When you think of L.A., you think of America’s millionaires, music moguls, and Hollywood celebrities. The city hosts the world’s entertainment industry, and the city’s popularity among the rich, the famous, and the glamorous means that Los Angeles sports some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the world: Beverly Park, Bel Air, Malibu, Beverly Hills, Trousdale, to name just a few.

The inhabitants of these areas have a collective taste and fascination for luxury and sophistication: this is evident in the diverse, surprising and energetic architecture that can be seen all over the county. Perhaps not as famous, but no less beautiful, are the parts of the city dedicated to single-family homes. These residential streets are lined with ranch homes and bungalows. Across a range of demographics Los Angeles homeowners express a collective fondness for the Mediterranean and modern-styled homes.

Below you will find the top 15 best custom home builders in Los Angeles, each of which employs unique designs to give life to their clients’ ultimate “dream home.” These rankings are the product of research. We evaluated the awards granted, read through press features, examined the range of project size, weighed the value given on homeowners’ investments, and considered the years of experience and levels of expertise of the companies’ principals and building teams.

If you are thinking about building a custom home, we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.

15) Winters-Schram Associates

11845 W Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90065

Winters-Schram Associates believes that buildings are not just physical structures, but spaces that embody the personalities of their occupants. Since its genesis in 1988, these ideas have been evident in the genuinely peaceful and serene ambiance of their modern and contemporary projects, found throughout Los Angeles. The firm’s passionate approach to construction makes their custom home projects efficient, cost-effective, and unforgettable. Principals Peter Winters and Jim Schram are known for their hands-on methods and their accurate budget forecasts. These attributes helped them realize the architect’s artistic vision to deliver stunning results.

Winters-Schram’s collaborations with the world’s finest architects and designers brought several accolades to the firm, such as the 1992 AIA/ LA Design Awards Honor Awards in Architecture, Single Family Residence, and the 2016 LA Architectural Awards Housing Awards Double Stick for their Moe & Louis Nozari Residence project.

14) Silicon Bay

1300 Highland Ave. #102, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Silicon Bay is a Los Angeles luxury home developer established by founder and developer Christian Salceda in 2005. Christian, along with his partner Ryan Schlee, brings a career in Real Estate finance and years of experience to the firm. They can quickly assess what a project’s parameters are, and provide his clients with a clear picture of the end result. The firm has appeared in several publications, including California Home & Design, HGTV Front Door and Yahoo! Homes.

Their work even made the front page of South Bay Digs in the December 2016 issue, showcasing the firm’s 6th Street Hill Section luxury beach home, which was constructed in a modern-contemporary style that features a minimalist interior that leads guests to a perfect sunset view on the sundeck. Many of their homes mirror this minimalist composition, but they do not confine themselves to one design-style: they also do beautiful Spanish-style beach homes, for instance.

13) Mega Builders Construction and Remodeling

21021 Devonshire St. Suite #102, Chatsworth CA 91311

Mega Builders is a Los Angeles general contractor that extends its services to most of Southern California. With 30 years in the construction industry, Mega Builders has accumulated a long list of accomplishments, working mostly on residential projects such as home remodeling and custom home construction. Their company has a broad range of experience in dealing with family homes, especially with transforming broken houses into fantastic modernized remodels while maintaining or changing the style as the client’s desires dictate, with most large-scale projects being completed in less than two months.

The company’s president, Alan Toker, completed his first custom home in 1991, which then went on to be featured in the Los Angeles Times Home Tour. Years after starting the firm, Mega Builders has been featured in various publications such as The Journal of Light Construction, The Los Angeles Times, and Home & Architectural Trends.

12) Corr Contemporary

13428 Maxella Ave. Suite #816, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Corr Contemporary is the builder clients and architects who require sleek, modern builds call. Faithful to modern Los Angeles aesthetics, Corr Contemporary crafts homes with the utmost emphasis on modernity using cutting-edge technical expertise. The Corr management knows that building is a journey for clients, and has committed itself into redefining client experience to achieve utmost satisfaction.

