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The Best Residential Architects in Dobbs Ferry, New York

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With the financial and logistical challenges of building a home—in addition to stylistic and design choices—the process can prove overwhelming. Hiring an architect enables one to receive assistance with style, project standards, and meeting local building codes. Dobbs Ferry has many talented architects with immense experience and degrees from prestigious institutions. This list features the best residential architects in Dobbs Ferry, New York, based on their work history, capabilities, and overall quality of work.

Stephen Barlow Architect 

Thornwood, NY 10594

Stephen Barlow Architect utilizes modern practices and timeless styles. Its sleek designs and tailored-fit residential specifications prove impressive. Barlow is a respected architect in the local community, due to his strong professional background and professional conduct. English estate, country villa, Italianate, and other classical styles display the firm’s versatility and deep knowledge of various architectural styles. Barlow and his team of talented designers and seasoned professionals have crafted a convincing portfolio that showcases the firm’s technical and stylistic abilities. 

The featured project is a renovation of a 1968 Joseph Esherick-designed home. Barlow and his team approached the estate’s design with respect to the elements Esherick established while introducing contemporary elements that suit modern living. The home has an open layout that maximizes the area and massive nature of the home.

Michael Lewis Architects

145 Palisade St., Ste. #307, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

Michael Lewis is a seasoned architect trained in a wide array of architectural styles and design techniques. He holds a Master of Architecture and an Engineering degree from Virginia Tech, and was once a contractor himself. His well-rounded background gives the company its competitive edge. As a small team, it preserves quality and ease of operational nuance. The team has the enthusiasm of a small atelier while maintaining the professionalism of a large architectural practice.

The mid-century modern home featured above is a glass and wood masterpiece in Irvington, balancing a contemporary atmosphere with timeless elements.

Crozier Gedney Architects

41 Elm Place, Rye, NY 10580

Since 1952, Crozier Gedney Architects has provided quality design services to residents and business owners of Rye and nearby communities. The firm is known for its hands-on approach to design and its frictionless processes. Crozier’s experience in multiple market segments gives the firm a competitive advantage in this industry. Through the years, the firm has met the demands of the times. 

Now, Crozier operates with customized service, professionalism, and responsiveness. The firm’s portfolio indicates the firm’s values and ability to execute complex designs. It fuses Tudor and Craftsman elements to give its homes a relaxed atmosphere and effortless appeal. 

Steven Secon Architect

145 Palisade St, Ste. #403, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

Steven Secon Architect is responsive, versatile, and hassle-free, giving it a competitive edge in the local architectural design scene. Company principal and namesake Steven Secon is a seasoned architect who graduated from The City College of New York and Brandeis University. He held executive positions in various construction and design firms, giving him a thorough understanding of the market and its nuances. 

Secon leads a team of architects and design professionals that follow the strictest standards, and he operates it with the highest level of professional conduct. As a result, Steven Secon and his team have completed a number of projects that excite homeowners and onlookers. The Contemporary home in the photo is an example of the firm’s fearless approach and flawless execution. The home combines wood and glass finishes to achieve an atmosphere of calculated elegance.

NcC Studio Architecture

5 Atilda Ave., Dobbs Ferry, NY

Established in 2004, NcC Studio Architecture is a full-service architectural firm, offering quality architectural services delivered by a talented team of designers and construction professionals. Founder and principal architect Niall Cain believes that superb architectural design enhances the environment surrounding the home, as it fulfills the client’s  functional requirements. 

He has led the team in accomplishing high-caliber projects that give a clear picture of the firm’s attention to detail and impeccable taste. The featured photo is a modern house in Dobbs Ferry. The home has a vertical layout that harnesses the natural landscape through carefully-placed verandas, windows, and an overhang. This home is a modern abode nestled within lush greenery, providing  bold atmospheric contrast.

Opacic Architects

24 N Astor, Irvington, NY 10533

Radoslav Opacic is an industry veteran with  a strong academic background from the  City College School of Architecture and Environmental Studies. Also, he worked for the architectural firm Peter Gisolfi Associates. Opacic’s expertise and experience enable him to provide high quality of work for his clients. This has resulted in various awards and accolades, including multiple Westchester Home Design Awards and multiple NYC&G Innovation in Design Awards.

The firm’s portfolio demonstrates its flexibility and expertise with  multiple home styles. Opacic and his team have completed everything from Modern to Tudor homes. The massive Tudor Manor in the photo is one of the firm’s finest designs. The exterior is presented with an all-over stonework that defines the space and its appreciation for the timelessness of the style. This technique is matched with classical features, such as the silhouette, structure, and layout of the home. This home demonstrates the firm’s boldness and its thorough understanding of various home styles.

CGA Studio

12 Spring St., Hastings on Hudson, NY 10706

Award-winning and client-acclaimed CGA Studio is an architectural firm with three decades of experience. It is dedicated to serving the communities of Hudson and surrounding areas. Christina Griffin is an outstanding architect, licensed in the United Kingdom and the United States. She studied at Syracuse University and holds executive positions in various organizations, as President and co-founder of Center for Sustainable Development. 

The firm’s decorated leadership is matched with a strong track record in residential design. In both modern and traditional styles, CGA excels through its clear-cut communications and no-nonsense attitude. The Gaunt Packer home in the photo is an example of the firm’s pursuit of excellence and deep knowledge of design. The home has unmoderated edges and lines. Each detail is meticulously laid out, with more refined intricacies as well.