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The Best Interior Designers in San Jose, California

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With thousands of job opportunities, a great climate, and a relatively more affordable cost of living compared to San Francisco, San Jose is one of the most attractive cities for entrepreneurs, individuals, and families. Every year, people flock to the Silicon Valley capital to live and settle. That increases the demand for residential spaces that not only cater to their modern needs but also embody their unique lifestyles and individualities. That’s where custom interior designers come in. Aside from helping homeowners curate their homes, they help them discover the potential of old and dreary rooms and update them into functional, sustainable, one-of-a-kind spaces.  

This article features the best interior designers in San Jose. The firms included here are either based in the city or have completed interior design and even remodeling projects for the area’s residential sector. The companies were qualified based on their project portfolio, their years of design practice, as well as the awards, publication features, and industry rankings that they were included in over the years. The article also looked at the quality of each of the firm’s interior designers, their affiliations, licenses, and accreditations from different organizations in the design community. Most importantly, the list considered the commendations and feedback from their past clients and project partners.

If you are thinking about building a custom home, we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.

Bennett Design Co

San Jose, California

Bennett Design Co. is a full-service interior design company that specializes in residential design. From its Silicon Valley office, the firm serves the entire San Jose area and its surrounding cities. Its comprehensive services can be attributed to its principal designer’s rich background, Bridgette Bennett. She is a Certified Interior Decorator (CID) who spent her early years as a designer in a bathroom and kitchen showroom company where she had the opportunity to complete a long list of work for both small-scale remodels and full custom home designs. Today, Bennett serves as one of the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s (NKBA) board members for its Northern California chapter. In recent years, she was included on the Top 30 under 30 Innovators rankings. She was also the recipient of the 2018 National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) Gold Meta Award.

Many of the firm’s projects are inspired by the elegance of mid-century interiors as well as the unique forms and palettes of contemporary designs. These works can be seen in its extensive portfolio. One of the firm’s most recent interior design works was for a small residential kitchen. The firm was commissioned to transform and update the interior into a contemporary space that exudes warmth and sophistication. Aside from the materials and finishes, some of the highlights of the new space are the wenge wood slab door cabinets, complemented by the quartzite countertops. For its backsplash, the designer went for the cool gray glass tile. The overall result is a warm, inviting palette. High-tech kitchen appliances upgrade the kitchen to deliver an overall contemporary transformation that celebrates the balance of traditional design and modern functionality.

Bita Interior Design

388 Santana Row, Apt. 1306, San Jose, CA 95128

Bita De Laurentiis, the firm’s principal interior designer has been designing luxury spaces for the high-end residential sector for almost two decades. Laurentiis’s years of design practice have helped her establish lifelong relationships with some of the most premier entities in the industry, including Toll Brothers, Starwood Hotels, and RYI. She also has a profound understanding of furniture design and lighting and accessory lines. In her early years as a designer, she traveled across Europe, Asia, and other parts of America. Combining her rich background and the inspirations drawn from her travels, she delivers a multi-awarded portfolio that introduces the best of what spaces, colors, and design can offer. A long list of ICON Awards, NAHB Awards, and Gold Nugget Awards recognize some of the firm’s most iconic interiors design works.

One of the firm’s most interesting interior design projects can be found in San Diego. The company’s design team was commissioned to transform a residential space into a unique haven that features an open concept interior—an ideal canvas that allowed the designers to bring together the textiles and textures of contemporary design and play with the elements of light and color. One of the highlights of this work is the living room. The interior’s light wood and brown flooring in the room complement the walls’ muted palette. These are contrasted against the striking deep blue and orange shades and polished metal frames and accents. Exuding a formal yet subtly playful vibe, the project embodies the unique personality and design preferences of its owners.

Debra Kay George Interiors

6584 Camden Ave., San Jose, CA 95120

Since its inception in 1983, Debra Kay George Interiors has delivered an interior design remodeling approach developed to provide thoughtfully designed spaces curated with experience and in-depth understanding of the different elements of designs. As a California-certified Interior Designer, Debra Kay serves the luxury residential sector. Backed by education and experience, she takes on custom interior design and space planning projects for remodels and new construction. Her detail-oriented approach to design allows clients to conceptualize highly personalized environments that fulfill their design aspirations and embody their unique individualities. 

