A well-designed living environment is an extension of the homeowner. It takes a seasoned architect to create spaces that are sensitive to their contexts, to choose the right materials, and to be committed to improving a client’s home.

To help you choose the right designer equipped to handle any building project you might require, our team has put together a list of the best residential architects in Upland, California. These firms were selected for their range of services, specializations, certifications, experience, and professional affiliations. Each of these firms has won recognition in the form of industry awards, client reviews, and press features.

Woodruff Mayer Architecture, Inc.

334 Verdugo Way, Upland, CA 91786

Woodruff Mayer Architecture is widely recognized for its unique method of influencing residential spaces. Its core competencies include new construction, remodels, accessory dwelling units, and junior accessory dwelling units. Principal Serge Mayer has guided Woodruff Mayer to expertise in various architectural styles including craftsman, cross-gabled, and contemporary. In the last two decades, he has honed his skills in civil engineering and surveying which have been an asset to the firm’s practice. He ensures that each project adheres to the ideals of the Upland City Planning Commission. Serge’s efforts have resulted in well-designed homes such as this craftsman home.

The home delicately sits on the landscape in a horizontal embrace, like a natural, unimposing element of the greenery that surrounds it. The stone detailing and grey wooden siding makes the home blend in even more with nature. The driveway extends from the center of the structure, greeting guests into the property. The symmetrical form of the house is made apparent by the space between the two volumes on either end of the estate.

Epic Design Build

1232 Monte Vista Avenue, Suite #4, Upland, CA 91786

For over 19 years, Epic Design Build has provided quality architectural and construction services in Southern California. Maureen Cunningham and Jim Johnson founded the firm in 2002 and have over 60 years of combined experience in the industry. The firm specializes in custom homes, remodels, complex renovations, additions, and small-scale commercial structures. In 2017, Maureen received the Award of Excellence from the Claremont Architectural Commission for adding a beautiful office building to the Claremont village. The firm guarantees that completed projects will be functional, highly appreciated by the clients, and will withstand the test of time.

The firm’s portfolio features work ranging from residential spaces to commercial build-outs. One of its notable projects is the Coye Residence. Its geometric massing displays depth through protruding volumes such as the cantilevered balcony. Clerestory windows bring ample amounts of sunlight inside the space and emphasize ceiling height. The warm color palette complements the sleek wooden flooring of the interior.

Westwood Design LLC

W 14th Street, Upland, CA 91786

Westwood Design sets the bar for quality residential design and this hillside home is a testament to its craftsmanship. The Mediterranean-style residence melds harmoniously with the steep terrain of the site in a tiered design. The residence radiates a modern luxury appeal with the stone masonry, stucco walls, and tiled roofing enhancing the home’s look. The hillside property allows for a personalized landscape, making use of the outdoor space for family activities. A driveway and two yards comprise the exterior, with violet plants adding a vibrant touch to the home’s appeal.

The Westwood Design follows a service-oriented process, prioritizing proper design, engineering, and construction, which always leads to a clear finish. The firm understands that these phases may include complications that are difficult to resolve, so an emphasis on quality checks and visual aids assists the firm in rendering an accurate project for its client. Brent Hallam spearheads the Westwood team in implementing its collaborative approach, garnering numerous residential projects showcased in its portfolio.

Cummins Architecture and Design

11043 Stone River Drive, Alta Loma, CA 91737

Cummins Architecture was founded in 1995 by architect Dale Cummins with the goal of impacting people’s lives through the spaces where they live and work. In the span of 15 years, Dale has created designs for commercial and residential projects in the United States and overseas. He applies his design expertise to guiding Cummins Architecture through custom design and engineering for residential remodels, additions, and auxiliary dwelling units (AUD). The firm provides functional, beautiful, and practical solutions to promote authentic human experience. It crafts uplifting spaces for habitation that transcend physical reality through beauty and truth.

Contemporary and farmhouse-style architecture is Cummins Architecture’s forte, and this home in Rancho Cucamonga is an excellent example of its work. The home’s distinctive A-frame shape allows the building to blend seamlessly with the region’s landscape. Dotted with cutouts that facilitate the influx of natural light, the roof is clad in coated steel that imbues the giant roof with a delicate air. The house consists of two identical structures bridged by a ground floor connection, creating an exploratory experience within the residence.

Herchenroeder Design

615 N Benson, Suite D, Upland, CA 91786

Herchenroeder Design is a leading architecture firm well-versed in design and engineering. The firm is known for its detailed and easy-to-understand plans, which take the guesswork out when it comes time to build the project. It offers three-dimensional (3D) rendering and project management, as well as other services. Established in 1997, Eric Herchenroeder pioneered a creative and thorough process that facilitates thinking outside the box to come up with ideas that are not only unique but feasible from a budget and construction standpoint. Before being granted his California state architecture license, Eric studied under a structural engineer. He has cultivated Herchenroeder Design’s technical abilities, which have gained the trust and respect of clients.

The company is responsible for the design of this Mediterranean home. The dwelling opens up to an expansive patio bordered by large archways that transition to the lush backyard. A pool lies adjacent to airy, outdoor lounge areas equipped with fireplaces. The design strengthens the connection between the inside and outside, giving its residents many opportunities for relaxation.