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The Best Custom Home Builders in Tallahassee, Florida

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The capital of the sunshine state, Tallahassee has one of the state’s fastest-growing manufacturing and high-tech businesses. The city also houses many college campuses, award-winning parks, and ever-growing infrastructure, making it a prime spot for education, outdoor recreation, and business start-ups. Tallahassee all-in-all provides a diversified and lively city, from the gorgeous scenery and historic neighborhoods to the attractive series of houses that old and new inhabitants alike are delighted to call their home. 

These residents frequently opt to live in a home tailored to their preferences and ideals. To ensure that this is achievable, only the finest should be consulted to create the best home for the homeowners. The best custom home builders in Tallahassee, Florida, work with clients to turn their creative ideas into incredible homes. Our editors have highlighted the companies that have amassed an exceptional, extensive, and award-winning portfolio in this list. These home builders were chosen based on the quality of each company’s work, experience, accolades, and customer feedback.

Kessler Construction LLC

3375-C Capital Circle NE., Suite 200 A, Tallahassee, FL 32308

Kessler Construction LLC is an award-winning custom home builder that serves the Big Bend and South Georgia areas of Florida. The company is dedicated to creating exceptional homes that individually embody each family’s values and ambitions. This devotion is a dynamic and rewarding process that benefits both the company and the clients. Multiple organizations and media sources have acknowledged and commended the company for its outstanding home construction since its establishment in 2007. For three consecutive years, Tallahassee Magazine has included the company in the Best of Tallahassee awards for its remarkable residential projects (2019, 2020, 2021). 

Kessler Construction LLC’sLLC’s portfolio showcases its ability to provide exceptional workmanship in bespoke home remodels and constructions, utilizing only the highest-quality resources and bringing its clients’ objectives, desires, and ideas to life. This craftsman home, named The Palmer, is a prime example of this. The formal entrance of this home leads to the spacious communal living area, which includes the family room, dining area, and kitchen. With a wraparound porch, well-planned service spaces, and an open-concept floor plan, the client’s house expectations become a reality with this jewel of a design.

Quail Valley Custom Homes

1630 Cottage Rose Ln., Tallahassee, FL 32308

Quail Valley Custom Homes ensures its clients that with every project it undertakes, its team of skilled builders will go above and beyond to construct a timeless and functional space that you can call your home. The company focuses on tried-and-true construction methods combined with Energy Star requirements and design to realize its clients’ visions through a unique and collaborative approach. Throughout its 16 years in the industry, the company has completed 42 projects and has worked with 58 clients. 

Owner and couple Harvey and Susan Coke have been spearheading the company since they founded it. Harvey and Susan are members of the Tallahassee Green Building Group. Under their leadership, the company has received a number of awards from the Parade of Homes – Tallahassee Builders Association and the title of “Most Energy Efficient Large Home” from the Green Building Group for one of their projects.

Quail Valley Custom Homes consistently delivers high-quality custom homes in and around Tallahassee, from Modern Contemporary to Farmhouse and Craftsman homes. A great example of this is the Southern Oakes, an open concept Farmhouse with three bedrooms and 2418 square feet of living space. A lovely front porch, along with a calm exterior design, greets you as you enter this home. As soon as you walk through the front door, you’ll see how the excellent room, kitchen, and dining area are seamlessly integrated. The solid design of the home, the quality of the materials used, and its harmony with the environment allowed the project to become a Parade of Homes Gold Winner.

Boykin Builders

2012 N. Point Blvd. Suite A., Tallahassee, FL 32308

Boykin Builders has provided functional and stylish custom homes in Tallahassee since 2008. Chad Boykin founded the firm when he noticed a need in Tallahassee and the neighboring Big Bend Area for a local builder that delivers exceptional custom designs at a reasonable rate. Chad, who has over 12 years of professional experience, is the drive behind the company’s steady growth throughout the years. Since its establishment, the company has acquired an extraordinary portfolio of multiple completed projects with 14 years of expertise. A long record of positive client testimonials praises the company’s design/build services, from its distinctive style to its unparalleled architecture. 

This featured project is the Poindexter Residence, a lovely craftsman home in Tallahassee, Florida. The company decided to place an emphasis on local resources and honest workmanship through this home’s charming patterned brickwork that demonstrates a competent human touch. The tapered columns beneath the extended roofs help maximize the home’s exterior and front porch appeal, creating a strong curb appeal that accentuates the materials utilized. The interior of this home also has its own set of characteristics. With a modern, earthy palette, the millwork details inside maximize the quality of a craftsman home.

Pitman’s Custom Construction

2050 Capital Circle NE Suite E, Tallahassee, FL 32308

Pitman’s Custom Construction is a leading custom home and light commercial builder that is dedicated to providing client-centered services and building solid, long-term client-company connections. The company consistently exceeds its customers’ expectations with its high-quality work and competent management. Page Pitman, the owner and operator of Pitman’s Custom Building, has helped ensure the company’s steady growth over the years. With twenty-three years of experience in the construction industry, he is committed to delivering quality and excellent projects to clients across the region. As a result, the company has been chosen as the builder for the state of Florida’s first Southern Living Designed Community.