Many of her projects grace the covers of premier industry publications, including California Home & Design Magazine, Window Fashions Magazine, Almaden Lifestyle Magazine, Cliffhangers and Hillside House, and Silicon Valley Spaces, among others.  Classic, transitional, and contemporary interiors dominate the firm’s extensive design portfolio. In San Jose, for instance, the firm was commissioned to remodel a living room that celebrates the warmth and softness of contemporary fabrics and textiles, then paired with the cool palette of blue and grey color schemes. Dark accents and solid pottery decor add a defining texture and unique character to the living space. The overall design celebrates the clean and sleek forms of contemporary styles against the welcoming comfort of transitional elements. 

Design 2 Interiors

5635 Snowdon Place, San Jose, CA 95138

Design 2 Interiors is one of the most established interior design studios in San Jose. The company has been serving the luxury residential sector for over 30 years and has produced some of the most stunning interiors, especially the high-end residential sector. Under the leadership of principal interior designer, Eleanore Berman, it has helped homeowners revitalize, transform, and upgrade their spaces. Berman is a member of the prestigious American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), an affiliation that highlights her established background in design and her significant contribution to the region’s residential market. Many of these projects have been introduced in several industry publications. 

California Homes & Design and HGTV, among other media, have featured the company’s works in recent years. In designing these spaces, the firm relies on the vision of the clients as well as its experience drawn from years of travel in numerous countries. The company has developed a design approach that specializes in space planning, complete home design planning, kitchen and bath design, furniture selection, color consultations, and accessories and accents selection, among many others. Classic, contemporary, transitional, and traditional interiors dominate the firm’s extensive luxury home portfolio. 

Fanelli Mann Design

1885 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126

Fanelli Mann Design has developed a highly collaborative process in interior design. The firm believes that great design comes from integrating and including everyone in the process, from conceptualization, curation, to design execution. Homeowners and project owners are directly involved in every step of the design process in order to create spaces that are just not aesthetically pleasing but functional, enduring, and capable of enhancing the lives of their users. Kathi Mann, the firm’s principal interior designer developed this approach to help homeowners create better home environments. 

As an allied member of the ASID, Mann has a deep understanding of the different elements of designs, trends, methods in construction and installation, as well as its in-depth knowledge of materials and textiles, and other aspects of design—an advantage that guides clients to make educated decisions about every project. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, the firm’s multi-faceted skillset and experience in home improvement recently allowed it to widen its service scope and cater to a bigger and more diverse residential market. The company does not only design but also builds high-end interior and exterior spaces. The firm specializes in new home construction, interior design and interior architecture, renovations, and furnishings. 

Feng Shui Style

2131 The Alameda Suite C, San Jose, CA 95126

Led by certified interior designer, historic preservationist, and Feng Shui Master Jennifer Emmer, Feng Shui Style introduces the Chinese traditional practice of helping individuals harmonize with their surrounding environments. The Feng Shui philosophy is central to Emmer’s design method, and she has helped hundreds of clients since its inception over two decades ago. Much of the firm’s works can be found across the San Francisco Bay Area, Peninsula, and the South Bay. The firm has also provided work in some parts of Boston. The firm has also catered to the interior design and decorating needs of the commercial, corporate, hospitality, and fitness industries in the US,  Asia, and Europe.

As a residential interior designer, Emmer’s Feng Shui and design practice have helped her establish a solid reputation in the design community. For three consecutive years since 2018, for instance, the firm won Three Best-Rated named the firm as among its Top 3 Interior Designers in San Jose. In 2020, LUX Lifestyle Magazine recognized the company in its Designer Awards. Emmer is also an active member of the NKBA. She is also a popular figure in the industry and has been featured on HGTV’s Flip it to Win it. 

