The bathroom is the most private space in a home, the only room where owners tend to focus on themselves fully, reflect, and feel vulnerable yet safe. If built well, the bathroom can be a place in which homeowners can relax—away from the bustling crowds of busy cities. Bathrooms that are both functional and luxurious achieve this best.

In a growing city like Oakland, homeowners routinely invest their time and money in improving or updating their bathrooms. Aside from providing a spa-like experience for homeowners, bathroom remodeling is among the easiest ways to boost a home’s value. This is why homeowners should also take their time in finding the right contractor to hire and entrust their bathrooms with. Fortunately for Oakland residents, we have listed and ranked the best bathroom remodeling contractors in the city.

The best bathroom remodeling contractors in Oakland are capable of transforming the intimate bathroom space into a homeowner’s personal sanctuary. The 15 firms on this list are award-winning, with portfolios that boast the serene and luxurious bathroom remodels that they have done for past clients. Most of them are members of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the National Kitchen and Bath Association. They have been ranked according to the quality of their work, their reputation in the industry, and the awards that they have received.

If you are thinking about remodeling a bathroom, we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.

15) Wolfe, Inc.

544 58th St., Oakland, CA 94609

Founded in 2003, Wolfe offers full-service bathroom and residential remodels in Oakland and the surrounding areas. The firm was established by Spencer Wolfe, whose has over 15 years of work in the construction and landscaping industries. Combining his love for nature and building resulted in a socially conscious company that believes in crafting spaces that are “in harmony with their environment.” To meet this goal, the firm employs green practices that lower environmental impact while also meeting clients’ unique needs. Wolfe, Inc. won a REMMIE from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) in 2016 in the Residential Bath ($75,000 to $100,000) category.

One of the firm’s bathroom remodeling projects features additions that addressed the accessibility and safety needs of the homeowner, who had been diagnosed with slow-progressing multiple sclerosis. Wolfe added grab bars, level-style plumbing fixtures, and a low-flow rain shower head. The shower also features a heated bench and floor for the comfort of its user.

14) FMSProjects, Inc.

5429 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, CA 94609

FMSProjects, Inc. has been beautifying homes in the Bay Area for three decades. The company offers whole home remodels, with an emphasis on high-end kitchens and baths completed in a variety of styles: traditional, modern, eclectic, and contemporary. FMSProjects was established in 1988, eight years after Frank Silver obtained his degree in Business and Marketing. Silver, who is known for refurbishing Vespas and rebuilding vintage guitars, opened the company to fuse his college degree with his passion for building and creating.

Over the years, the firm’s reputation has grown around the Bay Area, and the firm won multiple remodeling awards from NARI between 1999 and 2018. The firm’s most recently celebrated remodel features a long niche shelf with floral accent tiles. The tub is also highlighted with gray subway tiles and a niche in the shower area for a more modern and sleek look.

13) Levitch Associates

1029 Heinz Ave., Berkeley, CA 94710

Levitch Associates has been in operation for almost six decades as a family-run business. Edward Levitch built the company from the ground up in 1960 under the name Levco Builders. In the 1990s, one of his sons, Maurice Levitch, assumed the leadership of the company and renamed it Levitch Associates.

Under Maurice, the company became recognized as a green builder with WaterSmart and Green Business certifications. The firm’s sustainable building practice and excellent design-build delivery system have earned it a place on Remodeling Magazine’s Top 500 Remodelers List multiple times. In 2011, the team also won a Merit Award from the same magazine for a bathroom remodeling project.

The firm’s work often implements either a traditional or contemporary style, or a mixture of both to craft an eclectic-looking bathroom. One project involved adding three feet to the dimensions of the bathroom in order to expand the space. The remodel features a floating vanity, two sinks, and a separate tub and shower.

12) Douglah Designs

3586 Mt Diablo Blvd. Suite B, Lafayette, CA 94549

Established in 1997, Douglah Designs is a design-build firm specializing in luxury home remodels and additions. The firm was founded by Leila Douglah, who has 25 years of experience in the design industry. She is a Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer, a Certified Interior Designer, and a licensed general contractor. Under her management, the company was granted the Environmental Award of Excellence for Local Business in 2015 by the City of Lafayette.

Douglah remains involved in the company’s projects as its lead designer. The firm’s bathroom remodeling projects often feature traditional, contemporary, or Mediterranean design elements. Among many projects is a traditional bathroom that uses Calacatta marble tiles on the floor and countertops. The bathroom also has a built-in bench and a freestanding white tub in the center, completing the luxurious look of the space.