Over the years, Pitman’s Custom Construction has completed projects of all sizes, transforming buildings into houses that reflect the client’s vision. This project, which combines exceptional design and intelligent use of materials, is a fine example of one of the company’s finest undertakings. Upon entering this home, one is presented with a view of the cozy living room with a modest space for comfort. Steps away are the kitchen and dining room that features a nice counter space. With a master bedroom and vacant rooms, the house easily accommodates an individual or a growing family. This project was also a Parades of Home winner in 2016.

White Oak Construction

6307 Bird Dog Point, Tallahassee, FL 32309

White Oak Construction is a long-standing custom home builder in Tallahassee, Florida. The company is run by a family, with three generations of builders working together to exceed client expectations through quality homes and a collaborative approach. The company ensures its utmost attention is centered on the client throughout the construction process, from assisting them in developing the appropriate floor plan for their specific needs to the finance procedure. Over the last 23 years, the company has amassed a long list of positive client reviews. 

This featured project was chosen as one of the winners in the 2021 Parade of Homes selection by the Tallahassee Builders Association. This Farmhouse style home features a simple exterior design that makes it intriguing and appealing. The open floor plan and inviting ambience complemented by the numerous wide multi-pane windows that flood the rooms with natural light make for a striking residential space in the neighborhood. This home perfectly embodies the result of what a team of brilliant and determined builders and designers can accomplish for its clients.

Worley Construction

1816 Doomar Drive, Tallahassee, FL, 32308

Worley Construction has been a dedicated custom house builder for 25 years, delivering seamless, high-quality projects in Tallahassee. It employs a sophisticated construction and design procedure that is overseen and managed at every stage from start to finish. It provides a wide range of services, ranging from kitchen and bath renovations to new home constructions. Clients are consistently impressed by the company’s performance, resulting in the majority of its projects and customer base coming through referrals. The company has multiple awards from the Tallahassee Parade of Homes and the Tallahassee Parade of Homes for their residential builds, including the 2013 Inducted to Hall of Fame. 

Owner Mark Worley has 30 years of experience as a contractor and vows to only build 12 homes per year. This allows him to directly monitor each home, assuring quality control and attention to detail. A great example of one of the houses he has helped bring to life is this lovely and spacious two-story Colonial home. This is a well-planned and well-maintained home with plenty of natural light. It has big family and dining areas, making it ideal for communal gatherings. The property, which is located in a nice neighborhood, fits in seamlessly with its neighbors and the natural surroundings.

Bridgewater Builders, LLC

2709 Killarney Way, Tallahassee, FL 32309

Bridgewater Builders, LLC is a custom house builder that has developed itself to become a multi-award-winning firm. It was founded by Daron and Stephanie Bridges, who give each project they manage a creative and personalized approach. They work closely with their clients from site selection through concept design and completion. With a combined 35 years of expertise in the construction and real estate industries, the company is well-equipped to guide customers in conceptualizing and actualizing their dream homes. Its ingenuity serves as its key factor in developing the perfect homes and spaces.

National Association of Home Builders, Florida Home Builders Association, and Tallahassee Builders Association are among the associations that have officially recognized and certified the firm. Its awards include consistent Best of Houzz Design and Service Awards from 2016 to 2022. 

This featured project is one of the firm’s most notable accomplishments. The house primarily features the styles and characteristics of a farmhouse home, which dynamically works with its agricultural setting. It is a sizable residence so that owners can have multiple people at the house at once for special occasions and get-togethers. The house was also designed so that each guest would be able to enjoy the lap of nature when residing in it. It has tons of space and multiple amenities for its owners’ endeavors. The color palette features a simple yet alluring scheme of contrasting light and dark colors.

Pennyworth Homes

9335 W. Tennessee St., Tallahassee, FL 32304

With 44 years of official business, Pennyworth Homes has honed its skills and ability to manage each project. As a family-owned firm, it is dedicated to excellence, and for this reason, it utilizes the highest quality materials. Each day, the firm challenges itself to improve and to meet its customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.

A fine example of the firm’s custom home builds is 5934 Sams Lane, situated locally in Tallahassee, Florida. This home signifies tranquility and resonance with nature due to its reserved setting. With fine attention to its woodwork, it highlights a rustic mood and is accentuated by a warm atmosphere brought on by the surrounding nature and finishing touches, like the color palette. It has only one story but is well-managed in terms of space. Overall, this house serves as a cozy getaway for interested clients.

Jett Builders Inc.

5285 Tower Rd., C-5 Tallahassee, FL 32303

Dreaming about and conceptualizing a future home is free and is limited to one’s imagination, but when it comes to its actualization, that’s when things get rough. Jett Builders Inc. understands the hassle and costs that challenge each client in achieving their dream homes; because of this, it prioritizes meticulous attention to detail and careful planning. 