The company is a frequent collaborator of McClean Designs, an acclaimed LA-based firm established by Paul McClean, Derek Worf, and the Los Angeles Design Group. Corr built the Blue Jay Way, a contemporary mansion in Southern California, with the McClean firm. The lavish home garnered positive reactions from critics. Corr’s other works appeared in design books including Affordable Architecture and the 21st Century 150 of the World’s Best. Corr Contemporary provides full operational construction management from start to finish. The company has completed renovation, restoration, and custom home construction for clients living in Laguna Beach and Los Angeles.

11) Shawn Nelson Builders

124 Center St. 1st Floor, El Segundo, CA 90245

Since 2003, Shawn Nelson Builders has been providing high-end home remodeling services for the city of Los Angeles. Their work in luxury home construction has produced an impressive portfolio. The firm is a trustworthy high-end home builder, committed to core principles that ensure sturdy relationships with clients and partners alike. Shawn Nelson’s homes have a spacious, welcoming gentility to their design. The lack of clutter in both the interior and exterior emphasizes the beauty found in simplicity.

Their work has been featured in several magazines including Digs, Ocean Home, Tuscan Style, Coastal Living, Sunset, Luxe and California Homes.

10) Jones Builders Group

23823 Malibu Rd. #50, Malibu, CA 90265

Custom home building, unlike other development projects, demands a more personal approach. You’re creating a structural work of art, and the Jones Builders Group understands the crucial role contractors play in helping transform their client’s vision into reality. Nathan Jones and David Charvet are the driving forces behind the company’s impressive reputation. They have made their company one of Los Angeles’s top-tier development firms, guided by a shared vision: to create unique architectural masterpieces, and to satisfy their clients’ most exquisite tastes.

The firm’s collaborations with high-profile architect Doug Burdge further elevated their rank in the Los Angeles development scene, landing notable new home and family home projects that lean toward the modern, contemporary, and French styles. Some of their works have occupied spreads in major publications like Malibu Magazine, the L.A. Times, the Malibu Surfside News, and a television appearance on Entertainment Tonight.

9) JD Group

1537 Pontius Ave. Suite B, Los Angeles, CA 90025

For our 9th pick, we look at one of the mainstays in the Los Angeles construction industry: JD Group has no shortage of L.A. home stunners to show you. The firm builds in prominent gated communities, including Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and Malibu. Their work – sprawling estates in the veins of Mediterranean, Modern, French, or Tuscan styles – has attracted significant media attention. Prominent design publications Robb Report, Collection, Private Estate, Luxe, Modern to Classic, California Romantica, and California Homes have all featured the firm’s impressive projects.

Dan McGhee established the firm more than 25 years ago. He remains committed to the deep roots of construction integrity and high-quality builds he himself planted in the company. The firm’s owner and project management teams make it a priority to enhance their clients’ home building experiences. They also want people on the design team and their subcontractors to have a good experience. This communal approach assures a great work culture, which leads to great communication with the client, all of which means a quality build.

In a Beverly Park residence, the firm fused modern and French styles. This marble estate is accentuated by gold accents, vaulted ceilings, and black ironwork. In the Strand, the McGhee’s team worked on a contemporary coastal home. It’s worth pointing out that the firm offers luxury, high-end quality building and their designs come with sustainable options that mean a home will consume fewer resources.

8) Gallo Builders Incorporated

1105 North Coast Hwy., Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Gallo Builders, over the past thirty years, has completed a plethora of contemporary luxury homes along the coastline of Laguna Beach, Los Angeles County, and Park City. Chris Gallo leads this group of highly-trained construction professionals. Gallo’s team is committed to building unique homes for clients. They offer construction services, cost-engineering, subcontractor selection, full-service construction supervision, including maintenance service after the project has been completed.

Gallo Builders’s portfolio consists mainly of high-end, contemporary homes, residences that emphasize asymmetric forms, glasswork, and greeneries. Gallo has also been included on 2014, 2016, and 2017 Luxe Gold Lists for their work. And Gallo is no stranger to media attention, several of their projects have appeared in prominent design publications such as Luxe Interiors, Riviera, and M Magazine.

