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The Best Custom Home Builders in Midland, Texas

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Midland, also known as “The Tall City” because of its high-rise downtown buildings, is a haven for a diverse set of attractions and festivities, ranging from vibrant arts backgrounds to wholesome communities. Midland is also the Permian Basin’s trade center, which handles a huge portion of the nation’s oil, petroleum, and natural gas reserves. The city’s immersive setting, welcoming neighborhoods, and booming businesses make it one of the best places to live in Texas. 

But for people looking to settle in the area, choosing the right home to elevate their lifestyle could be daunting and stressful. Luckily for them, this list contains the best custom home builders in Midland, Texas, to assist clients in building their dream homes. These custom home builders were chosen based on their work ethics, recognition, expertise, and history.

Rama Homes

500 Affirmed Ave., Midland, TX 79705

As a family-owned firm with over 16 years of first-hand experience, Rama Homes delivers some of the best custom homes in Midland City. Whether clients are looking for temporary or permanent homes in the area, the firm is a great investment for their services. It is committed to providing the highest degree of construction and forging strong relationships with its clients. Its principals have over 27 years of combined expertise and have steadily realized that cultivating deep connections with clients is the first step in creating great homes, hence its familial work approach. It builds lasting homes, but more especially, lasting friendships.

This home, 4306 Saltillo Ct. is a traditional build for prospective family clients. It is a single-story home that has a wide layout for adjacent room positions as opposed to multiple stories that have vertically separated areas. With different home areas, such as a large living room, kitchen space, and several bedrooms, the residence provides various functionalities for its users’ endeavors. The materials used for the facade mainly include natural materials that fit the surrounding environment. Stones, bricks, and wood were nicely mixed to provide a simple but beautiful exterior appearance. The interior uses wood and concrete, which adheres to its traditional style.

Tradition Builders

5907 Shadyview Pl., Midland, TX 79707

Through its diverse skillset, Tradition Builders puts heavy emphasis on its capabilities as a custom home builder. Whatever the home style, theme, or scale, the firm employs its team to successfully deliver fantastic results. It’s also a highly sought-out builder and has been commissioned to construct projects that exceed budgets of over a million dollars. Its name, Tradition Builders, was chosen to represent its values that highlight consistent quality homes— a “tradition” of building custom homes. For over 18 years, the firm has operated within the city and beyond across its surrounding metropolises, and although its services revolve around residential projects, it can also work on commercial sectors.

Featured is Cardinal Ln., sitting within one of Midland’s field neighborhoods. This fairly large home features a home style that leans more towards traditional designs and elements. Although some details were applied with subtle modern hints, the low-pitched roofs, asymmetrical layout, and columned features induce conventional atmospheres. This is further strengthened by the choice of fixtures and decor throughout the home that emphasize classical themes. The bathroom’s roman-like design, stonemason fireplace, and high-hanging chandeliers are some of the notable features that stand out within the property. The other home areas have more modern appearances, though, such as the kitchen and living room.

Tom Woodruff Signature Homes

15 Smith Road Ste. B107, Midland, TX 79705

Tom Woodruff Signature Homes dedicates itself to engaging in a two-part work process. While clients envision their ideal home for the firm, the latter actualizes the visualized concept. Without one or the other, a successful home can’t be accomplished, which is why it adheres to this principle. It is able to deliver great results due to its proficiency as a full-service custom home builder. Whether it’s simply renovation services throughout the house, home additions for extra space, or complete ground-up construction, the firm has what it takes to handle its clients’ needs. Throughout its history, it has earned certifications from respectable organizations such as Permian Basin Builders and the Texas Association of Builders.

Featured is 1104 Silverton, a home with a dominant historic appeal. This project signifies relaxation through a traditional look with a facade that includes effective and apparent stonemasonry, surrounding vegetation and an inviting atmosphere. On the other hand, the interior features a supporting theme using dark-toned wood and wallpaper. The feeling of comfort is elevated by the open floor plan, which results in an airy space that fits the client’s vision.

Rasnick Homes

2030 W. Cuthbert Ave., Midland, TX 79701

Among all the custom home builders on this list, Rasnick Homes takes the cake when it comes to luxury craftsmanship and premium class services. With its carefully developed craftsmanship, it is determined to leave lasting marks on the projects it handles. The firm has left its imprint of quality and luxury on the projects it has accomplished all across Midland.

The person leading the firm is Chris Rasnick, the principal member. Chris hails from a family that has pursued custom home building for over four generations. Their cumulative experience and craft increase the knowledge base they utilize for the firm’s operations. Chris himself has respected certifications from associations such as the Permian Basin Builders and the Texas Association of Builders.

Rustic Trail is one of the firm’s most notable residential projects. This two-story home has evident Mediterranean roots, induced by its warm choice of a beige color palette, detailed wooden entryways, and occasional patterned stone designs. The interior sticks even more to its theme through its romantic atmosphere and dominant use of natural materials such as wood, ceramic, and iron.

Crystal Cabinets and Homes

2704 S. County Rd. 1247, Midland, TX 79706

For over three decades, Crystal Cabinets and Homes has continuously developed to become a highly-experienced and in-demand custom home builder. From pre-construction to post-construction phases, the firm ensures that pinpoint personalization is executed through its services. It has services that range from custom home construction and renovation to countertop selection and custom cabinetry in the residence. If clients miss the opportunity to have their dream homes built by the firm, they could still make it better through the firm’s other service options. Throughout its 31 years of history, it has garnered numerous accreditations, including NAHB, Permian Basin Builders, and Texas Association of Builders.

