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Known for its wineries and its vineyards, Napa is more than just the famous fields. The city contains traditional infrastructures informed by unique architecture. The housing scene revolves around the large areas and unique architecture, taking inspiration from the location for the home’s overall look.

There are homes located in the middle of a large field, others are more secluded, located at the end of the road surrounded by nature. Whether you are looking for a new home or deciding to move to the city, you want the best firms to handle your project. This list compiles the best custom home builders working in Napa. Our editorial team considered each firm’s experience, projects, and history. 

Annadel Builders Inc.

4010 Montecito Avenue Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Richard Kirby established Annadel Builders Inc. in 2016. He graduated from the California Polytechnic State University with a degree in Construction Management and he is currently teaching Construction Management classes at the Santa Rosa Junior College. Before establishing Annadel Builders, he founded Kirby Construction in 2003 and left after a few years. Annadel Builders Inc. has received accreditation from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). 

Although the firm is relatively new, Richard has the experience necessary to create high-quality homes in a variety of designs. This Silverado Trail Farmhouse attests to the firm’s ability to complete modern and contemporary houses. The house is quite simple looking and includes a cozy, comfortable aesthetic inside. The classic furniture includes wooden tables and chairs, gray cabinetry, and cream white couches. The sum total creates a cozy ambiance for relaxing and unwinding, and that atmosphere extends to the backyard pool and patio. 

Arrowtown Construction

PO Box 781 Boyes Hot Springs, CA 95416

Before establishing Arrowtown Construction, Clayt Bertlesman spent years working with his dad. Today he is a licensed general contractor and electrician in Sonoma. The firm has a 20-year track record of providing commercial and residential projects in Sonoma, Napa Valley, and Marin. A common theme of the firm’s project is the contemporary design, a mix of sophisticated furniture and warm design.

This contemporary estate is a great example of the firm’s work. The exterior is relatively simple, in a gray wood, traditional cabin style. The interior has a country club feel: a wooden ceiling, wooden furniture, and white couches. The kitchen contrasts this with a more modern design, which includes marble countertops and steel lamps. Other notable features of the home include a large wine room, a bar area, walk-in cabinetry, and a guest house. The house’s property has a yard in the middle with the main house and guest house surrounding it on the sides. It’s a comfortable, cozy home sure to impress. 

The Design Build Company

3554 Round Barn Blvd. Suite 205 Santa Rosa, CA 95403

John Currier is a United States Air Force Veteran with 27 years in the construction industry. Before joining The Design Build Company team, he operated his own firm for eight years. The team has only been in the industry for two years, but with John leading the way, the firm has experienced almost immediate success. 

This modern home in Napa is a combination of a beach style home and a traditional home. The exterior of the house includes a stone masonry design blended with bare beige walls. The radiates simple, high-end living in a beach style home style and a contemporary ambiance. The backyard’s landscape complements the house’s surrounding area and the large swimming pool in the middle, which also includes a patio area with a small fireplace. The carefully curated vegetation provides a colorful ambiance to the rest of the house but enhances the outdoor living experience with the palm trees located by the pool’s side. 

DP Builders

527 Neptune Ct Napa, CA 94558

DP Builders is a family-owned firm serving Napa County. The firm was established in 1983, and it has built several custom homes throughout the years. These homes are diverse, ranging from large, sophisticated estates to a more simply designed house that emphasizes coziness. Many of these homes emphasize a traditional structure and provide a pleasant living environment.

This traditional estate in Napa is an example of the firm, including classic features like a beige exterior with a tile roofing, traditional columns, and a conventional deck. The first notable feature of the house is the landscaping. The estate is surrounded by tall trees and colorful plants that provide an ambiance reminiscent of the Italian countryside. The home is further enhanced by the breathtaking views of the surroundings from the upper deck to the backyard. The wine cellar has generous storage space and a classic atmosphere that underlines the sophisticated Napa lifestyle the estate affords.

Earthtone Construction

6932 Sebastopol Avenue Sebastopol, CA 95472

Andy Bannister established Earthtone Construction in 1997. Before founding the firm, he worked as an apprentice at Brazier and Sons. He gained mastery in all aspects of building after completing the City & Guilds of London project. Earthtone’s projects include high-class cabin homes, farmhouses, and large estates; a common theme with all of them is a cozy ambiance and sophisticated aesthetic.

One of the best projects the firm has completed is the Napa Valley Jewel project, an elegant cabin house on the top of a hill. . It’s located at the end of the road and surrounded by tall trees, creating a strong sense of privacy. The interiors are a blend of classic furniture and high-end designs that retain ranch style features like a sliding barn door and wooden walls. The home perfectly blends indoor and outdoor living: all areas of the home have direct access outside. If you’re looking for a home that caters to a private, sophisticated lifestyle, this project is a great inspiration. 

Ellis Construction Company

1106 Jordan Ln, Napa, CA 94559

Larry Ellis established Ellis Construction Company in 1979 and since then the firm has produced custom homes and prize-winning remodeling projects that include retail outlets, shopping centers, and the Jarvis Conservatory. Larry himself has over 35 years of experience in the industry, which guides the firm as it produces the high-quality projects it’s been providing for years. 