7) Glass Residential Group

2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #522, Santa Monica, CA 90401

For clients who want a touch of old-world luxury, Glass Residential Group (GRP) leads Los Angeles in building state-of-the-art European mansions. The firm has done estates for several notable clients including Barbra Streisand, Janet Jackson, and Sugar Ray Leonard. GRP is operated by a family of builders – the Glass family. Josh Glass, a fourth-generation builder, is the group’s current president. Glass is a former chef, and he brought his meticulous eye for beauty and detail from the restaurant business to the building industry.

The Glass’s portfolio includes stunning homes in Beverly Park, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Newport Coast, and Beverly Hills. Their work is steeped in a grand, traditional European aesthetic. In Beverly Park, the Glass construction team built a French-Greco inspired mansion accented with metal railings and furnished with Greece-inspired statues. In Hunts View, the firm crafted a two-story French mansion complete with sprawling landscape and manicured lawn. Glass’s leadership travels frequently to and from famous European cities to draw inspiration from more established architecture styles.

As builders, they offer construction consulting, comprehensive budgeting, design advisory, and material selection. In terms of collaboration, the firm has a stellar line of frequent collaborators which include the likes of esteemed architects such as Richard Landry, Richard Manion, and Robert A M. Stern. GRP’s work has appeared in major design publications including multiple issues of Architectural Digest, California Homes, House Beautiful, Space, and Grand Tour.

6) Kavin Construction

3814 Willat Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90232

Kavin Construction is best known for their ability to navigate the steep hills and rocky coastlines that overlook the Pacific Ocean. Founder Michael Kavin, educated in Biological Sciences and Physics at the University of California at Davis, found his passion in construction through his summer jobs in lumber companies. In 1975, Kavin built his construction company and he has since assembled a portfolio of carefully crafted estates in the Mediterranean and contemporary styles. The company is not only versed in physical aesthetics, but they’ve also perfected their technical expertise. As a testament to this building expertise, Michael Kavin has been made an expert witness for the State of California when it comes to construction disputes.

On a lighter note, Kavin Construction worked on actress Zooey Deschanel’s blue home. Kavin’s team built custom blue kitchen cabinets, nautical flooring, and brass accents to resemble a navy-inspired home. Kavin primarily builds estates in Los Angeles, Brentwood, Malibu, Beverly Hills, and Pacific Palisades. In addition, the firm also worked on a house Adele purchased in an undisclosed location in LA County. The firm’s works have been featured in Architectural Digest, West Los Angeles Living, InStyle, House Beautiful, Sunset, and Bazaar. In 2015, the Culver City awarded the firm with the Best of 2015.

5) SoCal Contractor

Sawtelle Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025

Principals Roy Yerushalmi and Lori Dennis, combined, have 30 years of construction and design experience. Together, they run SoCal Contractor, a luxury home building and remodeling firm in the Southern California region. Their unique approach to home-building may come from the perfect match of their respective skills and experiences.

Lori Dennis is a LEED-certified interior designer who discovered her innate talent in design at a very early age. Roy Yerushalmi, on the other hand, is a second-generation builder. He used to work for his father’s construction company until he was ready to start his own firm. Their works highlight modern, contemporary and French-inspired styles, and they have been featured in multiple magazines including LUXE, Architectural Digest, the New York Times, California Home+Design, and Architectural Digest, to name a few.

Over the years, the firm and its principals have established a solid reputation as an environmentally-responsible builder. In addition to their multiple accolades as the best interior designer and the top construction firm in L.A., they also were named as a Greenopia’s Best BIZ winner.

4) Dugally Oberfeld, Inc.

484 S San Vicente Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048

When it comes to high-end luxury custom homes, Dugally-Oberfeld, Inc. is one of the most renowned builders in Los Angeles. Matt Dugally and Mauricio Oberfeld head the firm, bringing their impressive industry credentials with them. Their main strengths may well be Dugally and Oberfeld’s highly-detailed involvement in the entire home-building process. This in-depth approach to high-end construction and luxury home customization helps them to realize the visions of their clients.

