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The Best Residential Architects in Pomona, California

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Pomona, the “Urban Garden,” is famed for its beautiful weather, lively art scene, innovative breweries, and its many surrounding citrus farms. Incorporated in 1888, the town has a rich history, booming economy, and plenty of local attractions for tourists passing by.

The city’s mix of history and business dynamism make for an eclectic mix of architectural styles throughout the city. This mix of architectural styles is only possible because of the many top quality architectural firms working in the area. After reviewing local firms’ experience, portfolio, awards, and accreditations, we’ve compiled this list of the best residential architects working in Pomona.

Artoo Design S2dio

6277 Hereford Ln., Eastvale, CA 92880

Artoo Design S2dio is one of California’s most well reputed architectural studios, thanks to its innovative designs and stellar client service. Ramy Ibrahim, the founder and principal architect of the studio, is an industry stalwart with over two decades of design expertise. His international portfolio includes projects in the US and the Middle East, including residential, commercial, mixed-use, multifamily, and hospitality projects. This diverse catalog is a testament to Ibrahim’s solid craftsmanship and deep relationships with his many repeat clients.

The architecture and engineering studio fosters a collaborative approach in each of its projects. Homeowners are involved in the design process from start to finish, allowing them to ask questions, make adjustments, and provide direction for the project throughout. The studio is renowned for its use of modern techniques and technology to create spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. These top quality designs have gained the studio accreditation from the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), the US Green Building Council (USGBC), and a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional in Building Design and Construction (LEED AP BD+C) Award.

One notable example of their work is their Riverside Custom House. Surrounded by Pomona’s famous citrus groves, this modern style home is a b. The wide windows and high ceilings on all sides of the house are perfect for the year-round sunny California weather, giving the entire house a comfortable yet light aesthetic. The expansive living room includes a custom built, grey-slate fireplace, perfect for cozy nights indoors. The careful detail and masterful use of space displayed in this project are the norm for the work produced by Artoo Design S2dio.

Biben + Bosley Architecture

353 East Baseline Road, Claremont, CA 91711

Biben + Bosley Architecture excels in crafting refined spaces through meticulous planning and high-caliber design. The studio’s design work not only enhances the client’s way of life but also elevates the community through functional and aesthetic qualities. The studio emphasizes the use of environmentally sustainable methods and designs in all of its work.

The studio was founded by Jeffrey M. Biben and Peggy Bosley, who’ve remained the principal architects at the firm since it was founded in 1990. Founder Jeffrey M. Biben is an industry stalwart, with decades of experience designing and building houses in Southern California. He is accredited by the NCARB, USGBC, American Institute of Architects (AIA), and the International Code Council. Along with his work in Southern California, Bosley has also worked in Washington, DC, where he’s worked to design the renovations for a number of historical properties in city.

Since its founding, Biben + Bosley has amassed a vast portfolio of projects in the residential and commercial sectors. The firm offers an array of services, including conceptual design, site assessment, and construction administration, among others.

Their Berkman Residence is a great example of their work. A modern take on the classic log cabin, this cozy home includes a number of environmentally sustainable features, including its state-of-the-art heating system and solar panels. The exposed brick fireplace and chimney blend perfectly with the classic wooden exterior. This home is a beautiful addition to their portfolio.

CEDG Architects

401 E Columbia Ave, Pomona, CA 91767

CEDG Architects, also known as Claremont Environmental Design Group Inc., is a full-service practice composed of design experts committed to green and sustainable design. As its name suggests, the studio’s operations are heavily focused on crafting cutting edge designs that integrate natural landscapes and sustainable features into their architecture.

The company was founded in 1978 by Brooks Cavin III and Mark von Wodtke, fellows of the AIA (AIA) and the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), respectively. The two were pioneers in sustainable design methods, and in their studio’s 30 year history, they’ve completed over 1,000 projects including residential homes, improvements, transit facilities, mixed-use developments, and academic buildings.

The co-founders’ legacy lives on through second-generation principal Erik Peterson, who shares the same drive and passion as the firm’s founders. He leads a dedicated roster of design professionals with exceptional craftsmanship and efficient service.

A sample of their work is the Via Padova street project in Claremont, a modern home with a minimalist design. The elegant geometric structure, painted in a simple white with black accented roofs, is immediately eye-catching. As with all their projects, the home is designed with a whole slate of environmentally sustainable features, all of which are closely linked to, and integrated with, the house’s surrounding environment. 

Toblesky Green Architects

4854 Main Street, ste J, Yorba Linda, CA 92886

Established in 2008 by co-founders Ken Toblesky and Steven Green, this studio specializes in commercial and residential projects, with a portfolio that includes custom homes, office buildings, medical facilities, auto dealerships, and country clubhouses. Toblesky, the lead architect, has over three decades of expertise in residential and commercial markets. The firm’s focus on developing close client relationships, as well as their solid designs and attention to craftsmanship, have earned them commendations from former clients who’ve continued to rely on the studio over the years.

This contemporary home in Newport Beach is a great example of their work. Completed in partnership with Geoff Sumich Design and interior designer Lisa McDennon, the single-story abode’s elegant white stone exterior is complemented by the firm’s use of modern, sliding glass doors. The four bedrooms and ample living space make this a perfect home to entertain visiting family and friends, and iis a characteristically exceptional project by Toblesky Green Architects.