Gorman Interiors

2901 Hidalgo Court, San Jose, CA 95125

For years, Gorman Interiors has specialized in curating and reviving residential spaces that answer to the needs of its modern users through functional, inspired, and detail-oriented designs. Behind the firm’s reputable practice is principal interior designer Cindy K. Gorman. After earning her interior designer degree in 1993, Gorman went on to become one of the most admired interior designers in the region. Gorman is an active professional member as well as a chair member of the IDG. Her interior design scope includes skill specializations that focus on interior design finishes and home furnishings. Aside from her interior design portfolio, her firm also takes on kitchen and bathroom remodeling services. 

The result of this comprehensive approach has produced outstanding reviews from the firm’s new and repeat clients, emphasizing how its design team caters to a wide spectrum of styles and lifestyle demands of its project owners. Its residential and commercial portfolio highlights work inspired by the cozy textiles and fabrics of transitional design as well as the craftsmanship and uniqueness of traditional and contemporary interior finishes. These spaces embody the personality of their homeowners, and they are also designed to enhance the lives of their users through enduring, functional design. 

JAS Interior Designs

5290 Dellwood Way, San Jose, CA 95118

As a recognized member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and the Interior Designers Guild (IDG), JAS Interior Designs brings over eight years of experience in delivering a client-centered and collaborative interior design practice. The firm’s impressive portfolio includes projects that have been awarded multiple regional and local awards. The firm’s milestones as a professional and service provider for the residential and commercial sector for California’s mid-range and high-end markets also gained spotlights through several ASID CA Peninsula Design Excellence Awards in recent years. 

For a modern farmhouse-inspired residential, the firm was commissioned to redesign and update its interiors. The work was a collaboration with the renowned builder, De Mattei Construction. The project, valued at $1.5 to $2 million, was completed in 2018 and involves interior design work for major interior spaces, including the master bedroom, baths, kitchen and pantry area, mudroom, bedrooms, the home’s fireplace, and a modern office space. One of the exciting aspects of this work was conceptualizing a design for several rooms and unifying the elements of these spaces into one, overall theme. The result is a timeless, minimalist, and relaxing home with finishes and accents that represent the unique individualities of its residents. 

KBG Design

6501 Crown Blvd. Suite #201 San Jose, CA 95120

Multiple NARI Meta awards from the organization’s annual recognition events represent KBG Design’s outstanding run as one of the most celebrated interior designers in the region. For about 6 years now, it has answered the call for modern, classic, contemporary, and custom-designed interiors that grace San Jose’s luxury home spaces. The firm is well-known for its excellence in design, but it is also commended for its quality business practices and stellar, client-focused practice that earned it the best of the best awards from the industry’s renowned reviews platforms. 

Local and national publications also highlighted the firm’s contribution to the region’s design landscape. The Mercury News, for instance, featured the firm’s ability to deliver spaces that highlight comfort, functionality, and style.  One example of the firm’s remodeling project was for a 1950s California ranch home. The homeowner wanted a coastal ambiance to the new space and the design answered just that by drawing inspiration from the palettes and textures of dune grasses and driftwood. The transformation included opening up and expanding the space. Some of the most interesting elements of the remodel include the textured backsplashes, custom fixtures that come in copper finish, and the use of aged brass sconces and other types of metalworks that match the semi-earthy and rustic feel of the space. 

Spaces by Juliana Linssen

3150 Almaden Expressway Suite #127, San Jose, CA 95118

When it comes to luxury spaces and highly sophisticated interior design, Spaces by Juliana Linssen delivers an outstanding portfolio of interior design work that continues to inspire and stun the region’s most discriminating clients. Classic, modern, contemporary, transitional, and traditional interiors represent the company’s ability to curate, design, and execute ideas through a comprehensive interior design practice. Reviews from its previous clients recognize the company’s transparent, detail-oriented, responsive, and resourceful approach in designing unique and client-inspired interiors.

The company specializes in interior architecture and space planning, lighting plans and selections, flooring concepts and specifications, custom cabinetry design, color selections, furniture selection, kitchen and bath layout design, and project management services. The firm is an active member of the design community. Principal interior designer Juliana Linssen has been in the industry for over 20 years. She is a certified kitchen designer and member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). Throughout her career, she has won multiple awards and relevant recognition from the industry’s biggest entities, including NARI and NKBA. 

