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The Best Custom Home Builders in Bakersfield

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Last updated on May 27th, 2024 at 01:44 pm

Bakersfield is in California, and that means that Bakersfield’s housing market is competitive. And its growing population means more opportunities for custom home builders. Bakersfield is following the current California trend: live close enough to the metropolis to enjoy the excitement, while still enjoying a slower, more rural pace on a day-to-day basis.

Most of the luxury houses in Bakersfield are Mediterranean, French Country, or Spanish-inspired homes, while some residents with smaller budgets or scaled down lifestyles opt for easy-to-build bungalows and transitional homes.

We scoured a massive roster of custom home builders in Bakersfield and concluded that these top home creators are the ones you should call. Whether it’s a luxury home or a modest bungalow, the best custom home builders in Bakersfield have proven their expertise in home building.

If you are thinking about building a custom home, we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.

12) Jeremy Willer Construction

12336 Hwy. 178, Bakersfield, CA 93306

Jeremy Willer Construction is fairly new in the industry, founded in 2012. Despite its youth, the firm has already created countless high-quality homes throughout Kern County.

Jeremy Willer started his company with the mission of providing quality home building services. The rest of his family joined the business, and together they worked to become one of the best custom home builders in the area. Their projects have become a part of the lives of their clients and throughout the years, Jeremy Willer Construction has served its community by building high-quality houses.

Economical, practical, and low-maintenance bungalow homes with traditional and colonial interiors are the most common type of homes that Jeremy Willer Construction builds. Dainty lighting, wooden kitchen counters with marble surfaces, and neutral color schemes complete the overall aesthetics of the firm’s projects.

11) JG Custom Homes

9530 Hageman Rd., Suite B374, Bakersfield, CA 93312

Innovation is JG Custom Homes’s raison d’être when it comes to building custom homes. The firm’s home building ability, using high-quality materials and adapting to new technology, has made it one of the top custom home builders in the area. Jeremy Matthew Gustafson, the founder, builds quality custom homes in different neighborhoods around Bakersfield, including Quail Run and Manorwood, the most popular neighborhoods in the area.

One-story Spanish-inspired houses are the most common home style that JG Custom Homes constructs. Stone arches, low gabled roofs, and outdoor living spaces are some of the common features on the firm’s custom home building projects. Patios, outdoor kitchens, dining areas, and leisure fire pits with intricate masonry are some of the best features on the firm’s home projects.

10) Soper Homes

3434 Truxtun Ave. Suite #160, Bakersfield, CA 93301

Since its conception more than two decades ago, Soper Homes has built more than 250 high-quality custom homes and over 140 residential lots. Over the years, the firm has completed hundreds of projects that the people of Bakersfield enjoy as a community.

Mike Soper started his company in 1995 with the aim of creating quality homes with innovative designs using cutting-edge, top of the line technology. In addition to its home building services, Soper Homes help clients sell their existing properties to make room for new building projects through its real estate services. The firm has built a reputation, and its name is known throughout Bakersfield.

Colonial and bungalow homes are common projects for Soper Homes. Open concept kitchens, industrial-inspired lighting, wooden kitchen counters, and stone arches complete the overall aesthetics of Soper Homes’s custom home building projects.

9) Ortega Builders

600 McKee Rd., Bakersfield, CA 93307

Esteban Ortega started servicing Bakersfield and Kern County in 1991. Ortega has been offering custom home building, remodeling, and home addition services. To complete the whole home package, Ortega Builders also offers handyman services for small home repairs and construction.

In addition to custom home building, Ortega Builders also specializes in building gazebos, patios, and outdoor living spaces where clients can enjoy the outdoors while hanging out with their families and loved ones. Intricate masonry, stone fireplaces, and outdoor bars with barbecue stoves are some of the main features of newly built custom homes by the Ortega Builders.

Traditional homes with Spanish accents and dainty traditional interiors are a common sight in the firm’s projects. Low-maintenance and economical bungalow homes are also popular in the firm’s custom home building portfolio.

8) J&M Construction

440 Buena Vista Blvd., Bakersfield, CA 93307

As the demand for quality custom home building services increased year after year, J&M Construction extended its services from Bakersfield and Kern County to Los Angeles and Fresno, California. Projects throughout Fresno and Los Angeles are constructed with the same excellence as the homes built in Bakersfield and its surrounding areas. As the firm continues to grow, it serves homeowners using innovation and today’s new technology in custom home building and remodeling.

Colonial homes and cozy bungalow homes with outdoor living areas and stone fireplaces are some of the common features of J&M Construction’s projects. Outdoor pillars, gabled roofs, traditional kitchens, and stone wall details are some of the trademarks that the firm usually employs.

7) Towery Homes

6518 Bangor Pl., Bakersfield, CA 93313

Towery Homes has years of experience providing custom home building services at an affordable price and doing so without compromising quality. Towery Homes builds houses in premier locations across Bakersfield, creating dream homes at affordable prices. Matthew Towery founded the firm in 1996 and has been offering excellent custom home building services ever since. His expertise in construction helps him choose the best materials, and the most suitable fit and finish for every project. Matthew’s attention to detail allows him to provide not only his clients’ expressed wants but their actual needs.

Transitional homes with neutral interiors are the most common home designs that Towery Homes build. Open concept kitchens, specialty rooms, rustic bathroom details, and quaint well-lighted bedrooms are some of the main features in Towery Homes’ custom home projects.