11) Design Set Match

825 Page St. Suite #203, Berkeley, CA 94710

Design Set Match has been improving homes in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2010. Despite being established during the recession, the company has thrived through a client-centered approach that makes the homeowners’ remodeling and construction experience hassle-free. The company was founded by Alisa Hofmann, who has over a decade of experience from different design companies. She is a certified Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer and a Universal Design Certified Professional. She also currently serves as the president of the San Francisco chapter of NARI.

Under Hofmann’s leadership, the company’s projects earned a Regional CoTY and a REMMIE from NARI, a Chrysalis, and a Bay Area Remodeling Award. The firm’s projects follow a variety of themes — Traditional, Tudor, or French — which are modernized and updated for 21st-century living.

10) Wilkinson Design + Construction, Inc.

5214-F Diamond Heights Blvd., San Francisco, CA 94131

Nearly three decades after its establishment in 1989, Wilkinson Design + Construction is now among the leading residential construction and remodeling companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Principal Pav Wilkinson is known for synthesizing contemporary elements into the area’s traditional architecture and aesthetic. The firm has completed projects ranging from historical renovations to modern and green remodels; this diversity in capabilities has earned several awards from NARI, Chrysalis, and Remodeling Magazine.

Wilkinson’s interest in contemporary design is very much evident in the firm’s bathroom remodels. One award-winning project implements this through three-dimensional textured wall panels, as well as sleek lines in the shower and vanity areas.

9) Gordon Reese Design Build

3021 Citrus Cir. 170, Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Gordon Reese Design Build is an award-winning design-build firm specializing in remodeling. The company’s namesake, Gordon Reese, established the company in 1984 after spending many years working in the industry, mastering the different Piedmont and Oakland architectural styles. Reese is a licensed contractor, a Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler, and a Universal Design Certified Professional. The company innovates by using the latest technology in design and construction, and has gained national recognition through NARI’s CoTY award in 2016. The firm also has multiple REMMIE awards from the same organization.

One of the firm’s award-winning projects involved refreshing an overly-utilitarian bathroom from the 1980s. To update the space, Gordon Reese Design Build incorporated softer wall and floor colors, larger tub tiles, and upgraded the plumbing fixtures. The project resulted in a cozy and inviting bathroom space for the homeowners and their children.

8) HDR Remodeling

2952 Sacramento St., Berkeley, CA 94702

In 1987, Philip Anderson founded Honey Do Repair (HDR), which has grown into a full-service design-build firm, specializing in remodeling. Thanks to its skill and excellent customer service, the business has garnered multiple NARI REMMIEs, and was listed in Remodeling Magazine’s Remodeling 550 for two consecutive years. HDR Remodeling is also a member of NARI and NKBA.

The firm’s work is marked by utilization of lighting, subtle colors, and natural finishes — all hallmarks of contemporary design. These are evident in the 2017 REMMIE award-winning project, which makes use of raw wood materials and rustic-modern finishes. These design elements make the bathroom space look edgy, as well as clean and stylish.

7) Altera Design & Remodeling, Inc.

1079 Boulevard Way, Walnut Creek, CA 94595

Since 1986, Altera Designs & Remodeling has brought expertise in kitchen and bathroom remodeling to its many clients. The company is a member of NARI and the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). The firm’s principal, Jim Vivrette, brings over 30 years of experience in all phases of residential remodeling to his work. He holds a degree in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley. After graduating and working in the public and private sectors, he decided to open Altera Design & Remodeling, which allowed him to explore his passion for kitchen and bath design.

Today, Vivrette’s company is among several award-winning remodeling contractors in the area. In 2017, the firm was named the NARI Regional Contractor of the Year (CoTY) in the Residential Bath ($50,001 to $75,000) category.

6) Alward Construction Co.

1035 Carleton St., Berkeley, CA 94710

Keith Alward had an early start in construction, thanks to his upbringing on a ranch, where the community constructed many things itself. He finished his very first independent project right after high school — a studio/ bachelor pad for himself, which he built over a span of three years. Years later, after spending a decade as an educator in the field of Developmental Psychology, he could no longer resist the call of his passion for building. In 1979, he finally opened his own construction company, Alward Construction Co.

Among  Alward Construction Co.’s award-winning projects is a multi-awarded bathroom remodel featuring multiple light sources and views of the property’s wooded landscape. The firm enlarged the shower area and used glass enclosures to keep the layout open. This modern refresh won a NARI Remodeling Award, a Chrysalis, and Best Project on Professional Remodeler magazine.

5) MSK Design Build

37 Quail Ct., Suite #200, Walnut Creek, CA

Since its inception in 2001, MSK Design Build has completed many accoladed remodeling projects. The company was established by Scott Westby, a law practitioner with an undeniable love for building. Besides his JD and MBA, Westby has taken courses in kitchen and bath design, construction management, and building inspection.