The firm has won notable awards, such as the 2008 Gold Award (1st place) in room addition categories. It has also been certified by multiple associations, such as the National Association of Home Builders, Florida Home Builders Association, Building Industry Association of the Big Bend, and Small Business Association. 

A fine example of what the firm delivers is this custom Craftsman project. This home is an excellent example of perfectly blending a man-made structure with a scenic environment around it. With a craftsman style, it features predominantly wooden materials, and when paired with the surrounding nature, the home provides an earthy appeal. The inside features a warm approach with dark wooden furnishings and fixtures that accentuate its simple, snug designs.

Tharpe Construction Co.

3628 Pine Tip Rd., Tallahassee, FL 32312

Tharpe Building & Remodeling is a custom home builder that specializes in thorough building plans, solutions, and remodeling services. It is the premier choice for high-end residential construction and renovation projects, as it offers dynamic solutions to its clients. It also ensures that its service quality, performance, and dedication continue to improve, as it works to maintain its reputation of excellence. 

Its principal builder, Matthew Tharpe, is a fourth-generation builder who brings cumulative experience and professionalism to the table. Mat is devoted to each construction process step and provides a comprehensive solution that satisfies all parties involved. Mat also has trusted connections to various subcontractors that assist in developing and building homes that are tailored to each client. 

This featured project offers a charming home for its residents, Colonial on the Course. With seamless incorporation of woodwork and stonecraft, the home features an appealing front that denotes luxury and comfort. The house is also surrounded by a clean lawn, further highlighting precision in its home design. The home’s other features include coffered ceilings in the interior, custom fixtures, an integrated gym, golf cart, and garage.

Ertl Homes, Inc.

2236 Capital Circle NE., Suite 102, Tallahassee, FL 32308

For 35 years, Ertl Homes, Inc. has provided service to the local areas of Florida, continuously providing its clients with the appropriate, well-rounded solutions to their desires and home problems. The firm is also reputed as one of the premier builders in the area, as strengthened by its significant experience. Its design and build process includes direct supervision on all phases and open communication among all parties, and it prioritizes personalization for each client. It also ensures that each home is unique to its client with its signature millwork. 

At the forefront of the firm is Tom Ertl, its principal founder and owner. Tom has decades of experience as a custom home builder, enabling him to handle luxury homes. This experience and enhanced knowledge base serve as his foundation in establishing his current renowned firm, Ertl Homes. The firm has also set a standard for luxurious home building in the local area. 

A prime example of the firm’s custom homes is this residence in Tucson Hill. The exterior of the home features a partially gothic theme, with gloomy colors that are greatly executed to provide an elegant design. The interior boasts a much lighter atmosphere with a bright palette. It also emphasizes lavish living with luxurious materials, furnishings, fixtures, and finishes. The home has two stories made up of multiple home areas for different functionalities.

Tricon Builders, Inc.

2419 Fleischmann Rd., Suite 2, Tallahassee, FL 32308

What makes Tricon Builders, Inc. an incredibly dedicated firm is its unmatched passion for serving communities and the people within them. It understands that building great homes with striking designs requires dedication to elevating clients’ lifestyles. The firm ensures its clients receive the assistance they need, and it has honored this in its  17 years of service. Tricon Builders, Inc. is accredited with a Florida Home Builders Association certificate and has also earned multiple Parade of Homes Winner Awards. 

Since its establishment, it has developed a diverse portfolio, with styles including craftsman, Cape Cod, and modern farmhouse, though it can manage a wide array. This featured home is a great custom home build project that highlights simplicity in modern living. It uses materials that vary from bricks, stone, and wood to provide a practical home that lasts. Its theme has a mixed palette with dark colors such as gray and brown, creating an inviting look, and it has hints of light colors to provide contrast.

Adams Quality Homes

3544 Oak Hill Trail, Tallahassee, FL 32312  

Adams Quality Homes is a dependable custom home builder that creates transformative spaces. The firm has crafted a long list of satisfied clients by providing a full-service turnkey approach that guides them in all phases of the building process from financing to closing. The firm pays close attention to all details and chooses the best possible options. It has garnered immense knowledge in its 15 years of operation. 

The firm has amassed multiple awards and certifications that serve as testaments to its abilities. Some of its notable awards are Gold Award Winner and Realtor’s Choice Winner. It is a member of various organizations, including National Association of Home Builders, Florida Home Builders Association, Tallahassee Builders Association, and Better Business Bureau Accredited (A+).

Featured is the Kimmer Rowe Residence, a striking Cape Cod home. On the exterior, the house is built with bricks and stones for a sturdy frame and patterned look. It also has a dark color scheme with red as the primary hue with other accents of colors for a bold look. The interior utilizes a cleaner and neutral atmosphere with light colors and a mix of dark brown on some materials. The space is well-managed, emphasizing smooth accessibility to different parts of the house.