One of the firm’s best projects is this Napa Valley Mediterranean hillside home. It has a size of 5,000-square-feet, and it offers valley views from the home, the guest house, and the pool. Other details include a custom four-car garage, stone flooring, coffered ceilings, custom kitchen cabinets, an outdoor kitchen, and old-growth olive trees. The interior is classic European and includes a chandelier, elegant paintings, and a patio that enhances the home’s atmosphere. The lighting is especially thoughtful, as it creates a traditionally convivial atmosphere in all areas of the house and the pool. The home represents your dreams of Napa Valley life and it’s an excellent example of what the firm consistently produces for its clients. 

Jim Murphy and Associates

464 Kenwood Court, Ste. B Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Jim Murphy and Associates was established in 1968 by Jim Murphy with Steve Ronchelli as president. Steve graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Construction Management. He started his career in 1984; Jim started his in 1987. The firm has received features in numerous publications including NorthBay biz Magazine, Northbay Business Journal, Trends: Kitchen, Luxury Home Builder, and Architectural Digest. The firm has also won awards, including the 2016 Best General Contractor Award, the Northbay BIZ, and the 2011 Custom Builder of the Year, from Custom Home magazine. 

The Napa Ranch House connects indoor and outdoor living with a villa-style design. The patio kitchen beside the infinity-edge pool allows homeowners and guests easy and continuous access to the recreational areas of the home. The large open spaces create a beach-home atmosphere. The home is located in a large open field that offers views of the hills, which is a nice change from the city or the suburbs. From the pool house, lounge area, and patio, this house radiates relaxation and privacy. 

Kirk Geyer Design/Build

2276 Loma Heights Rd, Napa, CA 94558

Kirk Richard Geyer established Kirk Geyer Design/Build and focuses on contemporary, modern houses. The firm emphasizes creating homes with an inviting ambiance— a comfortable home experience well-adapted for social gatherings. The firm’s projects include large open spaces for indoor and outdoor living and outdoor amenities: swimming pools, patios, and lounge areas.

This contemporary home is an excellent example of the cozy home environment the firm creates. The classic columns, lamps, and stone masonry emphasize both tradition and warmth. The patio and pool area includes vibrant lighting and generous space. The lighting improves the ambiance of outdoor living, especially at night. The swimming pool contains underwater lighting, complementing the home’s sophisticated aesthetic. The house provides a refined style of living framed by a traditional structure that allows homeowners to relax and impress guests at the same time.

Salt Shed Design Build

414 1st Street East, Suite 5 Sonoma, CA 95476

Matthew Tippell and Mike Coleman founded Salt Shed Design Build in 2019. Matthew Tippell is a second-generation builder who graduated from the University of California Irvine with a degree in Construction Management. He is a former member of the California Building Industry Association and the Regional Building Industry Association. Mike Coleman earned his degree from the National Certificate in Construction Studies and Construction Economics from the Waterford Institute of Technology in Waterford, Ireland. The firm has accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Photo By Barry Schwartz. © Barry Schwartz. All Rights Reserved.

Despite being recently established, the firm has completed projects that showcase its ability to produce high-quality homes. This contemporary home in Sonoma is a vibrant modern house that includes up-to-date styles and designs. The home includes wooden vinyl flooring, modern paintings, and plants of Asian origin. The kitchen contains gray cabinetry and a moveable kitchen island to create space, as needed, for people to gather. The pool, patio, and backyard provide a comfortable living experience that would please any homeowner. 

Total Concepts

211 Santa Rosa Ave Santa Rosa, CA, 95404

Mark Rechin founded Total Concepts in 1965. The firm creates large estates that cater to a sophisticated lifestyle. Total Concepts projects feature regal and contemporary furnishing, often blending these two styles to create a unique living experience. The firm has received accreditation from the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

The Napa Valley Montecito project radiates that intriguing blend of classic and modern. The estate has a traditional exterior that extends to the entrance and living room. The main area’s European design includes glass chandeliers, tall arching windows, gold mirrors, and a grandfather clock. In contrast, the kitchen and dining area contains sturdy wooden cabinetry, tables, and chairs. A second living room located by the dining area includes a contemporary structure with a stone masonry fireplace and white cream couches. Other notable details of the home include a lounge area with a pool table and bar, a wine cellar, a swimming pool, and several balconies. It’s a unique project that uses multiple styles to create a distinctive atmosphere. 

Trumble Construction

PO Box 276, Napa, CA 94559

Trumble Construction is a family-owned firm established in 1989. Bob Trumble, the owner of the firm, has been serving Napa Valley, Sonoma, and Marin for over 20 years with contemporary homes that include bungalows and farmhouses. The firm’s projects have a straight-forward appearance that frames their up-to-date design and furniture. 

The Napa Modern Bungalow project radiates that simple structure with a contemporary flair. The home mixes classic, white designs blended with blue color palettes and black furnishing. The kitchen contains white cabinetry and countertops complemented by black cabinetry. Other areas of the home combine white and blue colors, including the dining area and bathroom. The home works in multiple dimensions, giving the home a distinctive feel.