Over its 18-year existence, the firm has garnered multiple awards from NARI’s regional chapter in San Francisco. Its lead designer, Kelly Morisseau, is also known in the industry for authoring Kelly’s Kitchen Sync, a guide for kitchen design and remodel. The firm’s projects have received awards for the luxurious touches added to every remodel. MSK Design Build’s projects are classic and serene, with contemporary touches that make them great for modern living.

4) McCutcheon Construction, Inc.

1280 Sixth St., Berkeley, CA 94710

A leader in sustainable and green building, McCutcheon Construction, Inc., was established by Michael McCutcheon, an environmentally-conscious biology graduate from the University of California. His scientific background inspired him to implement sustainable practices in the building industry. He is a founding member and former president of Build It Green, a nonprofit organization that envisions a world with “healthy and sustainable homes for all people.”

McCutcheon Construction was listed by Professional Remodeler Magazine as a Leader in Sustainable Design & Construction in the Western Region in 2015. Luxe Magazine has also touted the company as the Leading Homebuilder in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The company is a recipient of a REMMIE award in 2018 under the Residential Bath over $100,000 category. The winning residential bathroom marries two contrasting design styles. It mixes modern and Victorian elements to create an elegant space for the homeowners. The luxurious bathroom has two sinks and vanities, warm light fixtures, and a grand freestanding tub as a focal point.

3) Jeff King & Company

884 Geary St., San Francisco, CA 94109

With a Master of Fine Arts degree from UC Berkeley, Jeff King opened a custom cabinet and furniture shop, which expanded into Jeff King & Company after King earned his contractor license in 1999.  An award-winning green builder and remodeler, the company follows an “Intelligent Building” approach, which considers health, comfort, durability, and sustainability. Through this holistic approach, the firm has successfully built long-term relationships with its clients, and has gained recognition as one of the best remodeling firms in the San Francisco Bay Area.

King maintains a high level of involvement in the firm’s processes. This is evident in the craftsmanship shown in the firm’s projects. The firm has been featured in many publications, such as California Home and Design, Remodeling Magazine, Remodelista, and Dwell. Jeff King & Company is also a recipient of REMMIE awards, CoTY Regional awards, and Chrysalis awards, and was listed on Remodeling Magazine’s Big 50.

Thanks to its experience and reputation, companies like buildingLab have trusted Jeff King & Company with remodeling projects. This recent partnership features a modern bathroom accented with teak wood, handcrafted porcelain tiles, and sleek steel furnishings to tie the elements together.  

2) buildingLab

999 43rd St., Oakland, CA 94608

BuildingLab is an award-winning design-build firm that offering remodeling and a variety of residential services in Oakland and nearby areas. The company is guided by modern architectural practices and green building principles under the direction of its founder, Stephen Shoup.

Shoup received his formal architecture training at the University of California at Berkeley and The Architectural Association in London. Under his leadership, buildingLab commits to offering “intelligent, practical, and sustainable solutions” to its clients. To uphold this commitment, the majority of the firm’s staff are Green Building Professionals, and Shoup himself is a qualified Green PointRater and Advisor under Build it Green. This, combined with the firm’s design-oriented approach to building, has solidified its position among top remodeling contractors in Oakland. The firm received multiple REMMIE awards and was also recognized by Remodeling magazine for its outstanding bathroom remodels.

In 2014, buildingLab won several awards for a modern bathroom remodel. The firm’s work was lauded for the expert use of colors, lines, and continuity to create a bathroom space exuding luxury despite the contrast in the materials used.

1) Custom Kitchens by John Wilkins

6624 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, CA 94609

Custom Kitchens by John Wilkins is a second generation construction and remodeling company, which has been in operation for over six decades. It was founded by John Reese Wilkins during the housing boom in San Francisco in the 1950s. Today, it is run by his son, Jerry Wilkins, who has 40 years of construction experience through his involvement in the family business. Despite the leadership change, the company has maintained its solid reputation as a remodeling contractor. In 2017, Jerry was named The Face of Home Remodeling in Alameda Magazine’s Faces of East Bay.

Over the years, the company has earned statewide and national recognition for excellence in remodeling and renovation. It was awarded multiple NARI REMMIEs, NKBA National and Regional awards, and a Preservation Award from the Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association (BAHA). The firm’s projects have been featured on Alameda Magazine, Oakland Magazine, and Qualified Remodeler Magazine. The firm’s bathroom remodels range from French country bathrooms with freestanding bathtubs, to eclectic and modern bathrooms combining clean lines with whimsical patterns or tessellations.

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