6) Brian Rice Custom Homes

4104 Wood Castle Way, Bakersfield, CA 93314

Brian Rice takes a personal approach to his custom home building projects. Working on-site and hands-on with every project has been Brian’s routine since he started his company.. His clients get face-to-face interaction with him, which assures them their projects are treated with care. Brian Rice Custom Homes supervises each home site daily to ensure that every step is completed to meet the highest standards. Transparency is also highly valued: everything is recorded and documented on paper.

Brian Rice Custom Homes’s mid-sized houses are beautifully built and crafted. Traditional homes with French provincial-inspired interiors and the formal Mediterranean are the most common designs in the firm’s portfolio. Transitional bathrooms and open concept kitchens with elegant counters are also signatures of a Brian Rice Custom Homes project.

5) Bertolucci Construction

9721 Rosedale Hwy., Bakersfield, CA 93312

Energy-efficiency has become Bertolucci Construction’s main focus. As new technology for creating energy-efficient homes emerged, the firm adapted, and now they build eco-friendly houses for the residents of Bakersfield.  In its effort to improve its energy-efficiency methods, Bertolucci Construction teamed up with Kenny Salcido Electric, Inc. to start a solar company called All Seasons Solar, Inc. The company provides full-scale installation of energy-efficient fixtures for commercial, residential, agricultural, and industrial projects. Some of its services are energy-efficient windows, insulation, high-efficiency lighting, and weather stripping.

Victorian-inspired homes, colonial interiors, and modern farmhouses are the styles that Bertolucci Construction favors. Marble kitchen countertops, wooden ceiling beams, drop down ceilings, and intricately carved kitchen details are some of the main features on the firm’s custom home projects.

4) G.J. Gardner Homes

3409 Calloway Dr. Suite #502, Bakersfield, CA 93312

G.J. Gardner Homes has been serving several parts of California for more than 25 years. The firm also operates in Colorado, Indiana, Texas, and New England. Jeff and Mona Kreiter joined the G.J. Gardner Homes franchise and started servicing Bakersfield. Their 20 years of experience helped them to establish long-lasting business with their clients and build an excellent reputation throughout the community.

G.J. Gardner Homes create custom built homes to perfectly suit the Californian lifestyle. Contemporary homes, Spanish-inspired home accents, and open kitchen concepts are common sights with the firm’s custom home building projects. Spanish colonial exteriors, specialty rooms, and floor-to-ceiling glass windows are signature details of a G.J. Gardner build.

3) Gaskill Custom Homes

12611 Harrington St., Bakersfield, CA 93312

Phil Gaskill’s extensive background in custom home building has helped him lead his firm, Gaskill Custom Homes, to become one of the best custom home builders in Bakersfield. His engineering degree and masters in Construction Management gave him a strong foundation in the industry, and the success of his firm since he earned those degrees speaks for itself.

In addition to his education, Phil has extensive experience as a project manager for two different contractors and a vice-president of operations for a construction firm based in Las Vegas. The acquired knowledge and discipline from these experiences have helped him lead his company. The firm’s exemplary projects have been featured in Bakersfield Magazine and Feature Home magazine. The success of the company comes out of its building process, which emphasizes advance planning and thoughtful execution.

Gaskill Custom Homes has built and created Victorian-inspired residences, Mediterranean kitchens, and modern farmhouses. Modern kitchen counters, industrial-inspired lighting, and neutral color schemes are popular features in the firm’s portfolio.

2) Dave Packer Custom Homes

2410 Exton St., Bakersfield, CA 93311

Dave Packer Custom Builder is one of the most experienced and leading luxury home builders in Bakersfield. It’s award-winning team of building and design professionals have constructed over 150 luxury homes over the past 25+ years, each with extraordinary attention to detail and the highest level of customer service.

Dave Packer Custom Builder is unique among Bakersfield’s custom home builders with its fully integrated construction team, including Award winning licensed architectural and landscape design services, Interior selections coordinator with Design Studio, Estimating Coordinator, Construction Coordinator, and Post closing Customer Service Coordinator

With this construction team, control over the quality and workmanship of each project is maintained. The use of the most up-to-date building methods provides construction cost efficiencies and energy cost savings for years to come. Their experienced design team will work with you to select the fabulous details that will make your new home truly your own.

Upon the completion of each home, every Client receives the services of Dave Packer’s unparalleled customer service team for one full year after move-in. With their in-house staff of professionals, questions and warranty requests are responded to quickly and efficiently.

1) Sweaney Custom Homes

2415 Exton St., Bakersfield, CA 93311

Sweaney Custom Homes focus on building quality custom homes. The firm limits the number of projects it takes on; it wants to give full focus to each home. The firm thus ensures incomparable quality and beauty upon completion. Using his educational background in construction management and architecture, Todd Sweaney, founder of the firm, has led his company to success in the building industry.

As the firm works mostly on luxury houses, Sweaney Custom Homes received the Custom Home Magazine Pacesetter Award and got nominated for Best New Home Builder and Best Renovator Contractor. Through the years, the firm has been widely recognized as one of the best home builders in Bakersfield.

Some of the luxury homes that Sweaney Custom Homes has built are Mediterranean houses, French Country homes, Tuscan houses, and luxury Italian Villas. Grand facades, elegant pillars, intricate door details, and grand staircases are some of the most common features of its projects.

How can I find a home builders near me?

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If you are thinking about building a custom home, we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.