Studio Reynaud Interiors

4945 Sandy Lane, San Jose, CA 95124

Specializing in designing high-end, luxurious, and practical spaces, Studio Reynaud Interiors is one of Silicon Valley’s renowned interior designers. Nancy Raynaud, the firm’s principal, is a certified ASID, CID, NCIDQ, and LEED Green Associate. Her extensive background in home design and green design practices has helped her curate a practice that balances style with comfort and form with functionality. The results are enduring spaces,  thoughtfully conceptualized and executed through client collaboration and detail-oriented design. Some of these works have caught the attention of the design community and have been featured in industry magazines, including Gentry Home. As an active member of the industry, the firm participates in annual design challenges and competitions, such as The Art of Fashion ASID Designer Challenge. 

One of the firm’s most interesting works in San Jose was for a master bedroom interior design. Drawing inspiration from the client’s French watercolor painting, the firm was able to translate the calm, coastal palette and relevant design elements into the final work. Crystal and silver accents are highlighted against the room’s jute area rug. Textiles like natural linen, ivory silk shantung curtains, and cotton duvet covers add a comforting and lighter texture to the room. The combination of these elements creates a bright and calming ambiance.   

Symmetry Designs

3150 Almaden Expressway, Suite #127, San Jose, CA 95118

Established in 2006, Symmetry Designs delivers some of the most celebrated interior spaces in the region. In recent years, the company has earned a reputation for outstanding design and quality services. Aside from earning stellar reviews and customer service awards from the industry’s renowned testimonials platforms, the firm was named 2020 Top 3 Interior Designer in San Jose. The Mercury News also awarded the firm its Best in SV 2019 recognition. Caitlin Campbell founded the firm with a vision of creating spaces that exude sophistication and value functionality. The result is a home design portfolio that highlights enduring, high-performing, and unique, stylish interiors.

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For one of the firm’s remodeling projects, the company transformed a residential kitchen to produce a timeless space where family members can have a place for entertainment and relaxation. The work involved combining four rooms to expand the space through an open concept layout. The choice of a dominantly white palette for its cabinetry, storage, countertops, and prep spaces, enhances the feeling of lightness and comfort. The contrast of stained wood flooring and seating adds a touch of warmth to the space. Signature lighting and fixtures put emphasis on its simple yet elegant look.

Woodard & Associates, Inc.

21025 Bank Mill Lane Saratoga, CA 95070

For over 30 years, Woodward & Associates has been dominating the region’s residential and commercial design and remodeling scene. Aside from its in-depth understanding of the different interior design styles, the firm also delivers the latest methods in green and sustainable design. The company is led by Carol Woodard, CCID, ASID, an award-winning interior designer who has been recognized for transforming ordinary houses into extraordinary spaces. In recent years, her lifelong contribution to the industry was recognized by NARI through a highly-sought-after Lifetime Achievement Award. Under her leadership, the firm has earned numerous awards, including CotY Awards in the categories of Residential Interior, Whole House Remodel, Commercial Universal Design, and Whole House.

The company has completed multiple projects in San Jose. For one of its clients in the city, it updated a home and transformed it into a traditional interior, inspired by a warm and welcoming ambiance brought by a comfortable palette, crafted furniture selections, detailed and carved woodwork, and craftsman cabinetry, among others. The project involved the redesign of the home’s bathroom, dining area, and other interior and exterior spaces. The kitchen space features an island, beaded inset cabinets, granite countertops, and an interesting mosaic tile backsplash. The medium-tone wood flooring further introduces its cozy and comfortable vibes. 

About Our Rankings

This list takes a range of ranking criteria into consideration, including but not limited to: work history, customer satisfaction, awards and recognition, geographic area of work, cost, building permits, and clientele. We spent over 40 hours researching local contractors before calculating the final ranking for this post. If there is additional information about your business that could affect these rankings, please fill out this form and we will take it into consideration.

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If you are thinking about building a custom home, we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.