have been featured in national publications, including Better Homes & Garden Kitchen & Baths magazine. 

JFB Custom Homes

23986 Aliso Creek Rd. Suite 112, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

JFB Custom Homes’s contribution to Laguna Niguel’s residential landscape is highlighted by homes that are celebrated for their nod to contemporary architecture and their creative use of space, light, and form. The company makes use of natural elements and materials to craft details that add character to each home. In order to incorporate all of these factors—modern aesthetics, functionality, the clean lines of contemporary architecture—the firm relies on almost 20 years of experience and its network of seasoned artisans and craftsmen.

Jami Bahrami, the firm’s president and lead builder, has been with the industry for decades. His reputation—built on transparency, consistent quality, and good working relationships with local craftsmen and artisans—has allowed him to create a unique delivery method that is detail-oriented and client-focused. The result is a portfolio of custom residential projects that have redefined coastal contemporary architectures.

Many of its residential builds grace Orange County’s upscale communities, including Corona del Mar, Newport Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Redondo Beach.  One of the firm’s works that embody its signature single-family builds is the 428 Fernleaf Avenue Residence. The company partnered with the leading architecture firm, Studio del Mar, to complete this most recent build. The home’s façade exudes contemporary while the balanced exterior features smooth coat stucco finish, stone and metal cladding, and floor-to-ceiling glass materials to let in an abundance of natural light. The home enjoys a western view that gives a glimpse of its surrounding scenic landscapes. 

Logan Homes

26861 Calle Hermosa Dana Point, CA 92624

Logan Homes provides a wide service range—custom residential building services expand throughout Orange, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara Counties. The firm is also distinguished for its well-rounded expertise in architecture, construction, and engineering. Behind this impressive scope and its success on the modern construction scene is the firm’s principal builder, Patrick Logan Meek.

Meek has a long history of construction practice and is a third-generation builder. He started his career over 30 years ago and he is known for his hands-on approach to every project. In 2002, he founded his firm to deliver custom residential spaces that have been highlighted for their quality and also for their green design. Meek is a lifelong member of the National Associations of Home Builders (NAHB), the Building Industry Association (BIA), and he is a Certified Green Professional. As part of the firm’s green building advocacy, the firm builds healthy, sustainable, and energy-efficient homes. These residences are designed to be user-friendly and functionally enduring. 

Under his leadership, many of the firm’s works have caught the attention of the most respected institutions in the industry. Regional publications have also taken note—the Los Angeles Times, for instance, featured one of the firm’s Santa Barbara residential projects for the publication’s Home of the Day section. The $3.7 million home was designed by renowned architect, author, and art collector Barry Berkus. The home was completed in 2014.

Mark R. Eggen Construction

34145 Pacific Coast Hwy. # 325, Dana Point, CA 92629

As a full-service building company, Mark R. Eggen Construction offers a wide spectrum of services that includes the construction of full-custom homes, renovations, room additions, custom cabinets, and design/build services. The firm is also a construction management company. Aside from its residential builds and management works, the firm is also capable of completing full commercial building projects with the same level of quality and expertise. 

Led by principal builder Mark Eggen, the firm offers over three decades of construction practice known for its transparent and detail-oriented nature. Eggen is a hands-on builder so he stays with the project owner in every step of the construction process. That includes selecting the site and the property for the build, as well as finding the most suitable architect and interior designers that share the client’s vision of building a house that fits their unique definition of a “dream home.”

The firm’s custom residential portfolio features award-winning homes that have earned the commendations of the design and building community. In past years the firm won the Gold Nugget Custom Home awards, a testament to its ability to produce quality and stunning spaces that adhere to the industry’s most stringent standards. One of the firm’s projects was a custom home construction in Monarch Point Laguna Niguel. The home’s architecture was inspired by the Tuscan-Mediterranean home style and features iconic design influences from the elegance and boldness of European villas. 

Lucco Builders

32422 Alipaz St., San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Lucco Builders offers one of the most comprehensive custom residential construction services in the region. The firm is not just a builder but also a construction management company that can take on building projects regardless of value, size, or complexity. The firm also offers a design-build delivery method that allows homeowners to work with a single, in-house team of builders and creatives. They all share one ultimate goal: to provide a highly customized and thoughtfully-designed dream home using a process that carefully addresses the concerns and demands of project owners down to the smallest detail.

Lucco Builders is a family-owned and operated company that has been serving the custom residential market for over two decades. The firm specializes in building modern homes and its extensive single-family portfolio showcases some of the most unforgettable spaces in Orange County. It’s important to highlight that the firm’s project list is dominated by custom residential projects from repeat businesses. Its consistency and stellar customer service have helped it gain a loyal customer base and build lasting relationships with leading industry professionals and project owners.

The firm’s modern and contemporary custom homes are characterized by functional and energy-efficient architectures, designed to adapt to the ever-changing needs of its modern inhabitants. These homes feature modern forms that bring in an abundance of natural light through the open-concept and expansive feel of contemporary structures. Under the leadership of Michael Lucariello, the company offers a wide geographic reach and serves homeowners across Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, San Clemente, and San Juan Capistrano.