This home, built by Crystal Homes, is nicely situated on a plain field with little to no vegetation. Despite the landscape, the firm was able to provide an alluring home that shines through its environment. With a foundation of concrete, brick surfaces, and a matching color scheme, the home’s design is elevated by the barren nature. While the initial glance at the house underscores a natural and traditional atmosphere, a quick glance inside the house would provide a surprising contrast in design. The interior has a more achromatic theme that is present throughout its furniture, fixtures, and flooring. The wood choice also brings out the residence’s rustic side while maintaining the natural appeal of the exterior.

MK Builders of West Texas

4801 Woodhollow Dr., Midland, TX 79707

MK Builders of West Texas is not only a custom home builder; it’s also a full-service general contractor. This means that the firm has an outstanding knowledge base and ample experience to handle projects across different markets. This flexibility is part of what makes it a dependable builder for its clients’ homes, as it is capable of managing projects of varying scopes. Project renovation and remodeling, home construction, and other services are provided by the firm, along with great communication and budgeting for the comfort of its customers.

While the firm usually handles traditional and contemporary home styles, it can also work on other designs. This particular project, Barndominium, is an example of how MK Builders of West Texas could go out of its way for its clients. This simple farmhouse home has a single-story structure with a layout that relies on length for ample space. The floor plan was centered on family bonding with its wide area of a mixed living room and kitchen, and a few bedrooms for needed privacy. The home also features a very rustic look with its frequent use of wood and colors.

3 Bar Custom Homes

1702 County Rd. 7570, Lubbock, TX 79423

In 2015, Brent Lee founded 3 Bar Custom Homes with a dream to achieve— to personally connect with his clients and bring their dream homes into reality. Its close collaboration, experienced hands, and dedication to its mission effectively translate into long-lasting homes that are perfectly tailored to its clients. With about 7 years of service, it has already formed a long list of positive testimonials that vouch for 3 Bar Custom Homes’ excellence in custom home building.

Brent Lee, the principal member and founder, has a great career background. He has certifications from organizations that include the Texas Association of Builders and the West Texas Home Builders Association, among others. It is also his experience in the industry that jumpstarted the entire firm’s operations, and it is his leadership that enables the firm to manage its projects. With his guidance, 3 Bar Custom Homes has been able to earn the same accreditation with an additional NAHB certificate. It has also won some Best of Houzz awards.

This Custom Home has a very picturesque design with its incorporated elegant elements and traditional roots. The home areas typically have a medium-toned wood detail that is present in the flooring, surfaces, and furniture. Some light-colored wood was also added to the cabinets to provide a stark contrast in design. Stainless steel appliances, glossy quartz countertops, and marble details are some of the notable features of this incredible home.

Carrasco Homes

4513 Santa Rosa Dr., Midland, TX 79707

Driven by its core values of integrity, honor, and excellence, Carrasco Homes is committed to custom home building and going above and beyond its clients’ expectations. It has a team of highly qualified professionals that share the same goal of building effective spaces that pay great attention to detail. At Carrasco Homes, individuality is highly stressed as it understands that as each client is unique to themselves, so are their homes. On-time, within budget, long-lasting, and premium-quality spaces are key traits that clients can expect to receive when choosing the firm.

The firm has an impressive portfolio of well-built projects. Among those spaces is Balfour Court Home, a residence that seamlessly blends a rustic foundation and modern makeovers. Using muted colors, the project’s feelings of neutrality and relaxation are heightened. Modern ornaments and decor were purposely set throughout areas with apparent traditional designs to provide a theme akin to transitional home styles. It’s also amazing how no two areas of the house have the same design, as the firm made sure to provide unique details that are present in only one room. It’s a large home and has additional amenities aside from the necessary utilities in a home, such as an outdoor grill area.

EE Homes

7111 E. County Rd. 92, Midland, TX 79706

EE Homes was founded in 2006 by Enrique Espinoza Sr., and despite having only 16 years of official business in Midland, the firm has over thirty years of experience. This is because of Enrique, the owner, who has been serving West Texas for over three decades. He is a member of the Permian Basin Builders Association, has experience in custom home building, and has previously managed a successful business for roofing services. This foundation pushed him to expand his craft and assist clients with the full home setup. Kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation, and full custom home construction are the specialties of EE Homes.

This project, 1710 Pueblo, brings out EE Homes’ ingenuity and conformance to practicality. This residence is built on top of a flat field that runs acres beyond its property, which gives it a pretty nice view from within. This is taken advantage of by the firm as it added large windows for sightseeing and a natural light entryway, as well as smaller versions around the house. Another interesting design is its very different themes that vary when looking at the house from the outside and inside. While the exterior has a much darker theme, the interior boasts a much lighter and warmer atmosphere with its bright yellow wallpapers and supporting light systems. It then has the typical appliances and fixtures that every house requires to enjoy life daily.

BlackBrush Construction

4 Lafayette Pl., Midland, TX 79705

What differentiates BlackBrush Construction from its peers is its deep, philosophical understanding of home construction. It believes that for building custom homes, it’s not just about erecting shelters for its users; it’s about making transformative spaces that empower them— to give them a meaningful experience that they can cherish as memories.

Its work process involves building homes that resonate with the surrounding environment and structures while capturing the essence of living. And with its five years of service, it has already developed and nurtured a growing network of clients and collaborators. The firm has been certified by the Midland Chamber of Commerce and has been featured in publications, such as the 2021 Demystifying Entrepreneurship Podcast from Yale Entrepreneurial Society.

Featured here is 9 Lafayette Pl., a townhouse-style home inspired by New Orleans themes. With over 6,000 square feet in area, the home is regarded as a mega-townhouse in Lafayette Place. It has a beautiful brick facade that is accentuated by metal linings for its terrace, stairs, and windows. It has a sophisticated design and custom features, such as the spiral staircase and outdoor jacuzzi. Despite being a residential property, the townhouse was also configured to house an entertainment establishment with its rooftop patio and lucrative amenities.