The company’s development projects re-introduce the allure of the classics; check out their Tuscan villas and their French chateaus. Over the years, publications such as the Luxury Home Quarterly, Luxe, California Homes, Architect Magazine, and The Perfect Home: Leading Custom Home Builders, have celebrated these stunning works. It’s no wonder Dugally-Oberfeld is a household name to the rich and famous, catering to Sylvester Stallone, Denzel Washington, Geena Davis, and Kelsey Grammer.

Two of the firm’s notable works are the Nightingale Residence and the Oberfeld Residence in Los Angeles. In these projects, their collaboration with Zoltan E. Pali, FAIA, delivered a 2012 RADA Merit Award and a CHDA 2012 award, respectively, for the Custom Home category.

3) Allen Construction

1545 Sawtelle Blvd. #22, Los Angeles, CA 90025

When Dennis Allen started Allen Construction more than three decades ago, he was adamant about combining excellent construction quality with green building. Dennis has incorporated eco-friendly strategies with his company’s work, from construction techniques to proper planning and design, to ensure that every building they finish has used sustainable building materials and is energy efficient. Their outstanding work quality and eco-consciousness have given them a reputation for being one of Los Angeles’s most valued green home builders.

The company is a pioneer in the green building movement, and it’s easy to see the emphasis they put on green home construction. Among their works is an affordable 12-unit affordable green housing project for Habitat for Humanity of Southern Santa Barbara County they built in 2012. The project has a number of green features including heat recovery ventilation, recycled-material flooring, and high-efficiency framing. The Allen team has won several awards through the years including Best of Independent, SBCA High-Performance LEED, SBCA Residential Remodel (over $2 million) and a Chrysalis Decade of Excellence. The company’s principles and its projects have also been featured in articles such as California Home+Design, Seasons Magazine, and Los Angeles Times.

2) Tyler Development Corporation

1932 Cotner Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025

Integrity, quality, and professionalism: these three foundational concepts have propelled Tyler Development Corporation to industry success since1980. The company’s principal, Ron Udall, with the help of his team of top residential architects and experts, has built more than 275 luxury custom homes in the Los Angeles metro area.

Tyler Development’s styles range from Modern to Spanish, to Italian-Renaissance-inspired architectures. Generally, their work reflects their keen knowledge of modern and classic styles while highlighting a palette of natural colors and materials. Their signature projects have proven how they can transform their clients’ most intimate ideas and concepts into stunning architectural wonders.

Currently, the firm is a recognized holder of two Gold Nugget Awards earned in 2006 and 2018, for Best Custom Home 5,000 to 10,000 Square Unit and Best Renovated or Restored Single House-Private Residence categories, respectively. As a LEED-certified firm, Tyler Development’s impressive quality of work and professionalism has been featured in the industry’s leading magazines and publications such as Architectural Digest, Luxe, Robb Report, California Homes, and Los Angeles Magazine.

1) Finton Construction

1199 E Walnut, Pasadena, CA 91106

For twenty years, Finton Construction has been providing high-end luxury construction services to the LA area and has served distinguished clients, including Jennifer Lopez, Avi Arad, and Dustin Hoffman. The award-winning firm had its start when John Finton and Michael Reeves founded the company in the 1980s. Throughout the years, the company has accumulated talented architects and craftsmen that have helped build the firm’s reputation. Finton doesn’t hide his penchant for expensive, imported material, and he is always looking to innovate and improve. When he is not overseeing company operations, John works as a national spokesperson for Bank of America’s Building Green Effort.

Finton Construction has completed gorgeous projects ranging from diverse style combinations to simple, yet elegant homes suited to that of various international styles. Each house emanates a grand lavishness with a hint of dignified beauty. Finton Construction’s excellence has not gone unnoticed: the firm has won nine Golden Nugget awards and three Robb Report Ultimate Home of the Year awards. The company’s work has also been featured in multiple magazine publications, including. Modern Luxury Interiors, California Homes, Arroyo, and The Wall Street Journal.

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