Monarch Development & Design

30011 Ivy Glenn Dr. Suite #123, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

As a building and remodeling company, Monarch Development & Design understands the complexity and technical execution required to complete unforgettable living spaces. Much of its works for the custom home building sector features architecture that embodies the specific taste of its homeowners and caters to their modern lifestyles. That deep understanding of the building and home improvement process has been translated into a portfolio of high-end projects, especially for the Monarch Beach area’s upscale communities. 

Since its inception in 1994, the company has completed ultra-luxury and high-end custom home construction and remodeling works. Kim Holland leads the firm’s comprehensive design/build practice with an emphasis on quality and sustainability. Its architectural masterpieces are known to feature the sophistication of traditional interior and exteriors while incorporating the modern functionality of the contemporary. These homes also express the cultural and architectural context of their surrounding communities. Tuscan, Mediterranean, and Coastal architectures can also be found in the firm’s extensive portfolio.

One example of the firm’s project is for a Monarch Bay custom home construction. The residence, completed in 2014, is a one-story Modern home that features a flat and a beige stucco façade. The highlight of the home can be found in its backyard: a mid-sized modern stone patio around a modern, rectangular pool. The home’s massive windows and wide accessways connect the firm’s interiors to its bright and expansive outdoors. 

Orion Construction

28201 Via Del Mar, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Since Orion Construction’s inception in 1986, it has completed a wide range of construction projects exclusively catered to the residential sector. This focus and its decades of building practice have helped it design a delivery method that puts emphasis on efficiency while maximizing the budget and potential of every build. Steve Sprenger and Robert Gaar founded the company to provide full-home construction and custom remodels. 

With a combined experience of over 50 years in the high-end luxury sector, the two principals have developed a clear understanding of the development process and how looking at the different factors that come with it can help them deliver outstanding spaces for the region’s most sophisticated homeowners. A look at the firm’s portfolio reveals homes that are created to enjoy the best of two different yet complementary design inspirations and their defining elements: the textiles and textures of contemporary concepts and the humility and lightness of traditional elements. 

One of the firm’s works that perfectly embody these characteristics is the Belaire, Laguna Niguel residence. The home’s design was drawn from the influences of transitional architecture where the elements of classic and contemporary designs come together. The result is a signature look that features simple yet sophisticated finishes, a neutral palette, clean lines, warm interiors, and an overall welcoming and homey vibe. 

Tuscany Builders

PO Box 6214, Laguna Niguel, CA 92607

Since its establishment in 1989, Tuscany Builders has delivered an award-winning practice and has produced homes that continue to shape today’s local residential landscape. The firm builds homes but it also takes part in the conceptualization of the home’s spaces as a designer. The firm’s residences are often characterized by their sustainable and healthy elements, creating a signature style of clean and livable designs. 

The company is a family-owned and operated firm led by Dino Presutto. He holds licenses as a general contractor, plumber, and ceramic tile/mosaic contractor. Coming from a relevant background in home improvement, Presutto’s first exposure to the industry was during his early years of learning from his father who was also a licensed tile contractor. Honoring these roots, the firm is also a certified ceramic/mosaic tile contractor. Today, the company is one of the leading full-service general contracting firms that dominate the local building scene.

Licensed to practice in California and Arizona, the firm has completed work that has caught the attention of industry entities. In recent years, for instance, one of its projects won the Best of 2020 Remodeling from the Laguna Niguel Award program. In 2015, the firm earned the Best General Contractor in Laguna Niguel. Work of the same quality can be found in its extensive portfolio. An example of its design/build works is for an Orange County custom home. The 4,000-square-foot property was inspired by the balanced elegance and functionality of Mediterranean-Contemporary architecture. 

Weeks and Falcone Construction

716 Diamond St., Laguna Beach, CA 92651

From its headquarters in Laguna Beach,  Weeks and Falcone Construction expands its services throughout Orange County to deliver some of the most astonishing luxury residential spaces in the region. Many of the firm’s works are inspired by a wide range of traditional and modern influences, mostly highlighting the classic and imposing presences of European natural stones and brick wall tapestry while others feature the metals and glass elements of modern, open-concept, and well-lit contemporary architectures. 

The firm’s homes are high-end spaces built to satisfy the client’s most ambitious designs, and each of the projects required varying degrees of complexity and technical execution. Behind that efficient construction process is principal builder and founder Mark Weeks. Under his leadership, the firm has also completed remodeling work for the upscale residential sector.

Since its founding in 2008, the company’s consistency and focus on client satisfaction have helped secure a solid reputation as a service provider. GuildQuality has recognized the firm for its performance and client-focused delivery. The quality of the firm’s work, on the other hand, has been recognized by the design and construction community. In recent years, The Orange County Register highlighted the firm’s work and its overall contribution to shaping the local residential landscape.